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Love is a battlefield and to find it, sometimes you have to go above and beyond...The Call of Booty.We'll be serving up 100% unfiltered male & female perspective on sex, dating, relationships, and more.And like true booty call fashion, you never know when we're going to drop another episode on you, so always be ready and stay strapped. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support

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Talk Dirty to Me

Sid starts the episode noticeably hangry but that melts away quickly b/c come on, it's sex. You can't be mad at it. A quick breakdown of what we cover in this "Talk Dirty to Me episode":  - Favorite & least favorite things to hear in bed  - Alter egos/say my name/baby noises  - Is a strip show a millennial thing??  - Fettishes - Pube Hair etiquette/standards/expectations for BOTH men & women  - Pubic hair woes, predicaments & pube trends  - What to do if you're about to have sex but you're sporting a bush?  - Sid recommends you rehearse your dirty talk. Come prepared  - Queefing & embarrassing moments  - Sex injuries  - Sex insecurities  - Lights, mirrors, starring in your own porno  - Keepsafe app = a must if you are filming pornos--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


8 Oct 2018

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Find Your Passion... For Your Partner

Passion. We know what it is but we don't know how to explain it. Is it a missing ingredient in your relationship? Find out! In this episode we discuss: - Another example of why Sid should never do the intro - Passion: a history - Friction, as it relates to passion - Can sexuality & passion be separate? - Passion is action-oriented - What makes passion so attractive - Defining passion & what it looks like in a relationship - Sustaining passion in long term relationships - The timelessness of passion - Nostalgia works in your favor - The BEST way to create healthy friction - Passionate relationships don't always equal good relationship - Passion needs parameters - Why you need some mild conflict in your life - Starting fights on purpose - The good side of jealousy - Name that cartoon - The #1 reason why we want passion - The one thing you cannot schedule into your day - If your relationship isn't passionate, do THIS - The thing you should do once a month - 3 must-have things your relationship can't be without - Conversational chemistry--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


28 Oct 2019

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Unacceptable Texts & Modern Dating Rules of Communication

Ever caught yourself thinking, "isn't it weird that we dating but we ain't communicating"? You're definitely not alone. It's the age of communication breakdown & we're talking solutions on this episode. - non-practical self-pardoning - 'tis the season when all is forgiven - fatass is a lifestyle - if someone tells you thisabout their texting, dump em - appropriate communication frequency when first dating - when not texting for 24 hours is rude - avoiding the double-text - why there's no way to avoid a certain amount of game playing - best ways to restart no-replies - the art of timing & subtlety in sexting - sexting yourself into a corner - the classic thing guys do allll the time, don't be that guy - sexual comments that you can get away with - why faking it through sexting is the best option - statement-making emojis - k vs kk - the most passive aggressive emoji - voice-to-text mishaps will get you in trouble - best ways to cover up auto-text mishaps - the one thing you must do when your friend sexts you by accident - diversifying modes of communication - how to stand out on text - 15 minute phone calls will change your life - liven things up wit custom memes - thoughts on the "pop in" - the one thingthat let's you get away with anything - good communication is a base need--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


2 Dec 2019

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We're Done. When Blowouts Lead to Breakups (& How to Fight Fair)

We're all posting photos of the good times but never of the bad. Doesn't mean it ain't happening. In this episode Sid drops some big news & we also get into:  - the deeper meaning to fighting  - why your relationship needs arguments  - most offensive argument problems - both partners need emotional airtime  - arguments cannot always default to one victim  - what "active listening" actually is  - why women don't leave the past in the past  - the argument clapback  - everyone should get a turn to be the designated calm one - when giving them a taste of their own medicine is right  - intention vs reception = 2 COMPLETELY different things  - apologizing is a power move  - the proper way to apologize (NO "sorry, but")  - "sorry" does not buy you the chance to do it again - the fast track to squashing an argument - scheduling in "discussions" - take your pick: maintaining your relationship or maintaining your ego  - conflict resolution incompatibility is a deal breaker  - there's only losers in a you vs me argument - setting intentions pre-discussion (like in yoga)  - arguing is a skill that you have to work on like reps at the gym - residual "I hate you" post-argument feelings - treat yourself after a blowout  - call out your shortcomings --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


3 Jun 2019

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Gotta Eat the Booty Like Groceries

Ass eating is how it's post to be. Or is it? Today we're exploring how the current digital/social age has shaped our sexual standards & expectations. We're sussing out sexual fantasy vs reality & what we actually want. Quick breakdown:  - We're just 2 cynical Valentine's Day haters  - Kanye wins V-day... (eye roll)  - Guy's obsession w/ lesbians explained  - Threesomes: whose requesting, logistics & strategy  - Awkward threesomes in professional porn  - How sex clubs & group sex can fuck up your game  - Sex dungeons are a thing  - Skin to skin contact > props  - 50 Shades of Grey is like slam dunk contests  - Caveman heritage: did they use props?  - Choking & other fun ways to be degraded  - Clit piercings are overrated  - What even defines "good sex" these days?  - Sex time travel  - The big problem wit big dicks  - Why anal sex is trending  - Deep throating is a mainstay  - You better come manscaped  - Don't be that annoying person that doesn't FaceTime sex or send nudes  - Strange sex bucket list items  - Sending nude holograms is our future  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


18 Feb 2019

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The Best Way to Get Married in 2019

Devi got married last weekend & Sid officiated her wedding as all good friends do. We were all barefoot & beachside, did the thing organically with no rehearsal, so naturally, we're now full of the most solid advice. We discuss the highlights, the current state of marriage, long distance & yet another entrepreneurial idea! In this episode: - True friends will officiate your wedding - The financial damage of weddings - Do you really need an $8,000 wedding dress? - The current state of divorce rates - Upcoming big business: divorces! - You're doing your wedding planning wrong if you do this - Our culture of insecurity - Get your finances right - Why officiating is harder than stand-up comedy - Wedding script highlights + Jay & Bey get a nod - How much men actually care about a wedding - Marriage & societal conditioning - The real reason for big, elaborate weddings - Angry wedding planning - To change or not change your last name - What people don't tell you about marriage - That rock on your hand is some liability - Horrifying stats about ring insurance - Non-negotiable wedding splurges--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


7 Oct 2019

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Why 69 Is Overrated & Other Oral Diplomacy

This is Call of Booty & it's your oral duty to listen to this episode. We're talking all about the current oral sex culture and how our twerking, social media-centric generation is going to be having sex when we're old. Episode breakdown:  - Samoas > Thin Mints - Catching others & getting caught having sex or masturbating  - Applauding noisy neighbors getting it on  - Guessing about other couples' sex lives  - Good looking people are actually not freaks in the sheets  - Why 69 is overrated  - What guys are actually thinking when you give them head  - How to get comfortable when giving head  - More gender inequality: girls can't really get road head  - Cultural spit or swallow trends  - The real reason why you should swallow instead of spit  - Pineapple juice & other foods that really affect the taste of cum  - Your balls have AI - The pussy needs some downtime  - The case for not having sex everyday - Best places on the body to cum - Sex injuries from food   - Special occasion sex  - The most underrated sex move - People are probably having less sex than we think - What sex is gonna be like in our 70's & 80's  - Twerking at 80 years old  - What's next on the sex frontier/sex industry  - Is squirting real  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


5 Mar 2019

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What Makes Good Sex?

Are we having less sex? What makes for good sex?? And men, we need your enthusiasm, please. In this episode:  - Survey stats of average sex partners vs what's actually happening - Everyone is fluffing their number  - Sharable google spreadsheets of your rap sheet  - Ideal number of sex partners you want your partner to have  - Do men actually want virgins?  - Sexual past correlates to sexual compatibility  - Can sexual history ruin a relationship? - Women having sex to defy double-standard  - Casual sex doesn't always mean sexual deviancy  - The perfect amount of oral - Blow job only mode vs prequel to sex mode - Guys & vocal feedback  - The strange experience of watching your home pornos  - Sex mood killers  - How men really feel when women initiate position changes - How women can up their sex game as a collective  - The problem wit focusing solely on their dick - Queefing & other boner killers  - Post-sex tactfulness & rejection  - Post-orgasm nasty, disgusting feelings  - Having a sex budget  - Your excitement is exciting  - Sex is different when you're making a baby  Link to study referenced in this episode: https://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/sex-relationships/sex/heres-the-average-number-of-sexual-partners-each-generation-has-had-in-their-lifetime/news-story/f114d63057bf898cc8581328d7f31ac5--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


23 Jul 2019

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Masturbation & NoFap

We get realllll candid & personal in this episode. Sid gives a comprehensive breakdown of "NoFap" & we discuss all things male & female masturbation. Hands down (your pants) one of our best episodes. You're gonna wanna tune in. - What is "NoFap" & do you have what it takes? - "Every guy has jacked off today" true or false - The legit benefits of NoFap - Can women masturbate too much? Female masturbation- Masturbating together/watching porn together - Personal best records for times of day - Mile High Club by yourself - Sid defends Kleenex - Sid is BEGGING me to cut out this last million dollar question but too fucking bad!! Listen till the very end Andddd we wanna hear from you! Where's the weirdest place you've masturbated?? How many times a day is your personal record?? (Yes, double ?? to make it creepier). --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


24 Sep 2018

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Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

The threats to your relationship are everywhere: lurking at work, at Starbucks and on your damn phone. Use probability & statistics to not invite the wrong circumstance & cheat-proof your relationship. We discuss:  - (irrelevant intro) when Costco feels bad for your dick & gives you a refund  - Emotional & Physical Affairs   - Define what is is detrimental to a relationship instead of defining "cheating"  - Getting blindsided by cheating  - The Golden Rule applies to fidelity  - Respecting your partners grounds for cheating vs yours  - Using the concept of probability & statistics to determine what's the right behavior  - How common is cheating?  - Common cheating stories (brought to you by the men on Reddit) - The worst betrayals  - Surprising undercover cheaters like Tiger Woods  - Are we meant to be monogamous?  - Shitting on on happy relationships/ getting coined as the "boring one" if happily in a relationship  - Defending romance  - Emotional terrorist relationship poachers - Friends that try to undermine your relationship  - When is cheating ever okay?  - Policy on taking back cheaters  - Understanding why ppl cheat  - Not shaming your friends if they decide to take back a cheater  - Would you want to know the details if you got cheated on? - Who is more at fault - the partner or the knowing and willing home wrecker - When you find out you're the side piece  - What should the accidental "mistress" do? - Worst ways to discover cheating  - The threat of the workplace & co-workers  - If all else fails, buy yourself an atoll  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


10 Jan 2019

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Preserve Your Relationship & Reputation on Social Media

Your relationship may be over, but its trail of slime is still all over social media for all to see. Learn best practices for not embarrassing yourself on social media & how best to be discreet in a new or serious relationship. Great shit that we cover: - Deleting photos w/ an ex on social media: do it out of courtesy or should no one give a fuck? - Keeping photos for memories sake, or fuck, maybe you just look good - Strategies for deleting photos off SM: subtle little by little or one huge sweep - Sad attempts to become an ice cream brand ambassador - How to handle close friendships with opposite gender once with someone new & it's serious - Testing your partner's insecurities & looking for red flags - Rebelling against jealous partners - Listing yourself as in a relationship on FB is tacky & embarrassing- Feeling obliged to "like" engagement or pregnancy photos or feel like a bad person - JLO is tha realest - Don't be that couple that merges personalities & tastes - Subtle & modern ways to still shout out your partner/express love on SM - Excessive honeymoon photoshoots - Put yourself on blast! - #Fatfat- Modern equivalents of old school romantic gestures - Hoe-proof (or not) your marriage by deleting social media - Relationships & terrorist threats are similar- Innocent flirting while in a relationship with others could be helpful?- 2019 challenge: post your realest and rawest shit ever - Accidental dick pic mishaps & other SM blunders --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


19 Nov 2018

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Why It's Easy to Go Back to Your Ex

We could all be saying "Thank U, Next!" but half of us are getting back wit our ex sooo we're discussing what's the deal with that. We're hashing out:  - Back with your ex for the wrong reasons  - The dread of starting all over again  - When has going back to an ex ever worked?  - Real life examples of exes that have made it work  - Getting a cat won't fix your relationship  - The rules of going on a break or separation  - Getting competitive during a "break"  - The one time getting back together with your ex works  - The fucked up thing that women find romantic  - Keeping your ex around to get revenge - Using your ex as as a placeholder for someone else  - Being friends with your ex is pointless  - Being physically grossed out by an ex once you're done  - How exes ruin or prevent your next relationship  - There's no need to be connected on social after a breakup  - Famous exes that have gotten back together & are thriving   - The key to preventing you from the trap of going back to an ex  - Seeing your ex move on  - Unspoken competition wit your ex of who can find someone new first  - Having compassion for your ex & letting the past go  - Let karma take care of your ex  - Prenups: realistic or rude?  - Flipping their shit on eBay - What to do with the ring from a broken engagement  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


25 Feb 2019

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Are You Their Type or Their Experiment?

In this episode, we're weighing in on racism in dating, self-hating & discriminating. Show notes: - gender reveals is the latest BS to plague social media  - the pitfalls & plus sides of having a type  - does having a type make dating harder?  - the deeper meaning behind racial preferences  - types that are too niche  - when a type becomes a fetish  - being their type vs their experiment - how to tell if you're being fetishized  - cinnamon vs nutmeg  - biggest male insecurities in dating  - the most common male aesthetic deal breaker for women  - surprising female insecurities  - what guys are really thinking when you eat on a date  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


20 May 2019

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Dating to Relationship Deal Breakers (Money, Religion, Sex, Kids... Diet)

We all have our deal breakers. Sometimes we can make exceptions, other times - all bets are off. Heed the red flags flags & jump ship before you drown. In this episode we discuss: Money: - When it's serious - separate bank accounts? - Societal conditioning/thoughts about money - Women out-earning their husbands - Having similar socioeconomic backgrounds Religion - Our thoughts on different religions in a relationship - is there space for a duo-religion household?- The right approach to not converting your partner/children to your religious agenda - People of different religions DO actually learn to get along! - Using Reddit for all your religious questions - Bacon lovers cannot fuck wit religious diet restrictions that ban pork! (Diet)- Diets: a new age deal breaker Kids - Dating someone w/ kids = damaged goods? - The truth is: kids are baggage - When do you reveal to the person you're dating that you have a kid - Women not being turned off by a man w/ kids - Major deal breaker: when someone doesn't like your kid Sex - DJ Khaled not eating pussy is a deal breaker!!!- Reasons why guys do not go down - Thoughts on anal - Bringing up areas of improvement for sex is awkward - How to make sex better with your partner- Swapping notes & making sex a workshop - The prevalency of faking orgasms - Pointing your toes makes you cum - Post-romp must-haves --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


3 Dec 2018

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Are You Wasting Your Time?

When it comes to dating & relationships, all we really wanna know is if this motherfucker is gonna waste our time. Because tryna decide what to watch on Netflix is already doing that. Anyways... Quick snapshots of this episode! - Dating people you're not that attracted to: "Date & See" or cut bait - How to know for sure if you're sexually attracted to someone (more of a problem for women) "Men Are Disgusting Animals" - News flash: People are disgusted that they fucked you - Are we being too too disposable with ppl? - Are ppl getting divorced too soon? - A better way to look at "lowering your standards" - 6 packs become dad bods real quick - Expedited leveling up- Sid's "practical", conservative & perhaps cynical POV on reasonable marriage timelines - How long is too long to wait for commitment? (dating to relationship, relationship to marriage) - Can you actually be friends wit someone after you fucked or had a relationship? Which camp are you in? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


1 Oct 2018

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Are You Marriage Material?

From looking like you can outrun a T-rex to throwing surprising character curveballs, we discuss the many things that make you marriage material and how to get you from meeting in the WF aisle to down the aisle & to the alter.  - You're doing it wrong: look frumpy on the streets & sexy at home - Overcompensation & social overexposure takes you out of the running for marriage - Guys hugging w/ mutual boners (excuse our tangent) - What it really means to be basic - The “IT” factor - “We are a product of memes”: how social media is killing our uniqueness - Show that you're multifaceted & do spontaneous shit - Be a tootsie pop - Getting steamrolled in a relationship - Sticking to your guns on your values - Don’t be a personality sponge - Wifey material qualifiers - Study Reports: on the most subconscious level, what we are looking for in our life partner? - Women are looking for “frame” in men - find out what that means - Yes, physical attraction DOES matter - Post Sex aura - Mischevious streaks - the couple that pranks together stays together - It’s the butt culture - don’t have a flat ass - Your past DOES matter - Your demonstration of loyalty in turn works in YOUR favor - Once again, your bj talents to the rescue - How you handle crisis modes are huge   - Be the best version of yourself ON BRAND - Devour them like they're your last meal on earth Basically, implement these tactics & get that bling on your finger.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


24 Dec 2018

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It's Turkey Drop Time! How to Save Your Relationship During the Holidays

Turkey Drop is the infamous time of year during the holiday season where people end relationships. Are you considering a breakup or trying to safeguard yourself from one? Tune in, because this is the episode for you. Convo pieces we're cooking up: - which times of the year clock in w/ the highest breakup rates - solo during the holidays - legit reasons to fake it through the holidays with someone - why emailing your divorce request is okay - warm up family & friends for your Turkey Drop - pros & cons of breaking up before the holidays - relationships that are the most susceptible to holiday breakups - holidays are the most introspective time of the year! - the most ethical way to breakup - the worst type of guilt - prepare yourself for Turkey Drop aftermath - holiday rebound hookups - let's really assess the point of fruitcake tho - ways to save a dying relationship - there's levels to these red flags - the subtle ramifications of cheating - employing fights as a reset button - when your exit strategy backfires - tolerance for game playing by decade - Amazon saves the day yet again--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


21 Nov 2019

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How to Screen for Psychos, Stop Ignoring Red Flags & Post-Breakup Analysis

Sometimes, you see someone's true colors & it ain't pretty. We were gonna keep talking about biggest arguments offenses but this turned into a post-relationship analysis. We explore: - when you end up with the same type of person over & over  - rectifying parental issues w/ partner  - ignoring & being colorblind to RED flags  - when their personality in the relationships does a 180  - entitled behavior  - are these red flags actually deal breakers  - ignoring your gut instincts  - getting clear cut about your boundaries & deal breakers pre-relationship  - why friend approval matters  - investigating relationship intentions  - do you want this or is it convenient?   - being in denial/justifying behavior  - fixable character traits vs incompatible character flaws  - argument problems vs deal breakers  - behavior on social media & respecting your partner  - not posting about your partner on sm  - way you compromise your relationship  - "single energy" doesn't belong in committed relationship  - pay attention to actions over words  - are you with a narcissist?  - when they keep your shit hostage post-breakup  - why it's important to write down notes in relationships  - in what point of a relationship do you seek therapy?  - involving friends in your relationship drama  - exit interviews could be fun  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


28 Jun 2019

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Long Term Relationship vs Hookup Sex

Covered a lot of ground wit this episode. We discuss: - Whether sex on the 1st night DQ's you from long-term material- Long term relationship vs hookup sex - The problem wit signature moves - Why a 5 is the best sex - Condom Etiquette - Eskimo Bros: big deal or nah- Long term relationship vs hookup sex - Public sex - The view on one night stands --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


17 Sep 2018

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How to Find Love in LA & Other Big Cities

What is dating in LA really like?? We navigate the lovely dating problems & the perks that may or may not be exclusive to LA & ways to make romance work in any big city. Welcome to Season 2! In this episode:  - The date spot better be closer to you or you're cancelling  - They cancelled and you're stoked about it  - Vegan Mingle: because LA vegans should only date LA vegans  - LA leads the nation in gluten sensitivity  - Avoiding "industry" people  - Using dating profiles to market your business or gain IG followers - Transient city mentality  - Too many people coming & going  - LA doesn't have a good metro system but we have a LOT of metro guys  - Athleisure is a lifestyle  - Why the number of good looking people in this city isn't a big deal  - The 2 key places you need to know about to pick up ANYONE - You don't want to date them, you want to network with them  - Free meal opportunists  - The best way to cut the date short  - A great first date don't mean shit  - Are people better in text or in person?  - Passive agressive emojis  - First dates are not the time to be creative  - Thoughts on gym dates  - Strange encounters: girls with knives and guys with eyeliner  - Thoughts on back to back dates  - Once again, dating is a second job  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/deviohira/support


15 Apr 2019

Rank #20