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Mike and Jordan facilitate meaningful and funny conversations with their friends in order to gain perspective and a better understanding of life. No agenda, no script, just an introspective chat.

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31. Changing the Course of Your Life w/ Hannah Carter

This week on BWF, we sat down with Hannah Carter! Hannah has a very inspiring story. She played D1 soccer in college for multiple schools. She had some rough obstacles growing up and she overcame her circumstances to become the best version of herself.  She's an awesome person with a great perspective on the world and is a new mother! Tune in the hear her story.  Follow us on IG! @blank.withfriends @hannahleahcarter

1hr 11mins

24 Oct 2019

Rank #1

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15. Put Your Game Face On w/ Tarisa Goria

Tarisa Gorria talks relationships with BWF on this weeks episode. They talk about finding relationships, what you want from relationships, past experiences, and how Mike reads Jordan his horoscope every morning in bed before he gets up. Follow us on IG: @tarisa_isabel @twotsonapod @blank.withfriends

1hr 7mins

11 Jun 2019

Rank #2

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33. Finding Your Avenue w/ Lee Lovingood

This week on BWF, we sat down with Lee Lovingood! Lee is a coworker of Jordan's. He had a fascinating journey of becoming a teacher, joining the Peace Corps, and deciding to come back home to teach. Tune into his episode! Follow us on IG: @blank.withfriends

1hr 7mins

6 Nov 2019

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11. Finding Peace in the Process w/ Lily Nunez

BWF sits down with Lily Nunez on this weeks episode! Lily is a Certified Clinical Therapist who works with high school students. Lily shares her heart with kids, her past experiences growing up, and her journey towards motherhood. Tune in to hear her story!  Follow us on IG! @blank.withfriends @lilycassey


14 May 2019

Rank #4

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3. If You're Going to Do It, You Better Be Good at It w/ Nik Nunez

BWF sits down with long time friend Nik Nunez! Nik Nunez is Michael's cousin, Jordan's college roommate, and most importantly a great friend of the boyos. Nik shares about his experiences with starting his own business, Improv Piano Tips. Topics include: marketing strategies, discipline, birth order, and Mike's better than Nik at ping pong.  Follow us on IG! @blank.withfriends, @nik_nunez, and find Nik on YouTube at Improv Piano Tips.

1hr 15mins

16 Mar 2019

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22. How I Rationalize It to Myself w/ Tyler Killion

This week BWF sat down with Tyler Killion. Tyler is in a transition in his life as he is beginning his new career in real estate. He shares a bit about his experience in sales, the process of studying for the exam, and how he has overcome some of his weaknesses throughout the process. Follow us on IG: @blank.withfriends; @tylerjkillion 

1hr 21mins

30 Jul 2019

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32. The Movement Menu w/ Monica Stevens Le

This week BWF sat down with Monica Stevens Le. Monica is blogger, wife, mom, and recipe developer. We got to talk to her about her transition out of her 9-5 and into blogging about cooking and creating The Movement Menu. She also shared about her relationship with her daughter, her inspiration for cooking, and her vision for her brand. Check it out and let us know what you think! Follow us on IG: @blank.withfriends; @themovementmenu


29 Oct 2019

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4. #mikesdelicious w/ Katie Morrow

BWF holds on for dear life as their long-time friend Katie Morrow tries to take over the podcast. Katie shares what she has learned as she persists through finishing her apprenticeship. Topics include: finding a career that fits you, Shakira Shakira, Mike hits Jordan, Katie’s there to commentate. Follow us on IG! @blank.withfriends and @dr_evrythngll_b_alrite

1hr 4mins

23 Mar 2019

Rank #8

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6. Impacting Those Around You w/ Brian Garoutte

This week, BWF sits down with Brian Garoutte. Brian's competitive nature drives him to be the best everyday. Brian gets into his passion for leadership and improving everyone around him. Topics include: Self improvement, leading others, business motivation, and raising your standard. Follow us on IG! @blank.withfriends and @r.s_fitness.

1hr 13mins

9 Apr 2019

Rank #9

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5. From Humble Beginnings w/ Jonathan Aymin

Entrepreneur Jonathan Aymin sits down with BWF to talk business, mindset, and never being stagnant in life. He shares his passions for creating experiences and how that has shaped his goals for his company, Common Sense Events. Topics include: Entrepreneurship, mindset, and resilience. Follow us on IG! @blank.withfriends, @jonoaymin, and check out his company @teamcse and cseventservices.com/

1hr 17mins

1 Apr 2019

Rank #10

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17. The American Boyo w/ Matt Sappington

Creator and founder of @Foresterandco, Matt Sappington, sits down with BWF this week to talk his business, American life style, backpacking and much more! Tune in to hear The American Boyo.Follow us on IG! @blank.withfriend @thedewdoer @foresterandco


25 Jun 2019

Rank #11

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12. Obtaining Financial Freedom w/ Sam Nevarez

On this weeks episode, Sam Nevarez shares his journey as he tries to obtain financial freedom. Sam's story is unique in that he was able to cut a large chunk of his debt off in a matter of a year by pin pointing what it was that was making him irresponsible with money. Accepting where he was financially and making adjustments to where he wanted to be took Sam on an interesting road. Hear his story on this weeks episode! P.S. Sam is Mike's oldest brother and the creator of our BWF logo!  Follow us on social media! @blank.withfriends @nvolve

1hr 9mins

21 May 2019

Rank #12

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30. Dirty 30 w/ BWF

To celebrate 30 episodes, BWF took some time to answer questions from the BWF community!  Question topics include: adulting, our upcoming Halloween party, personal obstacles, chasing your dreams, and Taylor Bedley makes a guest appearance.  Lots of quality conversation mixed in with lots of laughs. Whats new?! BWF is extremely grateful for your support thus far and is looking forward what is left to come! Follow us on IG and let us know what you think! @blank.withfriends 

1hr 12mins

16 Oct 2019

Rank #13

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18. Summer of Love w/ Shelby Elissa

This week BWF sat down with Shelby Eilissa. Shelby is in her final year of grad school and on her way to becoming a clinical psychologist. Shelby is very passionate about her work and enjoys getting deep in conversation, which BWF is all about. Check out the episode! Topics include: who would you invite to you wedding, job professionalism, and interpersonal relationships. Follow on social media: @blank.withfriends; @shelbyelir

1hr 15mins

1 Jul 2019

Rank #14

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24. Empathy Camp w/ Barbara Essien

This week BWF sat down with Barbara Essien. Barbara is a certified scrum master in the LA area. She shares her experiences of working with different teams of people in order to effectively produce, communicate, and move a product. We discussed different varieties of personality tests that Barbara has utilized in order to be proficient in life and her career. Tune in!  Follow us on Instagram! @blank.withfriends; @e_4_eka 

1hr 21mins

28 Aug 2019

Rank #15