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Episode 12: The Fast and The Curious

On this episode play along at home as you try to figure out who drank all the booze. We talk Vin Diesel, The Undertaker and Test Tube Meat and a whole load of other nonsense in between.

1hr 3mins

23 Dec 2020

Rank #1

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Episode 11: The Would You Rather? Special

On this episode we take a break from the high brow news casting you are accustomed to for a relaxed chat about hypothetical situations. If you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics of this episode email us or find us on socials.

1hr 1min

9 Dec 2020

Rank #2

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Episode 10: A Mature Political Dialogue.

On this episode the boys celebrate the new studio with a dive headfirst into American Politics, Boomers on Zoom, God's back pocket and a slew of  other topics they have no real clue about.So join the M.E.N for a chat and let us make the mistakes, so you don't have to

1hr 3mins

25 Oct 2020

Rank #3

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Episode 9: Twinky Winky.

This episode the boys discuss a rich tapestry of topics ranging from the history of The Wiggles to murderous cult leaders to the war crimes of Gordon Harwell and how they impacted Uncle Ben's rice. Tune in to this week's episode for another shallow dive into the murky waters of our average conversations.

1hr 4mins

26 Sep 2020

Rank #4

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Episode 8: Sauvage

On this episode we discuss micropenis identification, hidden witches and delicious pet food commercials.

1hr 1min

31 Aug 2020

Rank #5

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Episode 7: The Man-Lestor

This week the boys discuss larger secretions, touching grown men and having a penis on your arm.Join us for a deep dive into farts to start the show. Follow us on social media for all updates.

1hr 3mins

10 Aug 2020

Rank #6

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Episode 6: Have You Seen Paul?

This week the boys discuss a diverse range of topics, from poop-smearing grandma's to Russian Landlords to the miracle of childbirth.Be sure to email us at mediocreentertainmentnews@gmail.com if you've got any stories you'd like to hear us discuss and follow us on Instagram at @themencast.


26 Jul 2020

Rank #7

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Episode 5: Unlimited Sushi, Unlimited Poop

This week the boys discuss explosive turds, absorbing honey the fastest way and stabbing snakes on the road. Join us for a comedic and ridiculous look at news and the world at large as told by three men with no relevant qualifications.

1hr 2mins

13 Jul 2020

Rank #8

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Episode 4: Monkeys, Drunks and Spaniards.

On this episode Morgan and Jordan press on in Nick's absence. Discussing alcoholic monkeys, drunk game hunters and Mr Bean. Listen in and share us around. Follow us on social media at @themencast on Instagram and Mediocre Entertainment News on Facebook.

1hr 2mins

1 Jul 2020

Rank #9

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Episode 3: Is that Garlic Bread?

This week the boys discuss Pizza, Awkward silence, Bank transfers and sexy anime voices in another deep and meaningful discussion.Be sure to check us out on social media @themencast!

1hr 10mins

14 Jun 2020

Rank #10