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Why Do You Know That?

The podcast that asks why YOU know SO MUCH about a VERY specific topic. Comedians Nadia Osman and Steve Szlaga invite guests to talk about a singular, limited point of interest they know more about than anyone (but that Nadia and Steve usually know next to nothing about). Topics range from pop culture, history, science, politics, and art, to anything and everything niche, kitsch, camp, weird, wild, wondrous, and beyond. Come join the party!

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Modern Dating Etiquette with Amy Vorpahl

This week, Steve and Nadia talk with Amy Vorpahl (@vorpahlsword) about the specific topic of dating etiquette in the digital world, going into the rules and often debunking what dating coaches are saying. What's up with ghosting? Who pays for a first date? How do you navigate all these dating apps? How do you write an amazing dating profile? Once again, what's with Steve and boats? Let's do this again some time!

1hr 21mins

29 Jan 2020

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