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Join your host Ant Marino, as he interviews inspiring people from all walks of life, Human Connection Specialists, Psychologists and Therapists, Love and Relationship Coaches, Fitness Gurus and Nutritionists. His aim is to bring interesting stories from inspiring people and insights on how to create better relationships, mental and physical health and a more fulfilled life to you and have a bit of fun and a giggle at the same time.Insta: @themindfitmovementpodcastAnt's Insta: @antmarino1Email: themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com

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Ep 16 | The Meaning of Life - w/Ant

On this episode of The MindFit Movement Podcast, Ant talks about his view on the meaning of life. Through his experiences, battles, and what he has learnt through diving deep into the world of personal development, Ant believes that the meaning of life, is life its self.  I hope you enjoy this episode and hope that it helps you in some way. Please subscribe and give this a 5 star review. Thank you, Ant Marino WATCH THIS EPISODE ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQbF_SKdeDQ&t=19s ADD The MindFit Movement Podcast on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themindfitmovementpodcast/ ADD Ant on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/antmarino1/ BOOK a FREE Call with me to see if we're a good fit to work together: https://calendly.com/antmarinocoaching/intro


21 Feb 2021

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Ep 15 | Kelly Mercieca - On Animal communication, and healing your pets

On this episode of The MindFit Movement Podcast, we have Kelly Mercieca from Kelly’s animal communication in Sydney, Australia. Kelly communicates with animals energetically through her intuition and telepathically, which allows her to feel their feelings and emotions to see what’s going on for them and then communicate that back to their owners. She uses all her senses - smell, taste, feel, hear, and see to communicate to animals. Some situations people get Kelly to communicate to their pets are if the animal is going through a traumatic experience or about to move on and leave their body soon, Kelly will talk to the animal and the animal will communicate back from their perspective to let the owner know what is going on, give them a pain level, so they can understand the animals perspective. Kelly can communicate to your animals in person, or anywhere in the world via calls. If you’d like to learn more about what Kelly does you can follow her Facebook page @kellyanimalcommunicator or her instagram @kellysanimalcommuncation and you can visit her website kellysanimalcommunication.com.au Watch this episode on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqg-p6QsF2A Book a FREE clarity call with me: https://calendly.com/antmarinocoaching/clarity Connect with me on instagram: @antmarino1 or email themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com with you have any questions and/or feedback.  Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!


1 Feb 2021

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Ep 14 | Haydn Dinsdale - MMA, UFC, What drives people to get into the cage and fight

My main focus for this podcast was to learn about what drives people to get into a cage and hurt people for fitness, fun and in some cases money.  I’ve always found it weird that people want to get into a ring to hurt people and with the possibility of being hurt themselves. I have spoken to a few people about the Fighting and the UFC before and it’s always sounded like a lot of Ego, toxic Masculinity and Self hatred that drives people to get into a ring, or cage.   I wanted to talk to someone who was a conscious individual and Emotionally  intelligent. So I Decided Haydn would be a great guy to talk to.   We chat about where Haydn’s passion for MMA came from and how he grew up on Jackie Chan Movies and his dad watching fights on the TV.   He then dives into what motivates people to get into the cage and that being the challenges mentally and physically of doing it, moving their body, the adrenaline rush and over coming adversity.   I also wondered why people like to watch the UFC to just watch people getting their faces smashed in and although Haydn doesn’t get into the ring himself, he loves to watch it as he can appreciate the technicalities of it and great technique of the athletes.  He explains that once you know the subtle mechanics of it and the strategies of what’s involved in having great technique and then the potential for comebacks and over coming adversity, that’s where the entertainment as a viewer comes from.   The conversations then leads into Aggression and how it can be constructive and destructive and utilised correctly it can be very beneficial for overcoming hard things in life.   We finish off by chatting about the shadow self and how we all have an aggressive side to us and the ability to be violent, we just haven’t met those parts of us.    Book a FREE Initial Clarity Call with me: https://calendly.com/antmarinocoaching/clarity Connect with me on instagram @antmarino1 or email themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com with you have any questions and/or feedback.  Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!

1hr 34mins

1 Feb 2021

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Ep 13 | Brett Williams - Women's Relationship Coaching, Relationship issues and Finding Fulfilment

Brett is a Women’s Relationship Coach, he helps them heal past Relationship Traumas, Creating a better Relationship with self and helping them step into their true selves. We start the Episode off by talking about how to fill our own cups up, being our Emotional cups and what that looks like through Rest and Recovery, Business and getting in touch with our inner Child with Play and Fun. We then dive into why he started helping Women as opposed to men and how that came about, which the reasons why really resonated with me. I ask Brett what the biggest thing he finds when working with women that they struggle with, he said it’s usually trying to understand men and how to better communicate with them, to get them to help out, or support them in some way. Brett then talks about how our own idea of our identity can sometimes get in the way of pursuing a certain path and we miss out on a lot of things including fulfilment and learning. Book a FREE Initial Clarity Call with me: https://calendly.com/antmarinocoaching/clarity Bretts Instagram: @iambrettwilliams Connect with me on instagram @antmarino1 or email themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com with you have any questions and/or feedback. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!


14 Jul 2020

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Ep 12 | Kylie McBeth - Psyche trolls, Trauma, Shame. Where it all comes from & how it keep us small

Hey MindFitters, on this episode I have Kylie McBeth on the show. Ky is from Las Vegas, but is currently living in Vancouver Canada, which is where we met. I love to ask what area my guests work in most, but more importantly what gets their juices flowing! Most of Ky’s work has been around the intersection of Human Relationships and liberating consciousness. So being aware of our limiting beliefs, wounds, triggers and traumas that get in the way of deeper intimacy with self and with other. She supports people on their journeys back home to themselves, their bodies, emotions, desires, their souls and their purpose on why they’re here on this planet. All of this leading to a collective liberation through self ownership and self belonging. She starts off the poddy by diving into where I Psyche Trolls come from and how they keep us small and hiding from our truth. We then chat about how trauma is stored in the body not only from when we are growing up, but how it can actually be stored in our body before birth. She then explains how that type of trauma is past down through lineage and how there is also trauma from being in utero. She describes these as Ancestral trauma and shock trauma. We have a deep conversation based around shame and how we are taught it is not ok to feel and cry in some circumstances. She explains how we lock away certain parts of ourselves to fit in, as we might of been shamed and rejected for who we truly were when we showed ourselves and we do so to not be shamed again. She explains how shame, trauma and our egos are all working together to keep us seperate, disconnected, disembodied, to keep us out of power, to keep us from remembering of who we are and what we are truly capable of and its all simply to protect us, as we are survival mechanisms. Lastly she explains how there is healthy shame and anger and toxic shame and anger and she dives into the difference of the two. What a fucking episode! My Mind is blown! Check out Ky on instagram @beingisbeautiful Check out Ky’s digital home www.kyliemcbeth.com Check out her and her twin sisters health company if you’re looking to step up your health in a holistic way www.zurahealth.co Check out the Zura Health Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/zura-health-podcast/id1389550228 Stay tuned for Ky’s book! Connect with me on instagram @antmarino1 or email themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com with you have any questions and/or feedback. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!

1hr 13mins

11 Feb 2020

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Ep 11 | Ant's January Reflections and February Intentions, Highs, Lows, Set Backs and Learning from them

Solo sesh Reflecting on the Month of Jan and learning from some set backs and high and low moments. Setting Intentions moving forward for the Month of Feb and hopefully creating Habits for lasting change. If you wanna reach out and chat DM me on insta @antmarino1 or @themindfitmovementpodcast or email themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com


4 Feb 2020

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Ep 10 | Nate Edwardson - Making a living off of YouTube, CrossFit, Creativity and Dream it, Do it

Hey Folks, on this episode I interview Nate Edwardson. Nate is a YouTube Video Creator, well known for his Series "Day in the life" of CrossFit Athletes. Nate explains how he found CrossFit and got into Vlogging on YouTube. On a whim he reached out to some bigger CrossFit YouTube video creators and then  started creating media videos for The Buttery Bros and Rory Mckernan, which lead to meeting CrossFit Athletes and then started creating videos where he spends a day with these Athletes and follows them around to see a "Day in their life". He talks about his personal brand Dream it, Do it and where that originated from and also talks about his Creative journey and how he has overcome blocks and fears. We chat about getting started on creating things and how us humans are scared to start, but we should just start.  I hope you enjoy the Episode. If you would like to check out Nate's YouTube Channel click here https://www.youtube.com/user/Bobzy5 You can check out Nate's Instagram @nateedwardson Check out his merch here https://thedreamerbrand.com/ Check out my Instagram @antmarino1 You can also check out the show's Podcast on Instagram @themindfitmovementpodcast You can contact me on there, or via the show's email themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com Thanks for listening!

1hr 10mins

29 Jan 2020

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Ep 9 | Bobbie-Anne Poulton - CrossFit, Self Worth, Overcoming Adversity and Challenges

Hey MindFitters, today on the show I have Bobbie-Anne Poulton. Bobbie is a Female Human Optimisation Coach that incorporates 3 major pillars of health, being Nourishment, Movement and Mindset in her programs to help Humans optimise their lives. Bobbie is from the UK, but currently lives in Sydney, Australia and coaches CrossFit at CrossFit Play and also works online helping her clients Optimise their results. On the show we talk about her Journey and how she ended up in Sydney. She talks about how she was brought up in a small town with a lovely family, but they were quite small minded. She then went travelling and was introduced to all different people of all different cultures and realised how much more there is to live. At this point she realised she had to move out of the UK and decided to move to Hong Kong. She talks about how she was introduced to CrossFit after injuring her MCL in her first Rugby game. We chat about how good CrossFit is, not just as a Training Methodology, but also for forming bonds with a like minded community and to help with your mindset. She worked with Ed Haynes at Coastal Fitness and become quite good very quickly and then decided to become competitive. She started to put the work in and made it to the Pacific Regionals in 2017 as an individual competitor. She then dives into how she has an auto immune disease, which basically means her immune system is on overdrive and that effects the connective tissue around the pelvis area, which unfortunately gave way when she was training one day and she went and got it checked out and found she had fractured her spine. This then put an end to her competitive CrossFit career. She explains how this was the worse thing to happen, but also the best thing. This injury made her realise that all her self worth was based around her abs and athletic performance. It was at this point that life changed for her and she decided some things needed to shift in her life and she went on a spiritual/self discovery journey, which has lead her to where she is today and helping others to overcome adversity and challenges in their lives. I highly recommend checking out Bobbies Instagram: @built_with_bobbie through there you can access her podcast 'The Feelings Meeting Podcast' You can visit her website: www.builtwithbobbie.com and book a free call to work with her. Check out Ants Instagram: @antmarino1 Thanks for listening and enjoy!

1hr 21mins

21 Jan 2020

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Ep 8 | Adriana Andelkovic - Intuitive Coaching, Intuition, Universal Powers and Living in Alignment

Howdy MindFitters! Welcome to episode 8 of The MindFit Movement Podcast. In this episode I have Adriana Andelkovic on the show, Adriana is an Intuitive Coach, Intuitive Reader, a Speaker and a Facilitator. In the episode she talks about being an Intuitive Coach and explains what that means and she heals people through diving into their energy fields to see whats blocking them from getting what they want, whether its in money, business, love etc. She talks about Intuition and how everybody has an Intuition, but we have just become disconnected from it. She describes what Intuition is, how it sounds and what sounds over power it. She dives into how you can benefit from tapping into your Intuition and how to do so. She goes into her story about how she discovered her Intuition and learnt how to make sense of it. She talks about the Universal Powers and how believing in a higher power can serve us. She talks about Alignment and living our lives in Alignment and how when we are in Alignment things can be easy and in flow and how its ok to Hustle when you're in Alignment. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening! Check out Adriana on instagram @adrianaloves_ Check out The MindFit Movement Podcasts instagram @themindfitmovementpodcast Check out Ant's instagram @antmarino1 Contact me at either one of those instagrams or email themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com 

1hr 30mins

15 Jan 2020

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Ep 7 | Ant's 2019 Reflection and 2020 Intention

I decided to do a solo sesh and honestly just talk a bunch of turkey haha. I chatted about how I felt about 2019 and moving forward my intention for 2020. The book I mentioned is called 'The War Of Art' by Steven Pressfield. Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna have a chin wag about anything. Instagram: @antmarino1 Email: themindfitmovementpodcast@gmail.com Happy 2020!


5 Jan 2020

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