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Challenges can feel like a definitive ending, but they can actually be a new beginning. Part narrative non-fiction and part memoir, Season 1 of Initiate explores the resilience of women through authentic, intergenerational conversations on a monthly basis. Join storyteller and purpose-seeker Sarah Kyo as she meets women of a certain age, a.k.a. "experienced women," who've taken a self-reflective, proactive approach to their life transitions. Words of wisdom will not only inspire listeners, but also empower our host, as she navigates her early 30s. Sometimes, the best way to find your path is to learn from someone who has already blazed a trail.

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When she was 29, producer and host Sarah Kyo thought she knew where her life was headed. Listen to this sneak peek to find out what happened next and what's in store for Season 1 of Initiate. Visit www.initiatepodcast.com to learn more about this brand-new, narrative non-fiction podcast. A complete transcript can be found here. Sign up for our newsletter, The IN Crowd, to receive updates and previews of future episodes. Find us on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Update The first episode will now be released Sept. 17, 2018. Special Thanks Logo and branding by Stephanie Tam Sam Greenspan and the students of the Writing Pad's Podcast U: A San Francisco Podcasting Bootcamp, Summer 2017, especially Arami Reyes, Caitlin Biljan, and Logan Ury Narrative Pod feedback group, especially Stepfanie Aguilar and Lindsey Whittaker Additional trailer reviewers: Josh Baker, Kellie Onaga, Ronald Cheng, and Spencer Whitfield Music Credits “Tiny Putty” by Blue Dot Sessions “Feathered” by Blue Dot Sessions “PolyCoat” by Blue Dot Sessions


28 Aug 2018

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