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Topics range from: the paranormal, which cryptid is cutest, are warlocks good singers, time travel crystals, an abandoned boat full of rats, our dog, etc. Have a question? Call our Spooky Hotline: 803-816-2667 (BOOS) ☎️ Or send us an email: spookyspousescast@gmail.com 💻 New episodes released every Monday (unless we get eaten by a ghost...or something)

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Episode 23 - Spooky Host Swap (feat. Colin Parker and Alex Taylor)

Welcome to the Scavenger's Network Inaugural Host Swap! This week, Colin and Alex of Journey Under 30 stir the cauldron and muster up some of their best spells to tell spine-chilling tales about Jeremy Renner's stepdad...and adolescent potato farmers. Colin tests Alex in a game of "Bogus or Boogeyman", Alex creates anew game called "Haunted or Henry", Colin talks about the origins of vampires in the U.S, and more! Join us (them), won't you?


8 Apr 2018

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