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HELLO, this is the Fight Game Fanatic Sports Podcast. Where we talk mostly about the combat sports world and what goes on in it. We may talk about some other American sports ... probably not but we will see. We will talk about MMA, boxing, kickboxing, even a little bit of Muay Thai because it’s my damn show and that’s that. Thank you and let me know what you think on Instagram @fight_game_fanatic

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UFC 264 IS HERE!! The Fight Game Fanatic Sports Podcast

We look towards the biggest night of MMA fights of the year as we break down the most important and intriguing fights on the card. We ask why the hell Ryan Hall is such an underdog; who decided to make the prelim main event a retirement fight and who put cocaine in Conors drink this week. 


10 Jul 2021

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UFC 263 TAKEAWAYS: The Fight Game Fanatic Sports Podcast

Today, we talk about Issy's return to the Middleweight division, the rise of the FIRST Mexican born champion in the UFC, and the state of the Welterweight division. A lot of good stuff to hear about from the weekend. And, NO, we aren't talking about those tiktokers "boxing". 


14 Jun 2021

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THE DREADED SLOW WEEKEND: The Fight Game Fanatic Sports Podcast

In a weekend filled with ... not much, we talk about fights coming up like Paul vs Mayweather or the newly created banger, Rodriguez vs Holloway. We also reach to fill the time with One Championship controversy and the possible return of Jon Jones, 


28 May 2021

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JIRI-MANIA AND THE ELBOW FROM HELL and the RETURN OF ANDY RUIZ: The Fight Game Fanatic Sports Podcast

What a great weekend of fights we got the time around. We saw finishes all night and in all different types of ways, including a new contender for KO of the year. We talk the whole fight card top and bottom along with Andy Ruiz's return to the roped circle. 


3 May 2021

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This week we talk about the 3 biggest fights on the ONE on TNT card this Thursday. We talked about the main event of Saturday's fight Night and what the many possible results men for the future of the Middleweights. I also try my best to keep my cool when talking about Mr. Sterling.  


9 Apr 2021

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Today, we are back talking about the surprising turn of events in this weekends fight night. We talk about how this may affect the future of the 185ers and much more. We also dive into the rising superstar Vergil Ortiz after his standout win this weekend. 


22 Mar 2021

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UFC 259 TAKEAWAYS: The Fight Game Fanatic Sports Podcast

After a great night of fights on Sunday, it only took me 3 days to get a cast out talking about it. Not bad. Better late than never they say, so we jump into all the stories of Saturday night. Whether that's the fights themselves, people that came out the best, commentating struggles, or weird call outs the card had it all and so does Episode 2 of The Fight Fanatic Podcast.

1hr 5mins

9 Mar 2021

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BIGGEST FIGHTS OF THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF! The Fight Game Fanatic Sports Podcast

Here we go muthatruckers! Come Saturday we got some of the biggest fights in recent memory coming straight down your throats ... for a low price of like $60 or something. Middleweight champ and undefeated reincarnation of Bruce Lee himself Isreal Adesanya faces the man that looks like he is the baby of a Viking king and a polish meat grinder; he's also known as the Lightweight champion Jan Blachowicz. Also, the baddest woman on the planet and newly crowned mother, Amanda Nunes, makes her return to defend that featherweight strap against contender Megan Anderson. Can Amanda keep the win streak alive and continue her pure and utter dominance against every female she faces? Spoiler Alert!! I think yes. Also we talk about that killer Bantamweight fight between Champion Petr Yan and TOP contender Aljamain Sterling. This fight may or may not be my pick for fight of the night, I don't know, you just have to listen to find out. You may also hear me talk briefly about some other big fights that we got getting ready for us on the 6th. Maybe something like Dominic Cruz and his return or maybe a little bit of the flyweight division sprinkled in there too. Anyway, please let me know what you think.


5 Mar 2021

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