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BAAM Podcast is hosted by Barry MacKenzie & Andy Macpherson. On each episode, Barry and Andy sit down to chat with the best Architectural & Interiors Photographers in the world!

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BAAM Podcast | Episode Six with Barry & Andy

In this special mid-season episode of BAAM Podcast, Barry and Andy are joined briefly by special guest Ema Peter! We answer your questions and offer our uncensored opinions on various topics including shooting, pricing, marketing and much more!

2hr 15mins

10 Apr 2020

Rank #1

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BAAM Podcast | Episode Five with Derek Swalwell

In this interview we deep dive with Derek about his approach to post-production and his preferred editing program - Capture One. We talk camera equipment, we cover his unique background and how he's built his nearly 20 year career in photography.  We discuss his personal projects, his advertising work, the nuances of Australian architecture and much more!http://www.derekswalwell.comhttp://www.andy-macpherson.comhttp://www.barrymackphoto.com

2hr 30mins

27 Mar 2020

Rank #2

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BAAM Podcast | Episode Four with Doublespace Photo

In this interview we talk to Amanda & Younes about their unique backgrounds and how they first discovered photography.  We discuss several of their commissions to discover how they approach shooting projects from two distinct angles when they're collaborating behind the camera.  This episode is packed full of nuggets and insight from two of the best Architecture & Design shooters on the planet!http://www.doublespacephoto.comhttp://www.andy-macpherson.comhttp://www.barrymackphoto.com

2hr 29mins

7 Feb 2020

Rank #3

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BAAM Podcast | Episode Three with Jack Lovel

In this episode, we talk about how Jack got started as and Architecture and Interiors Photographer. In a world filled with online learning and tutorials, Jack took the old school way and assisted for several well established photographers, all the while, learning and refining his craft along the way. He describes his early days working as a photographer in Melbourne and what it took to build a successful practice. Jack also talks about his passion project: "The Architecture of Iwan Iwanoff — Through the Lens of Jack Lovel".http://www.jacklovel.comhttp://www.instagram.com/iwan.iwanoffhttp://www.andy-macpherson.comhttp://www.barrymackphoto.com

1hr 26mins

5 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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BAAM Podcast | Episode Two with Mike Kelley

Barry & Andy chat with Mike Kelley about a chance meeting in a hospital emergency room that forever changed the trajectory of his life, and sent him on a path to becoming one of world's most prolific Architecture and Interiors photographers! This candid conversation with one of the nicest, and most talented people currently shooting Architecture and Interiors is a must listen!http://www.mpkelley.comhttp://www.andy-macpherson.comhttp://www.barrymackphoto.comhttp://www.apalmanac.com

1hr 41mins

23 Nov 2019

Rank #5