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April 2021 - Relationships

We are speaking to Jay Yelas, executive director of the CAST for Kids Project. This episode is about relationship building with donors. Organizations that treat their donor like human beings who want to cause a positive change in the world are organizations that have the most success in building long-term relationships with their donors. Jay talks about relationship strategy and donor retention plans, and he gives three really great tips on how to build relationships with donors at the very end.  The CAST for Kids Foundation is celebrating its 30th year, and its mission is to enrich the lives of special needs kids through fishing. They have a diverse group of donors that they connect with through a combination of building personal relationships and hosting large events. Outside of CAST for Kids, Jay is a professional bass fisherman. He started out as a board member for CAST for Kids and transitioned into the role of executive director when the founder retired. It is an interesting mix to be a professional fisherman and the executive director of a nonprofit. It’s also a great fit for the organization, because of his connection to the fishing circuit. In This Episode 5:28 – How Jay uses his connections as a professional fisherman to benefit CAST for Kids 9:08 – Significant changes CAST for Kids had to make in order to continue fundraising during COVID 10:38 – Using One Cause, a fundraising software, to hold virtual galas 13:47 – The CAST for Kids donor retention plan 15:00 – Using Network for Good to send thank you videos to donors 16:27 – Helping donors through the journey of becoming a high-ticket donor 19:14 – Leveraging your board members and their networks for peer-to-peer fundraising 21:19 – Fundraising tactics from 2020 that CAST for Kids is bringing into the future 23:30 – Tips on building relationships with your donors 3 Quick Tips On Building Relationships with Donors Spend time with your donor and become friends with them Use video and photographs to show donors how their money is being used Use Network for Good to send personalized videos to donors Links CAST for Kids One Cause Network for Good Butterflyly


6 May 2021

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March 2021 - Storytelling

Today we are talking about storytelling. The reason I wanted to start the entire series here is because donors are not checks, they are real relationships. And organizations that treat their donors as real human beings have ten times the success with fundraising. When you treat donors as a relationship, they are happy to share their stories, learn more about your success stories, and sharing them with their friends and family.  We are talking to Farid Askerov, owner of Shutter Sauce, and a video strategist focused on creating video assets that supercharge marketing for businesses and nonprofits. He is one of my go-to videographers for storyteller campaigns. In the interview, we discuss how he approaches stories, how he approaches video, how to hire a video storyteller for your organization, and some really great storytelling tips for nonprofits. In This Episode What is a donor story and how do you make one? (6:17) Selecting donors to showcase and advocate for your organization (9:52) Crafting the story arch for your donor story (13:16) What to look for when hiring a video storyteller for your organization (15:41) Where to share videos about your organization (20:43) Storytelling tips for nonprofits (21:00) Putting together a good participant story for a nonprofit (23:22) The Ideal Story Arc for a Donor Story Background on the donor’s life. Explore their struggles. How did the donor get in touch with the nonprofit? What has been the impact they have seen their dollars make? How have they seen the impact their dollars are making on the community? Call to action for new donors. Links Farid’s LinkedIn Shutter Sauce Facebook Page Shutter Sauce Instagram


14 Apr 2021

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