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Hosted by Tony Nash, this six-question podcast brings together high performers to share their methods, strategies, and ideas delivered in an informative way and, most importantly, actionable ways that will help you lead yourself and those around you better from the battlefield to the boardroom.

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015 The Need to Prioritize Yourself with Drew Mayville

On this new episode of Got Your 6, Tony Nash talks with Drew Mayville, a US Army Special Operations Forces veteran and special operations equipment manager at Beaver Fit North America.Drew, who transitioned out of the military just over a year ago, says he still carries with him some habits from the military, such as waking up early and having a regimented schedule. This helps him keep his discipline and momentum primed as well as setting his day’s tempo.However, there are some key lessons he had to unlearn as he navigates the civilian life. Now, he tells veterans to learn how to prioritize themselves.He reminds veterans that the military keeps on moving and turning even without you, so you need to take care of yourself, too.While veterans should not abandon their military values, he says they have to be flexible in adopting to new values.“You’re the priority in this transition. You really got to build your stake and look out for your own interests because you don’t have this giant big green Army machine looking out for you.”“Money isn’t everything, but it is a thing. That’s just how the civilian world works."-----Growing up in a military family and having served for a decade, Drew says another lesson he had to let go of is focusing too much on the future. He is now working on living life in the moment. Enjoying the present allows him to take a step back and see the big picture, especially in his job and career. Ranger School and getting difficult things doneOne thing that has made a tremendous impact in his life is Ranger School, which he says was the first hard thing he did coming out of West Point. He learned a lot about leadership and, most of all, about himself.It has become a motivation for him to get up and do better every day. As he says, once you have a Ranger tab, people expect more from you. You also expect more from yourself.It was also there where he learned one key lesson in failure that has stayed with him until now. He recalls their last week at SFAS or the Special Forces Assessment and Selection, where his team was leading in the early events but went downhill after encountering a problem – getting stuck on making it easy to transport telephone poles and ropes led to internal bickering and conflict.Then, a teammate calmly told them that the issue is that they spend so much time and effort to make it easier instead of accepting the enormity of the task and just get it done anyway.While it’s sometimes good to think outside the box, Drew says, “sometimes you just gotta have it done.”“It’s gonna suck; the sooner you can get over the fact that it is gonna suck, the quicker you’re gonna get to the end.”Tomorrow is always a good day to be better Drew shares his mindset in ensuring continuous improvement: There’s always a tomorrow to become a better version of yourself.He says it does not matter so much what happened yesterday – whether you failed or succeeded –because that is already over. You have to focus on what can still be done.Failures and mistakes are part of change and learning, but they should not control you.“Learn from it but don’t dwell on it. Forget what happened yesterday, good and bad, and just focus on the present and just know tomorrow’s coming. I can do better tomorrow.”-----Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


19 Jul 2021

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014 Reinventing Yourself and Redefining Your Future with Candice Frost

On this fresh episode of Got Your 6, Tony Nash speaks with COL Candice Frost, commander of the US Joint Intelligence Operation Center for Cyber Command. Candice juggles many roles – mother, wife, leader, and entrepreneur. For Candice, staying in her comfort zone was never an option. She shares the importance of taking risks and embracing challenges to grow and flourish. But as she continuously reinvents herself, one thing remains constant for her family. She shares life and leadership lessons she learned from West Point and the military, her new world of cybersecurity, and her divorce – which she considers her biggest failure that ultimately led to her greatest success.-----Wearing many different hats, Candice firmly believes in the need for balance. “Like anything in life, I love the surfing analogy: it’s all about staying up on the board, and it takes a LOT of balance.”She believes in going out of your comfort zone, subscribing to former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”A creative and a “go with the flow” type of person, Candice found her days at West Point to be challenging – the highly regimented life, unending rules, and working with “complete rock stars” on the track and field and marathon team. But she embraced all these and saw opportunities for learning and growth. “Everywhere you go in life, the more you step out of your traditional bubble and into the unknown…. you can grow and do so many different things. But you have to take that first step.”Uncomfortable situations, she says, develop grit and bring out a new side of an individual.Of Priorities, Reinvention, Lifelong LearningOne of the books that was life-altering  to her is John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, a classic novel about a pearl diver named Kino who finds a precious pearl and is transformed by the greed and evil it attracts. Candice says the book gives terrific life lessons, including determining your priorities and “making sure you carry that with you throughout life.”One thing remains constant in her life: her family. These are the people that matter the most to her, no matter what.Another book she has read more than once is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Radical Candor: How to Be A Kick Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott, whose speeches and interviews Candice also frequently listens to. The book provides her insights on “how to adapt, reinvent, and grab the best talents” in her field.Candice says she consistently reads up on the latest cyberspace news and trends, including cryptocurrency. She likens the experience to learning a foreign language – something that keeps her mind agile.To continuously improve herself, Candice shares this actionable advice: spend 30 minutes to an hour each day doing research or reading to advance your skills and prepare for the future.“It’s just making sure that you look at every single day: What am I learning? What am I doing to advance myself mentally so that I can be prepared for what’s next?”“People that are very comfortable where they’re at, I worry for that because our world is so rapidly changing.”Leadership LessonsIn her early career, Candice says she was very forward-leaning and a bit impatient.Now, she says she has learned to give people grace. She has also learned to distinguish between what is important and urgent.“Giving people the ability to understand that not everything needs to be done right now, right here. There are moments when you have to roll up yourselves. But separating the important from the urgent, that has come to me.”She also highlights the importance of empathy as a leader because it opens your world in many different ways.“If you could understand and walk in someone else’s shoes, you’re a much better leader; you’re a much better person overall because you can have empathy with what they’re going through.”Her Biggest FailureCandice opens up about her biggest failure – her divorce, which also led her to her biggest success and a second chance at love.She recalls going through pain and self-reflection after divorcing her former husband, who was suffering from PTSD. She says the ordeal made her truly understand her priorities in life.Owing to her experience, she shares this piece of advice with others in similar situations: Get them the help they need but know that they, too, need to help themselves.“So many of us in the military, we think we can personally fix everything ourselves. We can fix this or that or another person – that’s really hard to do. If you’ve got someone that’s going through a really tough emotional mental disorder, getting them help is incredibly important, but also knowing that it’s their decision to kind of walk their own journey.”-----Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


12 Jul 2021

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013 Pushing Yourself to the Limit with Michael Eckert

Listen as Tony Nash talks with athlete and personal trainer Michael Eckert, the 2015 Guinness World Record holder for most pull-ups (50) in a minute. Although extremely physically fit, Michael reveals his fitness “kryptonite” and failures and shares how he overcomes them. He talks about the importance of doing what you enjoy and surrounding yourself with things and people you like.Pull-ups masteryMichael Eckert, the 2015 Guinness World Record holder for the most pullups (50) in a minute, says his love and passion for pull ups began at home, after his father, an Army officer, brought home a military style pull up bar. He and his brother, who would later become an Army Infantryman, would engage in friendly competitions in their backyard.This worthy rivalry strengthened Michael because it was all fun, making him want to do more pull ups without any pressure.At the time, he was not aware that doing at least 40 pull ups was a huge deal. It was not until a rock climbing buddy dared him to do it and he was able to do 45. He is currently training to set the most pullups in 24 hours in September.Now that he’s no longer an active duty Marine, Michael says he continues to value physical fitness and athleticism. “Whether morning, night, once a day, I always do something that involves moving my body around.”“I think everyone should be physically fit because you function better as humans when we’re functionally in shape.” He has his own fitness app Live Above the Bar, containing video workouts, nutrition guides, and health tips for his community. He is also a member of FitOps Foundation, an organization that seeks to reduce veteran suicide through fitness.  On being a generalistAs a kid, Michael says he did not have any specific ambition. He was a little bit into everything that he enjoyed and he just loved the thrill of competition. “Since I spread myself around, I’m a pretty well-rounded athlete across the board. That’s where I am right now.”He also never had a big role model growing up – in the real world, at least. He looked up to Goku, the protagonist of the Dragon Ball Z anime. Goku, originally sent to destroy Earth as an infant, grew up to become the strongest warrior and Earth defender. His fitness kryptoniteFamous for being the pullup guy, Michael reveals his biggest fitness kryptonite: mobility/flexibility. He recalls his time in the American Ninja Warrior, where he says everything  was a walk in the park until the finals, when he fell like a rock on the water after failing to accomplish the Jumping Spider. “I was on national television, I looked down those two walls. I was like, I know my legs can’t go that far apart.. But I’m on TV so I tried. So it looks like I jumped off the trampoline straight into the water. Like I didn’t even try to go on the wall.”Recently, he has been trying to focus on gaining flexibility. Calling himself an “extremely inflexible” person, he does not like doing it but he knows it will increase his performance. He says if he keeps on doing something he hates, he just ends up putting it on the side. He ends up tweaking some stretches to find it more appealing to him. Good thing, too, there’s another option: sauna. He recently bought one and he says it is one of his major investments for his health and performance. Darkest time in his lifeMichael recalls the darkest time in his life. In 2017, in the same week, he injured his wrist a couple of days before coming out of active duty and lost his best friend, SGT Tryee “Banana” Green, to suicide. At the time, he was confronted with two decisions: “I can either join him and not be here anymore and I can push through and see where this goes.”He considers these two as his greatest failures. But he hopes he could turn them into success in September when he again tries to break the world record for the most number of pull ups in 24 hours. Despite his injury, he continues to train hard and push himself to the limit. “My best days are those that I forget I broke my wrist.”“My dad’s saying is none of us are gonna get out of here alive. I can train as hard as I want, I’m still not getting out of here alive. It’s ok to fail once in a while, it’s ok to not make the quota. But get back on and keep trying hard because it’s the journey really,” Michael says. Surrounding yourself with positivityOne habit that has greatly improved his life in the past 5 years is surrounding himself with people and things that he likes. He recently moved to Tennessee and says it has made him a happier person.He says people who enjoy what they’re doing and do not compare themselves with others, especially on social media, end up achieving their goals.“Let go of the fact that you cannot control people, but you can control the people you are around. So it’s like letting good people into your life is amazing…. You can control the people you actually spend a lot of your time around with. And I think that’s the healthiest thing for me is just really focusing on building good positive relationships with awesome people and people you can trust because a couple of toxic people in your life can really bring you down.”Ultimately, he encourages people to listen to themselves and find where they thrive.-----Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


5 Jul 2021

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012 Mike Erwin's Lessons From Failure

On this episode of Got Your 6, Tony Nash talks with Mike Erwin, the founder and executive director of Team Red, White, and Blue (Team RWB), a non-profit that connects veterans to the local communities through sports. Mike talks about how he stays fit physically and mentally and shares some actionable advice on how he manages his time, improves himself, and navigates his time and schedule to achieve maximum results.Mental and Physical FitnessMike’s time in the Army continues to impact his life – from as simple as his affinity for the Jacob’s ladder (which began during a 2009 Afghanistan deployment) to subscribing to a solid routine and working out in the morning. While he is not as physically active as he was during the Army, he says he’s now back at it “with a vengeance.”The two books that have made an impact on his life and that he keeps on re-reading are:100 Ways to Motive Yourself (2012) by Steve Chandler helps a person create an action plan for living his vision in business and in life. The Alchemist (1993) by Paolo Coelho, a fiction that tells the story of a shepherd boy Santiago, who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure as extravagant as any ever found.Citing the lessons from The Alchemist, Mike is a big believer that everything happens for a reason and that failures pave the road to success.“It can be dangerous when we tell that to other people: ‘Ah, everything happens for a reason, don’t worry about it.’ But the reality is, if you take that approach and that view into life, that the setbacks and the adversity and the mistakes that you made – while it feels like in the moment you’re like ‘Ugh that was terrible, what a big mistake!’ – if you can learn to see that for what it is… A setback is a setup for a comeback.”On Failures as Temporary SetbacksMike is also the co-founder & president of The Positivity Project, a non-profit group that aims to empower the youth to build positive relationships. But it took several hiccups along the way before the organization became what it is today. Mike and his partner committed a big mistake when they used philanthropy as the organization’s business model. They later realized it was not feasible for their business, which focuses on character education because schools already have a budget for that. So they tweaked their model – from seeking grants to building a business that would make schools want to pay them for training, curriculum, and resources, among others. That huge mistake proved to be their key to success to have a sustainable business.Urgent vs Important and the Importance of Tracking Time In 2014, Mike learned to view things using the Eisenhower Box, which helps a person decide on and prioritize tasks by urgency and importance. It helps users sort out less urgent and important tasks which could be either delegated or ignored.Another thing that has transformed his life is tracking his time. He tracks if he has spent too long on emails, if he has not exercised much in a week, or has done things for leisure, such as golf.Mike said this becomes very important in making sure you have as much time as possible to spend on important but not urgent things, such as relationships planning, eating, health, and exercising. These activities are usually those that get ignored easily.He says he applies this in menial tasks such as getting rid of cables in the house and deleting useless apps from his phone – things that take his time mindlessly. A 32-hectare farm owner, Mike says he makes most of his business decisions while working on the property.On Constant Improvement and His Personal Relationship with TechnologyMike likens constant self-improvement to tango – 2 steps forward, one step back – as growth is not linear. He also believes growth comes at a gradual pace.As he counts time, Mike says he has improved his relationship with technology and the digital world, although not perfect. There are days he would turn them off, but other days, he finds himself sticking with his phone. It’s ok to make mistakes, he said, but you go on and try harder next time.Being cautious with your relationship with tech allows you to ensure that it does not put distance between you and the people you love and the people right in front of you. Citing author Cal Newport, Mike warns that there’s a “cost to your incessant obsession with information.”In his 2019 book, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World, Newport makes a persuasive case for it, saying simply turning off notifications won’t cut it. What is needed is a thoughtful method to decide what tools to use, for what purposes, and under what conditions. He defines digital minimalism as a "philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else."-------------Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


28 Jun 2021

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011 Don Tran

On this episode of Got Your 6, Tony interviews Underwater Torpedo League co-founder Don Tran.Don Tran is a former Special Operations Marine Raider, entrepreneur, and a certified personal trainer specializing in functional fitness and aquatic training. Don is the co-founder of two Southern California underwater fitness companies: Underwater Torpedo League, a longtime underground military sport that became popular after it was officially launched to the public in 2018, and Deep End Fitness, which provides a complementary training workout program.A master instructor trainer, he has a passion for fitness and its real-world application, applying his fitness background to teach efficient movement and mental fortitude. His mission is to help both athletes and non-athletes overcome fears and break boundaries to become better versions of themselves. He believes everybody is a warrior in his or her own way. He lives by the principle of being F.R.E.E which stands for Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient Breathing.Don and his co-founder were introduced to the sport of underwater torpedo to get their minds off the anxieties and fears of being submerged underwater during their military training. They identified that confidence and mental strength underwater translates to increased confidence on land.He believes in hard work and pushing one’s self to the limit. He believes a person’s own safety net is themselves. He has been featured in Voyage LA, Outside Online, and in several podcasts. Underwater Torpedo League has attracted NFL players such as Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey, Buffalo Bills safety Micah Hyde, and New Orleans Saints linebacker Manti Te’o, pro surfers, and MMA fighters like Kailin Curran Don graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is currently attending the Executive MBA Program at USC Marshall.-------------Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


21 Jun 2021

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010 Ashlee McKeon

On this episode of got Your 6, Tony interviews Ashlee McKeon, a US Army Captain and sleep research scientist at Fort Bragg.Ashlee McKeon is a US Army captain, scientist, and fitness buff. Ashlee is a sleep research scientist at United States Army Special Operations Command. She is passionate about the role of sleep in the behavior and performance of soldiers and veterans. She is an expert in sleep/wake neurophysiology and cognitive and behavioral neuroscience.She mostly writes scientific articles and produces internal reports/policy recommendations for military leaders about how mission performance and well-being in the military operational context. Ashlee focuses much of her work on combat exposed service members and veterans with or at risk for PTSD and traumatic brain injury.On top of being a U.S Army Officer as a researcher and scientist, and she is an athlete and a CrossFit enthusiast. She has authored several journal articles discussing individual and synergistic contributions of both sleep and wake neurophysiology to impaired behavioral performance, such as attentional problems, memory deficits, and disinhibition.She received her bachelor of philosophy in honors psychology, with minors in applied statistics and neuroscience degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010. She obtained her master’s degree in health and rehabilitation science with a certificate in rehabilitative assistive technology and her doctorate degree in rehabilitation science from the same university. Before working at WRAIR in September 2017, she was a postdoctoral scholar with the Military Sleep Tactics & Resilience Research Team (M-STARRT) in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.-------------The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown-------------Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking WinsMake sure you’re subscribed to the podcast, so you get the latest episodes. Our Podcast Page : ( https://got-your-6.captivate.fm )Subscribe with Apple Podcast ( https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/got-your-six-with-tony-nash/id1572923772 )Follow on Spotify ( https://open.spotify.com/show/7EFDkO0SCb9WYvjPaLzcOP )Subscribe with Stitcher ( https://www.stitcher.com/show/got-your-6 )Subscribe on IHeartRadio ( https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-got-your-6-81361353/ )Listen on other streaming platforms ( https://link.chtbl.com/GY6) DISCLAIMEROpinions expressed are solely the hosts and guest(s) and do not represent or express the views or opinions of DOD


14 Jun 2021

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009 Mike Nemeth

On this episode of Got Your 6, Tony interviews Mike Nemeth, President of Emblem Athletic.Mike Nemeth is a US Army veteran, engineer, and a known entrepreneur in Ohio, helping startups and building dozens of businesses. Mike is the President of Emblem Athletic, a company dedicated to strengthening teams, athletes, and organizations through custom athletic apparel.Aside from fitness, he is passionate about building great companies in Ohio and helping military veterans transition into the business world. Mike’s mission is to empower leaders and entrepreneurs and help them build great teams. He regularly shares management and career tips.Mike is always happy to share the many life and business lessons he learned. On top of this, he is an author of books, including satirical children’s books (Mommy’s Favorite Juices: Why Mommy Gets Thirsty When You Misbehave, Daddy’s Favorite Juice: The bottles in the fridge that aren’t for you), a military non-fiction title (Six Word War) that reached #6 on Amazon’s best-selling military books in 2014, and a satire book about the Naval Academy (Discipline: The Annapolis Way) that became the best-selling military history book on Amazon in 2017.He believes his purpose is to make life more enjoyable for others by employing unique and fun strategies to energize his team and clients. In April 2020, he did a shirtless product photoshoot when the company was unable to get a model due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. His books have been featured in The Atlantic, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes, among others. He graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned as a military intelligence officer in the US Army before unexpectedly discharged due to an injury. He then earned his MBA from the Ohio State University in 2010. He was appointed by former US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to serve on the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from 2016 to 2018.-------------Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


7 Jun 2021

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008 Joe Byerly

On this episode of Got Your 6, Tony interviews From the Green Notebook Founder Joe Byerly.If there were a Hall of Fame for Scholar Warriors, Joe Byerly would have bust and have already given his induction speech. He is the Founder of From the Green Notebook blog, which serves to develop leaders one page at a time to ultimately lead with the best version of themselves.Joe has been serving as an Army Armor Officer for 17 years and counting. Around the decade mark of his Army career, Joe began to deep dive into what made leaders successful and wanted to share what he discovered with others as there was no centralized collection of this material, born was his blog From the Green Notebook. FTG has grown to over 3 million total views and a weekly newsletter that exceeds 3,500 subscribers.He is a graduate of the North Georgia College and State University and from the Naval War College, where he earned his Masters. He is also a non-resident fellow at the Modern Warfare Institute at West Point. -------------Here is how to connect with Joe Byerly:TwitterFrom the Green Notebook WebsiteFrom the Green Notebook PodcastFrom the Green Notebook InstagramFrom the Green Notebook Facebook-------------Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


31 May 2021

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007 Brittinay Lenhart

On this episode of Got Your 6, Tony interviews Work Culture Consultant and podcast host Brittinay Lenhart.Brittinay Lenhart is a leadership coach, workplace consultant, and a formerly a F-22 and F-35 jet engine mechanic in the US Air Force. She is the founder and lead consultant of Las Vegas-based Work Culture Consultant LCC.Having worked in a myriad of organizations from military, DOD/NASA contracting, to Fortune 500 companies, she has always been a passionate change-seeker. A former intrapreneur, she has since transitioned to becoming entrepreneur to help others using her skills, expertise, and intuition. Her mission is to improve companies’ work culture and to address workplace toxicity at all levels so they can thrive. She also shares practical management and career tips for her followers online.She conducts leadership coaching, executive consultation, middle management assessment, and culture training. She is also an experienced and engaging executive speaker about company cohesion. She believes in transparency, integrity, and teamwork. She believes in investing in employees and that a poor work culture destroys a company. She has a podcast, Work Culture Consultant, where she interviews successful CEOs on their businesses’ organizational culture. She studied at Ashford University, where she received a degree in organizational management. She received her master’s degree in organizational leadership from the same university. She also studied at the Community College of the Air Force, where she took up Aviation Operations and Aviation Maintenance.-------------Follow Brittinay LenhartLinkedInWork Culture Consultant Podcast-------------Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within-------------Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


24 May 2021

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006 Eric Sefchik

On this episode of Got Your 6, Tony interview SefCzech Brewing Co-Owner Eric Sefchik.Eric Sefchik is a US Army veteran, athlete, and entrepreneur. Eric is the co-owner of Cleveland, Ohio-based SefCzech Brewing, a family-operated business specializing in homemade beers.He is passionate about ice hockey and brewing the best homemade beer. The business’ Instagram account regularly shares its products, as well as updates on their brewing process. Eric, with his father and brother, began doing full-time homebrewing in 2020. They are still in the process of expanding their business offerings. He recently began a new position as a Project Manager with Gardiner Service Company.Eric graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 2010 with a degree in business management and systems engineering. After which, he led, coached, and mentored over 35 West Point cadet-athletes for the Men’s NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey. He also supported the execution of the nationwide recruiting program. He served for 7 years in the US Army. His last position in the Army was commanding an Air Defense Artillery Patriot Firing Battery in Fort Hood, TX.-------------Lead Yourself First by Raymond M. Kethledge & Michael S. ErwinThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson-------------Ten Thousandpromo code for 15% off your first order: GOTYOUR6Stacking Wins


17 May 2021

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