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Okay hair boss, have you ever felt stumped, alone, or lost in this whole building your empire thing? Where do I even start building a brand? How do I find my dream clients? Is it possible to open and successfully run the business of my dreams? How am I even going to market this amazing idea I have? Do you ever struggle internally with feeling worthy? Do you sometimes feel what you have to offer isn't valuable enough? Or maybe you lack the confidence to get started? Welcome to Hair Love Radio, where we will be getting into the nitty, gritty of what it takes, how to be the master of your own life, interviewing some pretty amazing boss babes and encouraging you to spread your light! No matter how big your dreams are or you just want to live a more balanced life, Hair Love Radio is here to bring some zen to your morning drive to the salon, to work, or to drop the kiddos off at school. We hope to put a fire under your butt to achieve what you called to do and hopefully make you laugh. Our mission is to help you spread your awesomeness and light like confetti and be the best hairstylist, boss, mom, leader, love or whatever you desire to be! Should we do this or what?! I am your host Elizabeth Faye and the founder of Hair Love Retreat & Events. Because you are here I already "Hair Love You"! INSTAGRAM: @hairloveretreatYOUR HOST: @heyelizabethfayeFACEBOOK: Hair Love Radio RETREATS: www.hairloveretreat.com COACHING: www.heyelizabethfaye.com

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How To Sell Everything From Your Business To Your Clothes

This episode is powered by The Workshop in a Box, Hair Love Retreat, and Schedulicity. Are you ready to level up in your business? The workshop in a box is a 12 month education program for hair stylists that are ready to take their career to the next level. The doors will be opening up in the spring, so click here to get on the waitlist to be the first to know when they open! We only have a few spots left to Hair Love Retreat 2020! The theme this year is "Find Your Magic" and it is going to be AMAZING. Click here to get your ticket and change your life! Schedulicity is our favorite online booking app! Not only do they have the lowest processing fees in the game with #Schedulicitypay, they also offer marketing and SO many other amazing features. Click here to get your first month on us! On this week's episode, Elizabeth chats with Sara Hinckley. about how to sell basically everything! Sara has sold sold everything from her first salon, and to her clothes. Show Notes: https://www.hairloveretreat.com/episodes/79


27 Jan 2020

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