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'Jock and Journo' pairs Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury with leading AFL journalist Jay Clark of the Herald Sun. Listen weekly as the pair openly discuss issues in AFL football, sport and broader life.

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S02EP9: Junk Footy In 2018, New Rules & Goldy The Goalie? - Jock And Journo

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss getting stepped on by Nic Nat (2:20), new rules and their teething problems (4:10), trialling rules during the season (6:40), 'junk footy' in 2018 (10:10), Pendles' best playing experience (11:30), potential rules for runners (14:00), Nick Maxwell, the GWS runner (16:05), Goldy the goalie (19:45), if we traded like the NBA (21:30), a Boomer Harvey comeback? (29:45), how West Coast won (31:45), more training games and more.


18 Jul 2018

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S2EP14: Grand Final Preview, Special Support Messages & Triple Black At The Brownlow

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss a strange few days (0:30), triple black at the Brownlow (2:05), special messages for Pendles (7:30), memories playing for Sale (10:45), clunk, clunk Pendlebury (11:35), the Pendlebury parents (16:30), analysing the Eagles (21:35), battle of the midfields (25:00), pre-Grand Final nerves (26:00), the difficult side of Grand Final week (27:55) pre-match speech plans (29:30), Jay's Grand Final prediction (32:00) and more.


25 Sep 2018

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FINALE: Prelim reflection, counting sheep and beers with the boys

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss all things football.


25 Sep 2019

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Best finals memories, the photo shoot and Darcy Moore

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss all things football.


28 Aug 2019

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Pendles take on booing, Bucks' stand & the weight of captaincy

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) AZAC Day re-cap, (02:00) Boo Scott, (03:00) Why did you think they were booing?, (05:30) Bucks' stand, (06:00) Collingwood culture, (08:45) Expressing yourself, (09:15) Gimme 5mins, (10:00) Travis Boak's comments and does the captaincy weigh on SP, (12:54) SP on the Captaincy,(14:00) Who is Collingwood's best player, (15:00) Old dogs getting it done, (16:00) Collingwood leading the way with marks i50, (17:00) Can Daniel Wells do what Abblett is doing?, (21:00) Cox and Pendlebury connection, (22:25) What is holding the ball?, (25:00) The commentators should know the rules better than anyone, (25:40) Lay off the Umps, (28:00) MCG Vs Marvel, (28:45) Fan questions, (31:45) Has a game ever given you nightmares, (32:22) Game Of Thrones warp up, (40:40) Top 3 herbs


1 May 2019

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SPECIAL: Scott's triple ton, finals dinner and the walk over the bridge

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss all things football.


4 Sep 2019

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Steele Sidebottom chats about his house fire, a bittersweet September & his kicking secrets

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) Steele Sidebottom intro, (01:45) Steele’s goal vs St Kilda, (03:00) His love of footy, (03:45) Growing up, (04:30) Sidebottom nicknames, (04:40) Jay spits his coffee all over ‘Rusty’, (05:30) Steele and his brothers, (06:00) Growing up with sport, (07:30) Man cave at Trent's, (08:35) Will you go home after footy?, (09:10) Fancy shoes, (09:40) Steele’s house burning down, (13:40) Easy going, (14:20) Steele the joker, (16:40) Pranking Ben Reid, (18:00) Left foot or right foot?, (20:00) Ball drop tips, (21:30) Have skills in the league dropped?, (22:30) The mental side of kicking, (24:00) Winning a flag at 19, (25:30) Early success, (27:00) “I wish I could go back and soak it all in”, (28:00) “The Grand Final clearly wasn’t one of my better games”, (31:00) Rat Pack, (31:30) Joining the Leadership Group, (32:00) “I had to change my ways”, (35:00) Tradie life, (37:30) Playing golf, (38:00) Twitter questions, (38:30) Stevo’s torp, (39:00) Steele’s boot talent, (41:30) Pendles tells a joke…, (42:00) GoT chat, (44:00) One club, (46:30) Brow chop and more.


22 May 2019

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Spotting Scott on a tram, AFL's top-5 onballers & the chat with Stevo

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss all things football.


3 Jul 2019

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James Podsiadly on Bomber v Chris Scott, the big rule changes and whether Cripps is better than Judd

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) James Podsiadly intro, (01:46) What is AFL Maxx?, (03:13) Mount Mary wines connection, (05:40) Pod’s early days, (06:30) What kept you going?, (07:50) Most goals in a game?, (08:30) Being drafted at 28 years of age, (10:20) The offer, (11:00) Taking a pay cut to follow a dream, (11:40) Moon’s picked it early, (12:00) Doubting your ability, (13:00) How was your first AFL experience?, (14:20) How did you handle negative feedback?, (15:20) 2010 Prelim final vs Collingwood, (17:30) 2011 a change in game style, (18:30) Chris Scott, (19:00) Bomber Thompson, (20:00) The time Bomber coached Pendles, (21:00) 2011 Grand Final vs Collingwood, (23:00) Geelong planted a seed of doubt with 100 point win, (26:00) Being delisted from Geelong, (27:00) It was tough for Chris Scott “you could hear it in his voice”, (28:00) Jarryd Roughead, (30:00) J Pod on playing at the lower level, (31:30) The Game Analysis Team, (33:00) Trying to approve time and space in the game, (33:30) How is it going eight rounds in?, (34:15) Pendles take on the game, (37:00) Were the changes rushed?, (37:30) Rule changes breakdown, (39:00) Tom Phillips 100m penalty, (40:30) Do we need rules that affect scoring?, (42:00) Will the team bring in more rules at the end of the year?, (43:30) Mid season draft, (45:00) Advice for mature age players still aspiring to be drafted?, (48.00) Pods wrap up, (49:00) Kawhi Leonard’s game winning shot, (52:20) Game Of Thrones recap, (56:30) Fan questions, (57:00) “He is Carlton’s be player that I’ve ever played against” - SP and more.

1hr 3mins

15 May 2019

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Special guest: An honest chat with Jordan De Goey

The often seen yet rarely heard Jordan De Goey joins Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark to discuss ‘De Goey’ (2:00), larrikins in the locker room (5:20), fame and the media (7:30), battles in the weights room (11:30), finding anonymity at the Salvos (12:45), brilliance in the Grand Final (18:50), the search for consistency (24:25), spontaneous skydiving (26:00), Pendles’ pre-match speeches (31:00), million dollar offers (34:00), extra training with the skipper (37:10) and more.


27 Mar 2019

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Reviewing your coach, exploiting loopholes & the death of AFLX

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) JZ is back, (01:45) AFLX is dead, (02:30) Jay lets us know what he thinks of AFLX, (03:30) Why is SP off coffee?, (05:50) Coxy’s injury, (08:40) Does Goldy get a go?, (09:30) Wellsy’s recovery, (11:20) SP’s candy, (12:30) Adam Treloar’s form, (18:00) West Coast’s defence, (24:00) Does Teague coach Carlton, (27:00) Rat’s and Bolt’s, (30:00) Backing in a coach, (33:30) Is Collingwood’s training ground too hard, (35:00) What happens if the club goes against its key stakeholders?, (37:00) SP found a loophole in the rules, (38:00) Tickets to Boomers vs USA, (40:30) JZ loses the plot and more


7 Aug 2019

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Chalk bones, the finger wiggle fitness test & 'Banger'

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) SP’s finger update, (04:00) Rob Waters interview, (05:30) The finger fitness test, (06:40) Will Scott play on the weekend?, (08:30) West Coast review, (12:20) Playing on the wing, (13:30) What was the massage at 3qtr time,(17:30) Coaching vacancies, (18:00) Robert Harvey, (22:00) The importance of having the media “buzz”, (24:30) Pot vs pint, (25:00) Gold Coast should “Moneyball”, (30:00) Fitness issues and team standards, (33:30) Ben Simmons/NBA trade update, (37:00) SP is the cleanest player in the game and plenty more.


17 Jul 2019

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Jack Frost on his struggles, Grand Final reflections & Kobe Bryant

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss Pendles’ secret off-season surgery (2:20), Dayne Beams’ return to the club (7:15), reflecting on the Grand Final (12:10), a run-in with Kobe Bryant (16:10), the importance of experience (21:00), the impact of social media (25:00), Jack Frost on his concussion battles (30:00) and more


20 Mar 2019

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Free Cox, Collingwood's culture & salary sacrifice

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (00:50) Jordan De Goey's screamer, (01:40) De Goey chat review, (03:35) How good can De Goey be?, (04:10) Collingwood's culture, (06:00) Player salary sacrifice, (08:04) Grand Final rematch, (09:10) Darcy Moore, (12:00) Collingwood ball movement, (14:00) 6-6-6 warning tactic, (16:40) Jay with umps on Sicily decision, (17:00) Get rid on the close fist punch, (18:21) Pendles on 6-6-6, (20:00) Cox incident, (21:00) Blocking off the ball, (23:00) West Coast review, (24:30) Pendles on watching West Coast Eagles GF doco


3 Apr 2019

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Shiny domes, 'Healing Hans' and finals fisticuffs

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) Do you wear product in you hair game day, (03:00) Reidy’s baby oil, (04:30) GWS’s rough stuff, (08:40) Toby Greene, (12:00) Match-ups, (12:30) Grundy vs Mummy, (13:30) Brodie’s comments on SA, (18:30) Is the AFL community mature enough to accept open player movement?, (21:00) Hodgey love, (24:00) De Goey and ‘healing Hans’ (28:30) Reidy’s fitness, (30:00) Having the break, (32:00) The Cat’s class in Scott’s 300th, (34:40) Playing on Danger, (38:30) Brownlow predictions, (39:30) Scott’s tattoo and more!


18 Sep 2019

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Ben Dixon & Scott Pendlebury discuss free agent dinners, Mick's breaky shout & Stevo's break

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Ben Dixon discuss, (01:20) The Giant ambush, (03:30) Pendles on Stephenson, (05:50) Mental break, (06:10) Mick would send players on a break, (06:30) Brisbane umpire decision, (09:00) Hocking’s feature of the game, (14:00) Hawthorn; “System beats talent”, (14:30) Best team at pulling the trigger, (16:15) Richmonds “zig-zag” handball game, (18:50) Mick’s coaching aspirations, (19:00) SP “I wasn’t surprised when I heard it”, (20:30) Mick shouts Dicko breakfast, (22:00) Wining and dining a free agent, (22:15) Scott’s clip for Kochie, (23:20) When Pendles met Hugh Greenwood, (24:00) When Dicko met Brett Thornton, (26:00) Gold Coast, trading high picks for established players, (27:15) How did Brisbane build, (28:30) Could Brisbane win the flag?, (30:30) Finger update and more.


23 Jul 2019

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Jarryd Roughead talks about meatball subs, grand final celebrations and his VFL stint

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:00) Roughy intro, (02:00) Tips for Reuban, (03:30) The time Cyril caught Scott, (05:00) Roughy the midfielder, (05:30) The term ‘basketball background’, (08:00) When Scott meet Jarryd, (09:00) Junior basketball politics, (10:30) “I was a smart-ass prick of a kid”, (13:00) “I would’ve dropped 50 points and we still lost”, (14:00) JZ vs SP, (14:30) Why Roughy picked footy, (16:00) Growing up quickly, (19:30) Early days at Hawthorn, (20:00) 2008 season, (21:00) Flag reunions, (23:00) Rough’s GF bump on Hannebery, (25:00) Keeping focused, (28:00) Enjoying Grand Final week, (30:00) After party at Roughy’s place, (33:30) SP on what makes Rough so good, (35:00) How playing key forward now compares to 10 years ago, (37:00) Rough’s cancer battle, (43:30) Side effects and recovery, (44:00) “The nerves in my feet were getting eaten away”, (45:00) “If I’m playing AFL or if I’m playing VFL it doesn’t matter, I’m still playing footy”, (45:30) “I’m not going to wave the white flag”, (46:00) Rough’s chat with a Vic Park local, (46:30) “There was a bit of dry dog poo on the half forward flank, (48:00) Farewell game, (51:00) Players turning the table on journos, (51:30) Roughy’s post footy plan, (55:00) Brow chop, (56:30) Staying at Hawthorn, (58:00) Rough tried to poach SP and more.

1hr 1min

19 Jun 2019

Rank #17

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Patrick Cripps & Scott Pendlebury discuss midfield stories, club loyalty & the impact of Kyron at Collingwood

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (00:30) Cripps intro, (01:00) Pendles tag on Cripps, (02:15) 3 votes S. Pendlebury, (03:30) Paddy love, (04:10) Crippa's first year, (04:30) Life style change, (05:15) Pendles first year, (05:50) "I basically rolled out of the club" (06:30) Advice from Juddy, (07:25) Diet overreaction, (07:45) SP - "You need to be psychotic", (09:00) 'Bush Pig's' life on the farm, (10:45) "Every King has a prince", (11:00) Billy Elliott to the rescue, (11:20) "Entrenched" in Carlton, (12:50) Captain Cripps after a big loss, (14:20) Captain Pendlebury after a big loss, (15:55) Watching tape and studying the game, (18:10) Paddy's mentors, (19:15) Judd the comedian, (20:00) New found fame, (20:30) "I just hated it to be honest", (21:00) Living with Sam Fisher, (22:33) Cripps - "I would never break his tackle ever", (23:00) When Pendles first tagged Crippa (full story), (24:00) Cripps on tagging, (25:15) Playing the decoy when tagged, (26:10) Crippa's best tagger, (28:00) Bolts' BBQ, (28:30) Crippa's GOT's review, (29:15) Paddy's downtime, (30:00) Crippa Jnr the ruckman, (31:30) Paddy's thirst for success, (33:00) Pendles on building to success, (34:00) It can turn quick, (35:00) Carlton's spine and youth, (35:30) Cripps - "I don't think Collingwood have a weak line", (37:00) Crippa's bad loss presser, (38:00) Cripps outro, (41:00) The special moment for Kyron, (41:55) The effect it had on new father Pendles, (42:30) The chair ride, (42:55) Bucks' post match chat about Kyron, (44:10) It wasn't about us, (44:30) New Collingwood recruit, Tom Wilson, (47:10) Collingwood's starting 5, (47:30) Steven May and drinking policys, (48:30) A Captain's take on players drinking, (50:00) Twitter questions and more.


8 May 2019

Rank #18

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Scott's MND slide pledge, mid-season trading and Roos' stars in limbo

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (01:45) SP talks awards, (04:00) Coaches All-Aus side, (04:40) Improving AFL awards night, (06:30) Snubbed for goal of the week, (08:30) Queen’s Birthday/MND game, (10:00) How MND has personally affected Scott, (13:00) Murray Swinton, (15:30) “I’ll go down the slide” - Pendles, (19:20) Wells, Scharenberg sliding doors, (22:00) Wells comeback, (23:40) Schaz reading the play, (27:00) Brad Scott, (30:00) Keeping mature aged players, (33:30) Mid season draft, (34:30) Mid season trading, (37:10) Paddy McCartin, (39:30) Left field All-Aus, (44:00) Fan questions and more.


2 Jun 2019

Rank #19

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Special guest: Lion King Luke Hodge, Pendles vs Barrett & Circling up

Jock and Journo's Scott Pendlebury and Jay Clark discuss, (2:00) Purple vs Pendles, (4:00) Purple in Scott's backyard, (5:30) Luke Hodge, (6:00) Decision to join the Lions, (7:00) The article that made Hodgy play on, (8:00) Hodge and the kids, (10:00) Balls out training, (10:30) '08 GF hit, (13:40) Hodgy and Clarko, (14:30) "He would've punched me in the face if he could", (15:00) Clarko on the farm, (16:00) SP vs Hodgy fight night, (17:00) Can Brisbane make finals?, (18:00) Melbourne's midfield accountability, (19:00) Circling up, (20:00) Player egos, (27:00) Young players learning curves, (29:00) Pendles loves the Bont, (30:00) AFLX drinks, (32:00) Scott's special offer.


10 Apr 2019

Rank #20