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The Six Cents Report is a weekly podcast that reports on events related to Canadians from an economic and theological perspective. #sixcentsmakeschange

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2020: Top 5 From the Last 5 for the Next 5 - 6CR #68

With the end of the 2010s, there have been many "end of a decade" lists released. Darnell & Joel take a different look at the last decade and comprised their list - the top 5 aspects of the last 5 years that will impact the next 5 years: 5. Raptors NBA Championship 4. Cannabis 3. Climate Change & Student walk-outs 2. Jordan Peterson 1. Bitcoin https://www.sixcentsreport.com/ References: 5. Raps Raptors’ championship will have long-lasting impact on basketball in Canada Toronto Raptors: Long-term impact of winning NBA championship Could basketball overtake hockey as Canada's national sport? 2015: Canadians do not make up the majority of NHL players this season Bianca Andreescu Wows Canadians, Inspires Young Tennis Players 4. Cannabis related episodes: 6CR #10 & 6CR #44 How the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp lost $42 million last year 2019 was a disaster for the cannabis sector — and there might be more trouble on the way in 2020 CEI: Federal Regulations Cost $1.9 Trillion Annually Consumers who have used cannabis for non-medical purposes in the past year in Canada in 2018, by province Tiger Woods arrested on DUI charge in Florida, says alcohol 'not involved' What Is the Endocannabinoid System? The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007) Perfect Plant? 7 Great Uses For Industrial Hemp 3. Climate related episode - 6CR #55 TDSB helps students walking out for climate change Why Adolf Hitler Was TIME's Man of the Year for 1938 | Time 2. Jordan Peterson Shut Him Down: The Rise of Jordan Peterson Video Shows Man Beaten, Car Stolen While Witnesses Hurl Anti-Trump Rhetoric ‘I’m really sorry’: Justin Trudeau admits wearing brownface at 2001 costume party 1. Bitcoin Distributed Ledger Technology: Where Technological Revolution Starts Bitcoin Is To Blockchain As Email Was To The Internet Bitcoin Price History You Don’t Actually Own Your Securities Land Registry: A Big Blockchain Use Case Explored Do you know the Uses of cryptocurrency in third world countries? Wala Was Africa’s Perfect Crypto Success Story – Until It Collapsed Regulation of Cryptocurrency: Canada Give us your two cents via: Facebook Twitter sixcentsreport@gmail.com

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3 Jan 2020

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