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Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major, Op. 73 "The Emperor" by Beethoven

Performed by: Jon Kimura Parker, piano, the Banff Festival Orchestra, conducted by Henk Guittart as part of the 75th anniversary celebrations at The Banff Centre in 2008. Recorded by James Clements-Seeley and Nathan Chandler.


4 Feb 2011

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Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, BWV 1048 by Johann Sebastian Bach

Baroque specialist and violinist Elizabeth Wallfisch leads Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, but not before she shares her thoughts on the latter. Host: Kimberly Lamontagne. Recording Engineers: Etienne Decreuse and Sophia Gould.


12 Jul 2011

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Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92 by Ludwig van Beethoven


14 Dec 2010

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Trumpet Concerto in E-flat Major by Haydn

Performed by: Jens Lindemann, trumpet, the Banff Festival Orchestra and conducted by Lior Shambadal. Part of the the Banff Festival Orchestra Program, this concert was recorded by Florian Krentz and Alejandra Bernal.


14 Nov 2010

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Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Minor, by Debussy and Sonata in D Minor by Szymanowski

This concert was recorded by Theresa Kuntz and Phillipe Parenteau.


28 Oct 2009

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String Quartet in A minor, Op. 13 by Felix Mendelssohn

Tinalley String Quartet, winners of the 2007 Banff International String Quartet Competition: Adam Chalabi, 1st violin, Lerida Delbridge, 2nd violin, Justin Williams, viola and Michelle Wood, cello.


20 Mar 2009

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Dvorak's Quartet No. 14 in A-flat Major, Op. 105

The Zemlinsky Quartet: František SOUČEK, 1st violin, Petr STŘÍŽEK, 2nd violin, Petr HOLMAN, viola and Vladimír FORTIN, violoncello.


16 Apr 2009

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Chanson Perpétuelle, Op. 37 by Ernest Chausson

Jessa Runciman speaks to Taylor Strande about her decision to become a soprano, the vocal challenges of performing chamber music (especially at a high altitude), and her emotional connection to Ernest Chausson's "Chanson Perpétuelle." Strande's performance of the work at Rolston Recital Hall follows.


28 Jun 2011

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String Quartet no. 3 by Bela Bartok ; Two Songs, op. 91, by Johannes Brahms


23 Jul 2009

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String Quartet No. 2, Op. 13 by Mendelssohn

Performed by Quatuor Hermes: Omer Bouchez and Elise Liu, violin, Yung-Hsin Chang, viola and Anthony Kondo, cello. Part of the Fall Creative Music Residency, this concert was recorded by Cain McCormack and Alejandro Merodio.


8 Dec 2010

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Sonata No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 22 by Robert Schumann


2 Apr 2009

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Performances from the 2009 International Jazz Workshop : Part II

On this podcast: "Shikia" by Eden Bareket, "Hillsville" by Sam Anning, "Nostalgia" by Russell Moore, "Welp" by David Meier, "Mountain Peace" by Matthew Berril and "Texture" by Maren Selvag. Performed by: Eden Bareket Octet: Matthew Berrill, saxophone, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, saxophone, Eden Bareket, saxophone, Russell Moore, trumpet, Petr Zelenka, guitar, Michal Vanoucek, piano, Sam Anning, bass, Adam Arruda, drums, and Sound Circus : Meredith Bates, violin, Alison Chesley, cello, Teddy Raven, saxophone, Matthew Berrill, saxophone, Maren Selvag, piano, Yannick Peeters, bass and David Meier, drums.


10 Sep 2009

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Sonata for violin and piano in E-flat Major, Op. 82 by Edward Elgar


2 Sep 2009

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Chaconne in D Minor by Bach

Performed by: Emily Westell, violin. Part of the final concert of the Fall Creative Music Residency at The Banff Centre, this concert was recorded by Nolan Bouvier and Aspen Beveridge.


18 Jan 2011

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Introduction et Rondo capriccioso, Op. 28 by Camille Saint-Saëns

17-year-old violinist Timothy Chooi talks Saint-Saëns, brotherhood, and the 5-year plan with Kimberly Lamontagne. Listen for Camille Saint-Saëns' Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso in A minor, Op. 28 afterwards. Host: Kimberly Lamontagne. Recording Engineers: Etienne Decreuse and Konrad Glas


15 Jul 2011

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Fantasy in C Major for violin and piano by Schubert

Performed by: Jasmin Arakawa, piano, and Bartosz Woroch, violin as part of the Winter Creative Music Residency. Recorded by Daniel Keinath and Cain McCormack.


22 Feb 2011

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Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 15 by Bedrich Smetana

Join Kimberly Lamontagne as she speaks with James Parker about the Trio Cleonice performing Bedrich Smetana's piano trio as part of this year's Chamber Music Residency.


24 Jun 2011

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Octet in E flat Major, Op. 20 by Felix Mendelssohn

First and second place winners of the 2010 Banff International String Quartet competition, the Cecilia and Afiara string quartets come together to perform Mendelssohn's Octet Op. 20. Host: Kimberly Lamontagne. Recording Engineers: Padraig Buttner-Schnirer & Daniel Meyer


5 Jul 2011

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Trio in A minor, Op. 50 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Recorded live in Rolston Recital Hall. Barry Shiffman, violin; Andres Diaz, cello; Jeanie Chung, piano


29 Jul 2011

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Kolja Lessing at The Banff Centre - Part 2: Solo Piano Improvisation & Telemann's Fantasia

Kolja Lessing goes back in time with Artistic Director of Summer Music Programs, Barry Shiffman to discuss the work of Telemann and Lessing's first ever improvisation for solo piano performed at The Banff Centre.


2 Aug 2011

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