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Rewriting the Narrative - Women in the Justice System

The Living Free Project works with girls reported missing and women in contact with the justice system. The team are taking to the airwaves to promote important discussion around the need to do things differently for vulnerable girls and women in the justice system. From the importance of connection and therapeutic jurisprudence through to a deeper dive into sector reform and service system re-design the team will speak with a range of professionals and the girls and women who are impacted by these systems.

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Online Forum Audio- Women in the Justice System

This podcast is the audio from session one of three of an online forum designed to start conversation around women in the justice system and the need to do things differently. Facilitated  by the Living Free Project, this session explores the pathways for many women to justice involvement and evidence based responses for  desistance through discussions with two accomplished researchers.


16 Feb 2021

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Personal safety- increasing protection for those most vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Whilst younger girls are identified most often as victims of repeated crimes, the vulnerability and risks remain present for our vulnerable and marginalised girls and women across their lives. Whilst their repeated victimisation goes unreported, one only needs to chat with a woman in the justice system to see that repeated exploitation continues well beyond early adolescence.  With the challenges of evidencing the reports, barriers in accessing support to address the psychological toll of this exploitation (as discussed in the last episode) and the scrutinty the girls and women are exposed to around their own behaviours, the system is far from one of safety and support. In this episode we explore the sexual exploitation of girls and women and speak with two frontline workers who are supporting young girls to increase their personal safety to combat the regular risks they face in the community. 


29 Oct 2020

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Complex trauma- Why is the right mental health support so hard?

Significant research into women involved in the justice system has highlighted a majority present with histories of trauma stemming from early childhood and compounded through multiple traumatic events over time. Complex trauma is something that is not well defined in Australia and subsequently relevant practice policies and frameworks are yet to be established for the multiple services that women with complex trauma are in contact with. Addressing multiple needs of a woman is challenged through a fragmented service system that is designed with services funded to respond to one issue at the one time. This approach leaves many women who have multiple and complex needs falling through the gaps and experiencing ongoing physical, sexual and emotional harm. There has been significant movement in services skilling up their workforce to be trauma-informed and whilst this is a positive step-forward, the challenge is that the model of care required to support individuals with complex trauma appears to be non-existent in the Victorian Mental Health System.


8 Sep 2020

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Prevention in Policing- Young Girls Reported Missing

The Living Free Project works not only with women in the justice system however also young girls aged 10-17 reported missing. Our work with the young girls has raised our awareness of how a missing persons report can be used as a red flag for other factors that often pave the way to a trajectory of offending. Furthermore a targeted and personalised effort to address the reasons as to why that individual is going missing is essential to building those protective factors and reducing the risk factors that are likely to bring them in contact with the justice system


19 Aug 2020

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An interview with special guest Amy, who shares her lived experience with addiction and involvement in the legal system, Episode 5

An interview with special guest Amy, who shares her lived experience with addiction and involvement in the legal system, her journey moving forward, as well as her insights and advice for both service users and professionals to help improve service access and support.


13 Jun 2020

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Women in the Legal System - Featuring special guests Bec and Hannah, lawyers from Victoria Legal Aid Frankston, Episode 4

In this fourth episode of Rewriting the Narrative, the theme will be focused around Women in the legal system (Key differences, statistics and challenges). We would like to welcome Rebecca Glew, Senior Lawyer at Victoria Legal Aid and Hannah Lethlean, Lawyer at the Peninsula Regional and Frankston Victoria Legal Aid Office.


30 May 2020

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What the Research Tells Us - Featuring Criminologist Dr Rachel Hale from Federation University Australia, Episode 3

Join us for our 3rd episode of Rewriting the Narrative - Women in the Justice System, where we interview our resident feminist criminologist, Dr Rachel Hale from Federation University Australia, about her research into women's pathways to desistance from crime.


22 May 2020

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The Importance of Connection - Featuring Women and Mentoring, Episode 2

Many women in the justice system present with complex trauma and although they have made attempts to seek professional support, from our experience it appears that models of care in services such as mental health or alcohol and other drug services do not prioritise the importance of connection in the recovery process. Those that do consider it a priority may sometimes have difficulty developing connection, and we have found it is often dependent on the individual workers skills, time available and preference to prioritise connection as a goal as part of their clients recovery.


15 May 2020

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Working with Women in the Justice System. - Some insights into the Living Free Project; Aims, Achievements and Barriers so far...

Welcome to the podcast "Rewriting the Narrative - Women in the Justice System".  This podcast has been recorded on the lands of the Boonwurrung people, whom we pay our respects to past, present and emerging, and was made and recorded by the Living Free Project - a project funded by Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner Grants Program, in collaboration with Gandel Philanthropy and Ian Potter Foundation.  As well as providing holistic and individualised support for young girls reported missing and women in the justice system, the project aims to highlight the issue of women in the justice system to both build an understanding of their unique pathways often from victims to offenders and call for policy and legislative change to stop the criminalisation of women. With our on the ground ability to provide a greater voice for those most marginalised in the community impacted at the moment, we are taking to the airwaves to bring you meaningful and thought provoking, interviews, educational content and ideas, and hopefully generate some inspiration and thinking.


2 May 2020

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