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The show that helps Personal Injury professionals use psychological ideas to achieve more for catastrophically injured clients by maximising rehabilitation outcomes and achieving the best level settlements possible.

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How to use a VA to reduce overwhelm, with Tracey Clarke, Virtual Administration

We can’t do absolutely everything ourselves because it's not sustainable, and we can very quickly feel stressed and unhappy. In today’s episode Tracey Clarke will introduce the idea and possible benefits of employing a virtual PA. Could this be something with the potential to revolutionize your work, free you to do the things you want to do, take on more clients, or even take a day off? Listen and decide!


22 Jul 2021

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Working with secondary and vicarious trauma with Rosie Dickson, case manager

Today we’re talking with case manager Rosie Dickson about the related phenomena of secondary and vicarious trauma: what they are; the symptoms; their prevalence in case management; staying strong and balancing your caseload when grief is all around; support and supervision for employees at times of vulnerability; how trauma can affect legal colleagues; ideas for addressing the problem through self-care, therapy, mindfulness and undisturbed time off… and the traditional top tips.


16 Jul 2021

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Returning to work after a brain injury with Suzanne Guest, Work in Mind

Our BI clients might have had fulfilling and meaningful work lives before their injury and its loss can be a huge source of distress. Thinking about returning to work is a huge part of some clients' psychological and rehabilitation journey. This week, we have a special Guest: Suzanne, who is a rare combination of Occupational Psychologist and BI Case Manager! She helps us think about the process of preparing with a client for a return to meaningful occupation.


8 Jul 2021

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The benefits of Tai Chi for those with neurological injuries with Dr Giles Yeates

Today Dr Giles Yeates, neuropsychologist and Tai Chi instructor at NeuroFlow Group, tells me how he got into Tai Chi and discovered research on its relevance for brain injury rehabilitation; the physical and psychological effects, science and clinical impact; his charity work for Different Strokes; self-care and fatigue management; and how to approach introducing Tai Chi to clients.


1 Jul 2021

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The power of safe self-disclosure for therapeutic relationship-building

Today’s episode is a chat about self-disclosure, why we might overshare, and how to think about the right boundaries for us. As a clinical psychologist I have valued clear boundaries, but practicing as a case manager can be a bit different. So this is a reflection on what feels safe, comfortable and necessary to share with our clients in the pursuit of maintaining a good therapeutic bond.


24 Jun 2021

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What makes a case management business run well, with Ali McNamara, AJ Case Management

Today’s guest, Ali McNamara, tells me what she has learned from her experience as a case manager, including how she started working in this field; choosing a way of working that suits you; setting up, structuring, registering and developing a business; putting wellbeing at its heart; dealing with trauma and crises; fostering a supportive atmosphere; work/life balance; being true to yourself… and the future of Case Management!


17 Jun 2021

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The role of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in personal injury work, with Dr Laura Krieger, PsychWorks Associate psychologist

Dr Laura Krieger talks to me today about ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - and its applications in the world of personal injury. Join us for some mindfulness practice, and a wide-ranging conversation about developing psychological flexibility, enhancing the therapeutic alliance, noticing distress without trying to change difficult feelings, complex identities, 'creative hopelessness', giving clients space... and becoming the CEO of our own lives!


10 Jun 2021

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Doing recruitment well for injured clients with Lara Crombie, Finders Keepers Recruitment

Today I'm speaking to Lara Crombie about many aspects of recruitment: finding a good fit, psychometric testing, unconscious bias, the recruitment process, CVs and interviews, job description and personal specifications, getting help with HR, some pitfalls to avoid, and ultimately how to do it really well.


3 Jun 2021

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Imposter Syndrome: 70% of us have it

This episode is an exploration of 'Imposter Syndrome' and the effects it can have for many people on their professional and personal lives. I reflect on personal experience and ways to move beyond perfectionism and self-doubt, towards more realistic, healthier expectations of ourselves.


27 May 2021

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Rehabilitating love for brain injury adults with Dr Giles Yeates, neuropsychologist at Rippling Minds

Dr Giles Yeates of Rippling Minds talks to me in this week's episode about reconnecting and offering clients and their partners space to learn to love one another again when they have been faced with traumatic injuries. He proposes that it's not so much about thinking as feeling a way through. It's an uplifting listen and filled me with so much hope for our injured couples.


20 May 2021

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