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Brisbane Property is unique and the Brisbane Property Market is not the same as other Property Markets around Australia. In this Podcast, we talk specifically about what is happening in the Brisbane Property Market, what things are unique to Brisbane when it comes to selecting property and how you can ensure you are making the best decision about buying a property in Brisbane.Learn more about us at www.streamlineproperty.com.au.

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EP 75 - Top 10 growth suburbs in Brisbane

In today's episode, we are looking at the Top 10 growth suburbs in Brisbane over the last 12 months. We are going to look at both short-term and long-term growth so get your pens out ready take down some notes. The annual 12 month growth for greater Brisbane in the housing market is 22.2% but we can tell you that the number 10 spot was almost double that growth that Brisbane experienced as a whole. We also look into the rental yields in these suburbs and the trade-off between capital growth vs rental yield. As always, we understand that there are markets within markets and you cannot rely on a median value at a city wide level to determine growth in individual pockets. Learn more about your hosts Scott and Melinda Jennison at www.streamlineproperty.com.au.


13 Oct 2021

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EP 74 - Top 10 most in demand suburbs for 2021

In today's episode, we reflect back on the Top 10 most "in demand" suburbs from 12 months ago and we help you understand which locations are still on that top ten list today. We also discuss the demographic make-up of each of the current Top 10 locations to see what most of them have in common. In comparing the most in demand locations across Brisbane, we also find out the median value for each of the locations to dive a little deeper into which buyer groups are most active in the market right now and why that might be the case. Learn more about your hosts Scott and Melinda Jennison at www.streamlineproperty.com.au.


6 Oct 2021

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EP 73 - A little about the history of Brisbane

In today's episode, we discuss why distance from the CBD is not the primary indicator of what suburbs you should target to achieve strong capital growth in Brisbane. We go back in time once again, to help listeners understand how and why Brisbane cannot be compared to Sydney and Melbourne, and we cover how social class distribution has worked in Brisbane over previous years. We cover the way Brisbane has changed since the mid 1900's, to become the city that it is today.  We also discuss the significant events that caused the population to move into different areas around the city in the years of our recent history. Even major decisions made by previous councils have had an impact on why Brisbane is the city it is today. For anyone wanting to learn more about the intricacies of identifying a high-growth location - especially here in Brisbane - this episode should not be missed. Learn more about your hosts Melinda and Scott Jennison at www.streamlineproperty.com.au.


30 Sep 2021

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EP 72 - What does your money buy in the Brisbane Property Market

We get a lot of enquiry from property buyers wanting to understand what they can afford to buy in Brisbane, so we decided to create an episode on property prices around the city.  We have focussed on the Brisbane City Council region and have selected 15 Brisbane suburbs that sit along the train network lines. In this episode we will share the median price changes in these suburbs over the last 3 months to help you understand property values a little more, and also to highlight the changes that have occurred in property values in recent months. There is a big disclaimer at the start of this episode, because we are reporting on median values, and we highlight the importance of understanding how a median value is determined and how compositional bias and low sales volumes can impact this data. This is critical for all listeners to understand.  We never recommend making purchasing decisions off changes in median data trends alone. We hope this episode adds some value to those looking to understand more about property values in the Brisbane City council region and the recent price growth changes that have occurred over the last 3 months in these locations. Learn more about your hosts, Melinda and Scott Jennison at www.streamlineproperty.com.au


22 Sep 2021

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EP 71 - Brisbane Property Market Update - September 2021

It is time for another Brisbane Property Market Update.  We know how popular these episodes are for our listeners! As always, in this episode, we break down the data into meaningful discussion in relation to what is happening in this fast-moving market that Brisbane is.  We discuss house price movements as well as unit price movements and the trends that have been emerging between these different asset types. We also discuss WHY the demand for properties in Brisbane is so high right now and explain how the data tells us more about the reasons behind this. The rental market is also covered in this episode, with a breakdown of vacancy rate trends and rental price growth throughout the city. We hope you enjoy this episode, and please don't forget to leave us a review if you are enjoying our content! Learn more about your hosts, Melinda and Scott Jennison at www.streamlineproperty.com.au


15 Sep 2021

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EP 70 - Q & A with Scott and Melinda - Your questions answered

This week we answer some more questions sent in by our listeners in relation to Brisbane Property. The topics covered include:What is considered high flood risk in Brisbane? Should investors buy one higher value property or 2 lower value properties? What budget do I need to buy within 10km from the Brisbane CBD? How can I avoid overpaying in the current Brisbane Market?We hope you enjoy this episode and if you would like your question answered in a future episode, please email us at info@streamlineproperty.com.au. Here is a link to the Blogs that we have mentioned:Flood reporting - https://www.streamlineproperty.com.au/how-to-assess-flood-impacts-in-brisbane/Cashflow vs Capital Growth - https://www.streamlineproperty.com.au/cashflow-versus-capital-growth/Learn more about your hosts, Scott & Melinda Jennison, at www.streamlineproperty.com.au


9 Sep 2021

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EP 69 - With Special Guest Michelle Ryan from Bespoke Money

Today we welcome Michelle Ryan from Bespoke Money who shares her knowledge with us in relation to who is borrowing money at the moment and for what purpose.  Michelle is a local Brisbane based Mortgage Broker who helps home buyers and investors as well as home owners looking to refinance or renovate. We cover the pros and cons of obtaining a finance pre-approval in the current market in Brisbane. For some people this is more necessary than others and Michelle shares her wisdom in this regard. Tune in to find out if your situation is more favourable for fast tracking this process! We also discuss what buyers are looking for when arranging finance with a broker and what buyers can do if a valuation on a property comes in under the purchase price. There is a lot of value packed into this episode, so if you are looking to buy sometime soon, there will be some key takeaways for you. To get in touch with Michelle, visit https://www.bespokemoney.com.au/ Learn more about your hosts, Scott & Melinda Jennison at www.streamlineproperty.com.au


1 Sep 2021

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EP 68 - Special Guest Jonathan Bell from Bell Estate Agents

In this episode of the Brisbane Property Podcast we welcome back Jonathan Bell, Managing Director of the Property Management firm Bell Estate Agents.  Jonathan has been a guest on two previous occasions, and we discuss how the rental market conditions have changed here in Brisbane since those previous appearances in July 2020 and again in February 2021. Jonathan provides his insights into the demand for rental properties throughout Brisbane, including where this rental demand is coming from and how it is shifting and changing due to lockdowns and border closures.  He also shares some valuable intel in relation to how quickly properties are renting out and the rapid increase in rents that are being achieved, especially with high end executive homes in Brisbane. This is another insightful episode that should not be missed for anyone who already owns an investment property that is rented out, or anyone looking to purchase an investment property in Brisbane in the near future. Learn more about your hosts, Melinda and Scott Jennison at www.streamlineproperty.com.au


25 Aug 2021

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EP 67 - Brisbane Property Market Update - August 2021

It is Market Update time again and this month, as usual, we take a deep dive into the data for Brisbane to provide the most up-to-date information in relation to Brisbane property.  We are starting to see Brisbane diverge from the national trend and this is something that we delve into in this episode. We provide the very latest price growth for Brisbane Houses and Brisbane Units and discuss how the performance is different for different types of products.  We also highlight where rental price growth has been the strongest through the city over the last 12 months and what types of properties have not performed as well in terms of rent growth. Finally, we discuss the relevance of lockdowns through other parts of Australia and what impact that may or may not have on the Brisbane market in the future.  We hope you enjoy the data once again! Learn more about your hosts, Melinda and Scott Jennison, at www.streamlineproperty.com.au.


19 Aug 2021

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EP 66 - Special Guest Justin Nickerson from Apollo Auctions

We are thrilled to welcome award-winning auctioneer, Justin Nickerson from Apollo auctions, to the show today.  This is a bumper episode that includes a new perspective on the Brisbane Property Market. Justin loves data too and he tracks a lot of auction-specific indicators within Brisbane.  Some of this data includes the average number of registered bidders per auction, the percentage of active bidders per auction, the percentage of opening bidders who end up buying the property, and the percentage above the reserve price that properties end up selling for. In this episode, we discuss the changes that have been seen in some of these indicators over the last 12 months and what these changes mean in relation to current market conditions.Justin also shares some beneficial tips for people preparing to bid at auction and highlights some of the mistakes that buyers make on auction day.  Don't miss this episode... there is something for everyone to take away. Learn more about your hosts, Melinda and Scott Jennison, at www.streamlineproperty.com.au.


11 Aug 2021

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