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Vitality Radio Podcast is all about health, nutrition, and alternatives to drugs and medical procedures. Jared St. Clair brings honest information so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your health. Vitality Radio is not JUST about health, it is about HEALTH FREEDOM. Through thorough research, 30+ years of experience and a hearty dose of wit and sarcasm, Jared provides needed insight into the current threats to your health as well as the threats coming from government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine as a whole. Vitality Radio has been running for 11 years in Salt Lake City, Utah and now the same high energy, entertaining education Utahns have been enjoying is a podcast for everyone.

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#106 10 Key Brain Health Habits. How to Harness the Power of Your Mind.

This week on Vitality Radio Podcast, Jared does NOT rant! He’s currently doing a mental cleanse which means he is on a “complaining fast”. Hear what it is and why!Jared also shares what he’s been learning from Jim Kwik surrounding brain health. He reviews Jim’s top 10 recommendations. They are: Good Brain Diet Get Rid of A.N.T.s Exercise Brain Nutrients Positive Peer Groups Clean Environment Sleep Brain Protection New Learnings Stress Management Finally, Jared highlights new clinical trials that are being conducted in Thailand. They are treating COVID patients with the herb, Andrographis.You can follow us at @vitalityradio on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Check us out online at vitalitynutrition.com. Let us know your thoughts about this episode by using the hashtag #vitalityradio and please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Just a reminder that this podcast is for educational purposes only. The podcast has not been evaluated by the FDA. The information within is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Advice given is not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional.Editor's Note: Special Thanks to CloudSFX for our fun “car hitting the breaks” sound effect.

1hr 1min

27 Feb 2021