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This knitting podcast discusses my finished, current and planned projects as well as useful tips and tricks I picked up while doing my projects. Occasionally, I also discuss other textile arts and have a good muse on a topic on my mind.

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Episode 7: Joy and the Journey

Hi there! In this episode, we talk the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat--or a finished object and total frog.  We also chat about some WIPs I'm excited about, a languish anguish, a rant and a rave and some deep thoughts about how its important for me to remember that knitting is my joy and I get joy from the journey (unless I forget that focus).  It's also a lovely day as I podcast and I'm a little giddy from all of the fresh air. Please join me! Show notes can be found at saltyjoknits.com


5 Feb 2017

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Episode 3: Peacefulness Comes In Just Doing Your Do

In this episode, we chat a bunch about finished hats and shawls in progress and I introduce my Retail Therapy segment to discuss some yarny goodness acquisitions. Finally I share my peaceful acceptance of some holiday thoughts. Please have a listen and enjoy! Show notes are available at saltyjoknits.com


6 Dec 2016

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Episode 40: Hello? Is this thing on?

Hi there. In this episode, we talk about a gorgeous beaded, knit pie shawl; fun young cardi and a new sweater on the needles for me. Lots of green going on in my knitting--it must be in honor of the month :)  We also talk about a few planned projects and other deep thoughts! Come join me! Shownotes can be found at www.saltyjoknits.com


25 Mar 2019

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Episode 52: Wear it well

Hi there, In this episode we talk about a couple of finished objects, all the vanilla sock stuff, a new segment called wear it well where I tell you how something is working out after many wears and washes, updates on my social experimenting and our usual deep thoughts. Shownotes at saltyjoknits.com


15 Nov 2019

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Episode 34: Drapey Sack-Like Look, Uh, No

This week we talk about two tank tops: one knit and one crochet, and another hair kerchief. We also take a moment to see what i planned to learn and do with my knitting for 2018 and see how I'm doing against that plan. Finally, I wax a little nostalgic for slow, country-mouse summers and gardening. Shownotes are at https://saltyjoknits.com/


16 May 2018

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Episode 15: Meterage Doesn't Have To Be Scary

Hi there! In this episode, I chat about a couple of lovely finished objects, how ravelry can help you calculate your meterage for StashDash, my latest cast ons and lots more. Enjoy the show Shownotes can be found at saltyjoknits.com


12 Jun 2017

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Episode 18: Organizing is Nice (But Organizing Stash Is Downright Sexy)

Welcome to the latest episode where we chat about 8 inches of frogging (sad), lace, and discussion about organizing my stash on ravelry and on my shelves :)  And I give you a little follow up about feeling slightly less restless. Shownotes are at www.saltyjoknits.com Read more at http://saltyjoknits.libsyn.com/#kGfps3IFo35tbrUA.99

1hr 1min

1 Aug 2017

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Episode 16: The Feeling of Fiber Through Your Fingers

Hi all, Welcome to my 16th episode. I have a finished object, and progress on a few projects after having had to frog (June was a very froggy month!).  I've also got a few acquisitions and an itch to start knitting some things for the holidays (Christmas in July Itch?). Come have a listen! Shownotes are available at saltyjoknits.com


3 Jul 2017

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Episode 17: I Bought More Yarn Than I Should Have

Welcome to the latest episode where we chat about lots of progress, how much fun icording is and I give a quick review of some Oregon and Nevada yarn shops and purchases. I'm a little post-vacation punchy ;) You've been warned. Shownotes are at www.saltyjoknits.com


18 Jul 2017

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Episode 11: So Sticky Sweet and a Doggy Saga

Hi there! In this episode, I finished one sock (and finally worry about catching second sock syndrome), am about 20 minutes from finishing my Sockhead Slouch Hat. The Chuck is working out beautifully and we have a chat about being real and needing to let Springfest colors slide through your fingers as you create. I also chatter a bit about good friends, trips and a doggy saga. Find the show notes at Saltyjoknits.com

1hr 2mins

3 Apr 2017

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Episode 36: Swoosh, like a typewriter

Here's the latest episode where I talk about a finished object (my dislike of mosaic knitting!), a new cast on I might be a wee-bit obsessed about, a challenging holiday on deck list, some recent acquisitions, and a dodgy deep thought. Shownotes at www.saltyjoknits.com

1hr 3mins

9 Jul 2018

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Episode 22: Casting on frantically while on a ramble

Hi, Join me in this new episode where we talk about wee cute little knitted pumpkins, improving gauge, some cute new acquisitions and thoughts on the voluntary commercialization of our hobby.

1hr 3mins

2 Oct 2017

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Episode 20: Knitting to the Finish Line

Hi there, In this episode I talk about my cast on and finish fest all in the name of Stashdash! The merits for me about participating in that type of thing and other contest/groups that have me churning out projects faster than ever, a potential failed project and some fun things I'm starting/trying. Please come join me! Shownotes are at saltyjoknits.com


30 Aug 2017

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Episode 21: Knitting--The Best Gift I've Ever Given Myself

Hi all, This episode we talk about how I've been knitting and finishing ALL THE THINGS! No, seriously, I only have one WIP right now and 5 FOs! How did that even happen?!  I had a disaster of mediocre proportion and one of minor proportion. We revisit where I'm at on accomplishing my 2017 knitting plans and talk about how I think I've figured out the problem with my gauge. Maybe. And then my gratitude for this great craft. Shownotes are at saltyjoknits.com


17 Sep 2017

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Episode 46: Move forward. Do Better.

Hi all, In this episode, we continue to do all the sock things - with an especial sock making treat for me! So fun! I talk about a sewing project (yeah, I'm awesome at an invisible zip!). And round out with some deep thoughts. Shownotes at saltyjoknits.com


16 Jun 2019

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Episode 24: Oh the Cowly Plans!

Hi all, In this episode, we chat about two at a time socks, my cowl options and yarn, some shawl thoughts, a little retail therapy combined with my love of wonderland yarns (not sponsored--my actual opinion) and prepping for the holidays. Shownotes are at www.saltyjoknits.com


30 Oct 2017

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Episode 29: How Big of a Knitting Idiot Am I?

Hi all, Welcome to my latest episode where we talk about a series of unfortunate events! All related to my lack of fastidiousness in following instructions/noting where I am. Sigh. We've all been there. Then we talk about an exciting new cast on and some new techniques, a book review and some new yarn. Give the episode a listen! Shownotes at www.saltyjoknits.com

1hr 1min

6 Feb 2018

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Episode 23: What's my style again?

Hi everyone. In this episode we chat about some fun finished things, some continued WIPs (and a new one that's making me wonder if I need a sanity test) and some considerations about what sweater pattern I should choose for myself. Also, I should wear more lipstick :)  Join me! Shownotes available at saltyjoknits.com


16 Oct 2017

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Episode 19: A Traveling I Will Go

Welcome to the latest episode where we chat about finished objects, my remaining stashdash deficit, a bit of a yarn shop travelogue and I'm a bit at odds and ends for what precisely to cast on next:)  Please note that there is static for just a minute or two near the end of the first quarter of the episode, but I get it fixed almost immediately and it's clear the remainder of the episode :) Enjoy! Shownotes are at www.saltyjoknits.com


15 Aug 2017

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Episode 41: Event Blocked Gauge Swatches Lie

Hi all, Gosh, it feels so good to get back into the swing of things with the podcast. Thanks for all of your kind feedback about my return :) I missed you too! This week, I have 2 new FOs, 2 older FOs, 2 WIPS, 2... ok, wait, not 2 more of anything :) a spirited discussion about gauge swatches and blocking and a deep thought on my evolution of what really is self-care. Hope you enjoy! Shownotes at www.saltyjoknits.com

1hr 2mins

8 Apr 2019

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