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Join Codders, Ben Anderson and Mark Gallagher as they lift the lid on the world of Formula 1.GP Racing is the world's best-selling F1 magazine, with stunning photography, expert analysis, unrivalled journalism and exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the glamorous and adrenaline-fuelled world of F1.

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Mr Motor Racing remembered: Why Sir Stirling Moss was the greatest

GP Racing columnist Mark Gallagher, along with contributor and former Autosport Editor in Chief Damien Smith, join host Stuart Codling to look back at the life of a legend. Earlier this month motorsport lost an iconic figure in Sir Stirling Moss. Even though his passing was not unexpected, given the length of time he battled illness, it was still a shock to hear the news. His legacy has a permanence in the world of motorsport because of the way he defined a certain type of sportsman, in a post-war era of 'stick and ball' sports where racing drivers didn't have the status of their sporting peers. On the podcast today the team share their memories, and talk Mercedes, Lotus and a blue Ferrari.


30 Apr 2020

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F1 But Not As We Know It - How Netflix changed the game

Flat Chat is back for April alongside a new edition of the magazine. On the show today, Stuart Codling is joined by Ben Anderson and Mark Gallagher to talk about how the Netflix TV revolution has changed the game. As of recording this podcast (15th April) there was no announcement about when F1 will go racing again so the team discuss whether July in Austria could be the start of the Formula 1 season. And what do Renault have to do to keep their star driver?

1hr 22mins

17 Apr 2020

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Lewis Hamilton's Path To Greatness

Welcome to a fresh start for the world's best-selling F1 magazine. Welcome to GP Racing! On the podcast today, we dive into how Lewis Hamilton took the hard road to threaten Schumi's incredible records. Plus, Leclerc vs Vettel. Can Ferrari control F1's new civil war? And finally why Red Bull moved fast to keep Max.


16 Mar 2020

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Alonso's 2021 Return

The latest issue of F1 Racing is out now and on the cover is... Fernando Alonso.He hasn't given up on F1 and is planning a comeback next year. Our man James Roberts went to visit him at home in Oviedo for an exclusive interview. Our other big interview this month is with McLaren CEO Zak Brown. This month we got an exclusive look behind the scenes at Esteban Ocon's first test for Renault. It's an interesting story because he was on that team's driver development programme when they were racing as Lotus, got dropped when they ran out of money, then he was rescued by Mercedes – but they ultimately didn't have a place for him. Elsewhere in this issue, Mark's column looks at Lawrence Stroll's plans for Racing Point and the possible acquisition of Aston Martin.


30 Jan 2020

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Nick Fry Interview: The Inside Story of Brawn GP and Jenson Button's Incredible F1 Championship Win

A couple of months ago we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Jenson Button's World Championship by revealing some of the previously little known details of that year. The Brawn GP CEO Nick fry was kind enough to share his memories, from the shock of Honda deciding to close the team to its rebirth as Brawn GP and the acquisition by Mercedes. Feedback from our readers about the story was really positive. And as usual with such things, there was a lot of interesting stuff that just wouldn't fit on the page. So here just for you is the full recording of Nick Fry at the offices of F1 Racing.

1hr 8mins

21 Jan 2020

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The World Is Not Enough - Building Lewis Hamilton's Empire 🤑

Lewis Hamilton is now a six-time world champion. We’ve talked about his driving style a lot. So we thought it was time to look at his crossover appeal to the world outside of Formula 1, where he’s creating a business empire. Several things jumped out about this, not least the statistic that a single social media post by Lewis is worth $40,000. From one alpha male to another. We look at Charles Leclerc this month “Ferrari’s new alpha” is the headline. And in a fantastically opportune piece of timing, the two Ferraris collided on track last weekend. Looking ahead to 2021, Formula 1 has now actually released the details of how the rules will work on and off the track. We’ve published an explainer in our ‘Insider’ section but it’s clear that these rules are still a work in progress. The budget cap is something that’s been tried before and it hasn’t worked. What are the chances of it happening now?

1hr 2mins

25 Nov 2019

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Dreaming The Impossible Dream

F1 Racing editor Ben Anderson and columnist Mark Gallagher join host Stuart Codling to weigh up whether winning the world championship with Lewis Hamilton in the garage next door really is an impossible dream. Bottas is a proven grand prix winner, but time and again Hamilton has found an extra gear mid-season and left his team-mate eating dust. While his challenge for the 2019 drivers’ championship is running out of road, Bottas says he’s still developing as a driver. He’s trying to erase the weaknesses in wheel-to-wheel combat and tyre management that have occasionally held him back during race weekends, and he’s changed his lifestyle as well. F1 Racing’s cover feature this month is an exclusive interview with Bottas. In it he explains the renewed motivation he found to come out of the blocks fighting this season and answer his critics: “’F**k them. I can do this.’ That was the mentality.” Ferrari celebrated its 90th anniversary with a star-studded event in Milan. F1 Racing reported from the scene and our panel ask what it is that still makes Ferrari so special despite its often fraught existence. The Scuderia’s long relationship with Philip Morris International and its Marlboro brand has become a talking point again this season with the arrival of PMI’s Mission Winnow branding. While this is a campaign to communicate that the tobacco industry is undergoing a transformation towards a smoke-free future, rather than advertising a product, many territories F1 visits remain uncomfortable with the idea of the tobacco industry being involved in sport. But the departure of tobacco sponsorship has cost F1 in the region of £300m a year, and there hasn't been an influx of other corporates to fill that gap. F1 is still a great way to communicate product, but can it communicate an ideal? That remains a challenge as it looks for new partners and revenue streams in an increasingly regulated ad industry. And as F1 continues to struggle to reach a consensus for the next set of technical regulations, Mark Gallagher argues that it needs to innovate if it’s to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.


22 Oct 2019

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Max Off The Chain!

Max Verstappen has conquered his demons and made Red Bull-Honda his team. Now to take down Lewis. Max sat down with F1 Racing magazine to talk about becoming F1's most feared hunter. Robert Kubica has already announced he will not be driving in Formula 1 in 2020, but he was happy to sit down with us to talk about how he faced an uphill battle to return to the grid. This month's long interview is with Frederic Vasseur. Every Formula 1 world champion since 2007 has driven for Fred at some point in their career. As a Formula 3 and GP2/Formula 2 team boss he was a starmaker par excellence, helping turn around Lewis Hamilton's career when Lewis hit his first bumps in the road. Does Formula 1 need new teams on the grid? And if so, exactly how much money would you need to start your own F1 team.


24 Sep 2019

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Unravelling Sebastian Vettel 🏎

Sebastian Vettel rates his current performance as 5 out of 10. Why is his current form a shadow of that which won four World Championships with Red Bull? We discuss Andrew Benson's feature article this month as Sebastian has big questions to answer as he enters the final year of his contract in 2020. We're also talking about 24 races in a season, when sponsorships go wrong and the driver market after the Summer break. F1 Racing is the world’s best-selling F1 magazine. Join Codders, Ben Anderson and Mark Gallagher as they lift the lid on the world of Grand Prix racing.

1hr 6mins

29 Aug 2019

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The Billion Dollar Gamble

F1 Racing is the world’s best-selling F1 magazine. Join Codders, Ben Anderson and Mark Gallagher as they lift the lid on the world of Grand Prix racing.

1hr 9mins

7 Aug 2019

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