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Rachel is all about loving people and sharing stories. In the "Keep It Real" podcast, she sits down with fascinating guests to enjoy laughter, thoughtful conversations and the occasional no-nonsense bit of advice. Learn more at rachelsinclair.net.

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Episode 7 – Susannah B. Lewis (Whoa! Susannah)

Buckle up for episode with 7 with Susannah B. Lewis! You may know her as “Whoa! Susannah” from her viral Internet videos that have brought laughter to millions of fans around the world. Her recently published memoir “Can’t Make This Stuff Up” is a hilarious and heartfelt bestseller that you are going to want to add to your summer reading list right now. In this episode, we talk about everything from “The Golden Girls” to writing, from addiction to chipmunks in basements, and everything in between. She is precious, and I know you are going to love her! P.S. — The word is “breathtaking!” 😂 Link: "The Sacrament of Happy" by Lisa Harper


30 Apr 2019

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Episode 12 – Lincee Ray (Author of “It’s a Love Story”)

“It’s A Love Story,” indeed, and you will LOVE Lincee Ray! Lincee is the talented author behind two of my most favorite recent books, and she is SO. FUN. Lincee shares how she became an accidental blogging super star (thanks, #TheBachelor!). I share about the time I got gum stuck in my hair during a slow dance in high school and a teacher had to cut it out with scissors 🙃. Good times! We also get very real. Lincee so beautifully connects our culture’s fixation on love stories to our sense of longing for something more, which is only found in Christ. We talk about when life is NOT fair, how we can lament, but we must end our rants with a “but.” Because God is God and He is good. And last but not least, Lincee gives me advice on my quest to overcome my lack of knowledge on 80s and 90s rom coms. Overall, she is a wonderful human, and I can’t wait for you to get to know her and read her books! Lincee Ray: Instagram, Facebook and website “It’s A Love Story” “Why I Hate Green Beans” [P.S. – I’m giving away a copy of “It’s a Love Story”! All you have to do is subscribe to my email list :). And while you’re at it, make sure you’re following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You guys are the best!]


29 Oct 2019

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Episode 4 – Shannan Martin (The Ministry Of Ordinary Places)

My guest for episode 4 is Shannan Martin, author of “The Ministry of Ordinary Places,” and MAN does she have a lot of wisdom to share! She talks about her journey of moving her family to a neighborhood on the “wrong side of the tracks,” so to speak, and how God turned her idea of community upside down in the best way. We talk about sharing life with people who come from different backgrounds, who carry heartbreaking struggles and who are beautifully made in the image of God.End the end, Shannan encourages us to 1. Ask God to see our place and the people around us the way He sees them. 2. Pay attention to what God’s already doing and choose to be a part of it. I adore this conversation, and I know you will too! Follow Shannan on her website, shannanmartinwrites.com, and on social media.


22 Jan 2019

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Episode 8 – Melissa Radke (Author of "Eat Cake, Be Brave")

Guys–this podcast has my heart overflowing with ALL the laughs, feels and hope. If that’s too cheesy for you, I dare you to listen and disagree! 😜 Melissa Radke is amazing, and interviewing her felt like catching up with a dear friend. Her heart is pure, she is KIND and this conversation is packed with her sass & sparkle. ⠀ For those of you who don’t know, Melissa is the author of “Eat Cake, Be Brave,” a podcast host, a nationally acclaimed speaker, a hilarious online personality, and the star of her VERY OWN REALITY SHOW, “The Radkes,” premiering Tuesday, June 4 on USA Network. I know you are going to love her as much as I do! Make sure to read her book, watch “The Radkes” premiere, and don’t forget to pray for a “special grace” over her precious family. Melissa, I had a blast. Thank you for coming on the show! ⠀ P.S. – Are you signed up for my email list? I promise to only send fun stuff! Stay in the know here.


20 May 2019

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Episode 9 – Mallory Marcus (Friendship)

On this episode, my guest is Mallory Marcus, my best friend of 13 years and counting! We talk about what goes into a lasting friendship, how to make new friends in different seasons of life and how we’ve learned from mistakes in our relationship (cue the Latvian hat story!). And don’t worry––we definitely share some embarrassing stories from our tween years 😜. We also touch on the Enneagram and the benefit of recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses. I hope this conversation encourages you to hug your friends tighter and open your heart for wonderful, new friendships waiting to happen! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to keep in touch with all of the happenings/increase your odds of winning a Starbucks card giveaway ☕️. Thanks for listening!


25 Jun 2019

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Episode 10 – Shruthi Parker ("The Honest Shruth")

Oh friends, what a treat this episode is! Shruthi Parker is a beautiful person inside and out, and I can't wait for you to meet her. Shruthi is a lifestyle blogger and writer based in Austin, Texas who focuses on travel, food, fashion, faith and relationships. On this episode, we talk about creativity, our shared LOVE of the city of London and the global kingdom of God. Shruthi was raised in a Hindu household, and perhaps my favorite part of this episode is when she shares her story of how she became a Christian. (“I feel like every day when you consider being within the kingdom of God and being part of His family, it still takes your breath away.” AMEN!) Check out Shruthi's blog, thehonestshruth.com, and follow her on Instagram here. ALSO, I want to give a big shoutout to my friend Ben Law for helping me figure out the audio! Ben is a talented musician, so please give him a follow and check out his music. Last random note – the Bible verse I attempted to quote was NOT from Paul, but from James! It's James 3:9. Whoops!


31 Jul 2019

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Episode 5 – Rachel Hauck (NYT Bestselling Author)

It’s the month of love, and I got to chat with NYT bestselling romance novelist Rachel Hauck! If you love books, stories, characters, plots, etc., you will eat up this episode. It was so fun to jump inside Rachel’s brain and learn about her writing process, including discipline with time management, finding inspiration, editing (and cutting characters when necessary! 😭) and more. PLUS, Rachel shares her own love story, which is just as cute and picturesque as you’d imagine. (She says she wouldn’t write it into a book because it would be too unbelievable!) Follow Rachel on her blog, rachelhauck.com, and look out for her upcoming novel, “The Memory House,” releasing April 2.


27 Apr 2019

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Episode 11 – Harrison Tarabella (Videographer/Photographer)

Videographer and photographer Harrison Tarabella joins us for episode 11 and brings the most fascinating (and terrifying!) stories from traveling across the world. We talk about creativity, work-life balance and God-given passions. Plus, we swap stories from the Big Island in Hawaii, including an epic account of Harrison’s drive to the top of Mauna Kea and my family’s venture into the Waipio Valley with Bob, the sketchy van and the mules. Enjoy! Show links: Harrison Tarabella –– Instagram, YouTube, website College film project –– “To Write a Paper” Blog Post –– What God Taught Me in Hawaii


25 Sep 2019

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Episode 6 – Maddi Lupul (Nutrition Blogger)

For March, we're tackling a topic that everyone loves and has probably struggled with at some point or another––FOOD! I chat with the soon-to-be registered dietician and excellent food blogger, Maddi Lupul. One of the reasons I enjoy following Maddi is that she is REAL when it comes to talking about nutrition and health. Here you won't find extreme opinions or strict dos and don'ts. As Maddi says, nutrition is truly individualistic, and there is no one right way to be perfectly healthy. (That's impossible, and that's okay!) As a side note, I also play a goofy game of self-discipline where I have to donate $1 to charity whenever I say "like" or "um" 🙃. I chose the organization Girls Inc., which you should definitely check out! SHOW LINKS Maddi's Plate (Instagram) Maddi's Blog My Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Blog Girls, Inc.


27 Apr 2019

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Episode 14 – Retha Nichole (Business & Life Coach)

Buckle up, y’all! We’re kicking off 2020 with some wise words, tough truths and real encouragements from Retha Nicole. Retha is a certified business and life coach who loves helping people get their lives back on track so that they can thrive. We talk about accountability, making friends as an adult (which is hard!), setting boundaries and coming to God even when it’s messy. Follow Retha on Instagram and Facebook, and reach out to her if you’re interested in getting a business consultation or booking her as a speaker. Happy 2020! [Hear Retha’s testimony on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.] [Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!]


26 Jan 2020

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