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Welcome to JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast, recorded in the garden shed at the bottom of JoJo Gnome’s garden in Scotland. Jo Hall will be sharing stories about JoJo Gnome and his friends with you. You’ll also be able to join in and invent your own stories. Ideal for ages 3-6 years.Fun follow up activities can be found at www.jojognome.com

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#6 - Crafty Fun

It's all about making home-made gifts in JoJo Gnome's Story Podcast #6. Lots of fun with words and stories for ages 3-6.  Hosted by Scottish writer and storyteller Jo Hall. In the story 'JoJo Gnome Gets Crafty' Grandpa Gnome and JoJo make some interesting presents for their pals.  Check out the JoJo Gnome Podcast 6 programme page for more JoJo Gnome fun at www.jojognome.com. Have a go at making your own 'reading rocks' and get ahead and make a JoJo Gnome advent calendar ready for December. Find out about the new JoJo Gnome Story book - JoJo Gnome & the Presents available at Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JoJoGnome


11 Nov 2018

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