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DanceMusicDiva Sept - Oct 2013 Mix

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Sep 21 2013

1hr 16mins


DanceMusicDiva April 2012 Mix

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Can't Be Without You - Jamboxx Feat. Natalia Damini,
Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez,
Part Of Me - Katy Perry,
Hair - Lady Gaga,
Girl Gone Wild - Madonna,
You Da One - Rihanna,
Give Me All Your Luvin - Madonna,
Where Have You Been - Rihanna,
So Far Away - Maya Simantov,
Silhouettes - Avicii Feat. Salem Al Fakir,
Another Chance - Roger Sanchez

Apr 23 2012

1hr 4mins


DanceMusicDiva Underground House Mix #1 2010

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I was just at the house jamming out to some of my favorite songs and decided to just make a mix. It is for all the Underground House lovers :) Luv Dancin, Love & Happiness, Touched The Sky, Church Lady, Special, 8 Letters, Breathe, Finally, Work.

Feb 03 2010

1hr 6mins


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By gollygal - Apr 26 2012
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THIS IS PERFECT! Great choices for your tracks and so excited i have a new series to listen to at the gym. PLEASE KEEP ON MIXING!

Loved the Queen song used in the beginning of this PODCAST

By Azteca in LA - Mar 27 2011
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As I said, I loved the song-sample by the rock band QUEEN "We will Rock You". But I think after starting off this PODCAST with a great song like this, from there the PODCAST started going downhill for me. I've listened to DMD's PODCASTS for a while and most of them are very up-beat and of high quality until this one PODCAST. The other thing that I've noticed (new) by DMD is there's a recorded voice saying you're listening to a PODCAST thoughout the mix. I know this is done so no one steals the DJ's work and I agree the DJ work is for promotional purposes but my opinion is that DMD re-thinks having this label on the mixes going forward. I like sampling DMD's PODCASTS and from time to time download them to listen to them in my car. DMD is one of the few DJ's in my opinion who mixes high-energy current club hits and on these PODCASTS gives us a taste of what's new.