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Entertaining news and discussion about research that has impact on society and providing a wide range of science and technology news. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.

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Dustology, Price equation, Galileo goes quantum

Dust is a part of our lives, but how much do we know about it, and what it is made up of? Claire investigates this seemingly innocuous part of life.Also this week, Stu introduces us to geneticist George Price, whose equation is used by evolutionary genetics to predict how useful a genetic trait will be for a population.And Chris speaks to physicist Dr Magdalena Zych about her research designing a quantum update of one of Galileo's famous experiments.

28 Jun 2017

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Sexual harassment in physics, Australian bee species and ionic flight

Chris looks into claims of sexual harassment in the physics labs of the world, Claire talks to Kit Prendergast about the status of Australian native bee species, and Stu investigates the development of ionic flight, a means of propulsion that relies on no moving parts to fly a plane.

8 May 2019

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Gravitational waves rock our world

Everybody's excited about gravitational waves, but why? What do they mean? How were they found, with lasers? How can we possibly know they came from two black holes a billion years ago? How can a whole sun's worth of energy have been used up? How can gravity "wave", as it were? What do colliding black holes sound like? (Much more musical than you'd expect, it turns out.)Claire has some questions, and Chris has... Well, Chris has a chat with astrophysicist Katie Mack, of @AstroKatie fame, and she has the answers.

24 Feb 2016

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Milk: cow v soy v nut; plant genes for sex and dryness

This week, Claire tells us all we need to know about the nutritional value of soy and nut milks vs cow, and Stu speaks to Scott McAdam from the University of Tasmania about his discovery of a gene that determines the sex of ferns and is also the key to drought tolerance in flowering plants.

23 Nov 2016

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Science books, toilets and catching up on 2015 science

16 Dec 2015

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Christmas science, plants, animals and questions

May your science be merry and bright

19 Dec 2018

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Medicinal plants from the Israeli desert and chill factors in trees

This week on the show we talk to Jess Snir about research looking at the medicinal quality of plants in the Israeli desert, and how traditional Bedouin knowledge has been informing the scientific research. Also this week Stu explaing how deciduous trees know when to start flowering after winter, and how scientists can work this out using something called a "chill unit".

18 Apr 2018

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Antiobiotic resistance, electronic Roses and stuffed Brolgas

This week: the recent discovery on a Chinese intensive pig farm of bacteria resistant to a last-resort antibiotic; Swedish scientists who've grown roses with embedded organic electronic circuits; and we talk to ecologist Inka Veltheim, who's using taxidermied brolgas to lure and track live ones.http://www.ozcranes.net/research/inka.htmlhttp://www.liu.se/forskning/forskningsnyheter/1.660308?l=enhttp://advances.sciencemag.org/content/1/10/e1501136.full

2 Dec 2015

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End of year wrap

27 Dec 2017

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Echidnas, Lasers and Malaria

Stu Burns finds out how putting fitbits on Echidnas helped us understand how important they are ecologically by talking to researcher Christine Cooper. Chris asks "LASERs, how do they work?"And Claire talks to Anna Sexton about her PhD research into Malaria.

30 Nov 2016

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Elephants don't get cancer, busy bees for centuries, Einstein's big idea clocks up a century

25 Nov 2015

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End of year wrap up

26 Dec 2018

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Australian of the Year; do women flow with full moon; and cloning monkeys

Lost in Science is back for 2018! To kick off 2018 Chris introduces us to the Australian of the Year winner, physicist Professor Michelle Simmons and her research developing a quantum computer.  So this week, did you see the blue blood supermoon a little while ago? Claire looks at whether there is any science behind the old idea full moon brings on the female menstrual flow. And Stu talks about the new research to come out of China detailing new methods of cloning our primate cousins.

7 Feb 2018

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Measles, psephology and human embryo editing in detail

Measles vaccinations may indirectly prevent other communicable illnesses by protecting the immune system from damage, especially in children.Psephology is the scientific analysis and evalation of elections, but in modern times it faces some problems. Is there a crisis in psephology? Also, how much have our weather predictions improved in recent times?Dr. Hannah Brown studies the relationships of embryos and their environment, and talks about the Chinese research into human embryo DNA editing.

20 May 2015

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Spiders from Mars, what colour is the sun, and scientific resolution keeping

Announcements of Spiders from Mars may have had Bowie fans pricking up their ears, but the spring time Martian phenomenon happens every Martian year, and has been photogrpahed by the Mars recconnaissance orbiter.The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, but actually that's not entirely accurate as you can hear here. The sun is the most important star to all life on earth, but do you know what colour it is?And if you have failed in the past to keep your New Year's resolutions, listen up for some research based ways to keep your will strong all year.

27 Jan 2016

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Saturated fat yea or nay, new pigment YInmn blue, bio-engineering spider silk

This week, we find out whether science can settle the question of whether saturated fat is good or bad for you, how colour works and the discovery of an unusual new blue pigment, and about bioengineering of spider web from silk worms.

20 Jul 2016

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Summer Series - William of Ockham and Albert Einstein

9 Jan 2019

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Quantum weirdness, hyperloop technology, and allergy cures

This week, Chris looks at a weird way quantum physics could let you take a picture of something without looking at it, Claire chats to the Vichyper team who are working on supersonic vacuum tube transport, and Stu speaks to Dr Ray Steptoe about curing allergies.

14 Jun 2017

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Brain implants to read minds, the search for alien life and the value of meteorites

Stu finds out about Elon Musk's latest plans to tap into peoples' brains directly, Chris looks into the science behind the search for alien life and guest Jacinta explains how meteorites are valuable in terms of money, but also to scientific research.

24 Jul 2019

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Summer stories: Clare Hampson on Robert Knox and Ben McKenzie on Hedy Lamarr

Summer continues, with our feature classic tales from the science storytelling event, the Laborastory.Pathologist and Doctor Blake's medical advisor Clare Hampson tells the story of Scottish anatomist and surgeon Robert Knox, and his connection to the notorious body-snatching murders of Burke and Hare.And actor, comedian, rogue nerd and ginger Ben Mckenzie talks about inventor and Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr.

13 Jan 2016

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