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‘Doris, You Darling Bus’ is a fortnightly podcast celebrating that unsung hero of the music industry, the humble tour bus, and its place in the wild world of music. Join Jonno Zilber as he chats with touring musicians about how they get around on tour, why they’ve chosen the vehicles they have to tour with and why that choice is so important. The podcast will explore the romantic expectations versus the harsh realities of living out of a van for weeks on end and along the way you’ll hear some amazing stories of luck, tragedy and MacGyver-esque problem solving that can only come from a musician down to their last dime and running late for a gig.

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014 - Owen Campbell

Busker, singer, songwriter, iTunes chart topper, Owen Campbell, tells us about his first experience busking and touring through the US and the weird and wonderful people he met along the way. He also talks about music and breathing saved him and is are the perfect healers for all problems, mental and physical... except Scabies, which will cost you four or five hundred bucks to get rid of in the US. - Dodging Bushfires - Busking - First US Tour - Owen and Jake (and Hoss) - A Gerbil and a Jar of Peanut Butter - Scabies - The Fall of Rome - Medicinal Music - Nepal


10 Dec 2019

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013 - Shaun Kirk

Jonno and one-man-band, Shaun Kirk, catch up before a gig to talk about Shaun's old Kombi van and the time it wouldn't start which actually helped him out for once. Shaun also talks about his first car, how flying more than driving has allowed him to more effectively use his time on tour. He also thinks he's pretty clever and that he found a hole in the lightning round, but you be the judge. - The Orange Kombi - "My Van Won't Start!" - The VL Commodore Wagon - Jet Planes and Hire Cars - Time, Time, Time - Leadership - Dream Tour Bus


26 Nov 2019

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012 - Tyrone Noonan

Multi-instrumentalist and founding member of ARIA award winning, multi-platinum selling band george, Tyrone Noonan, invited Jonno around to talk about his first car in his early days as a musician and aspiring journalist driving around Queensland, the importance of regional touring in Australia and the unique challenges and benefits of touring in a band with your little sister. He also talks about a violent and anarchic time in Brisbane's history which gave birth to some of Australia's best bands and a new appreciation of music in his home town. - The Mighty Valiant(s) - The Beginning of george - Regional Touring - Musicians in Sir Joh's Queensland - Being in a Band with Your Sibling - An Unusual Alliance - Tarago and a Trailer - Moving Overseas - The Best and Worst of Everything - Going for it All Again


12 Nov 2019

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011 - Fiona Boyes

Multiple award winning blues musician, Fiona Boyes, stopped into Doris HQ on her way to Darwin. We talked about her early days with The Mojos and how the idea of touring didn't really occur to them in those days because they had plenty of gigs around Melbourne. Fiona also talks about how her big win at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis which pushed her career on the road in the US, the support of her husband (lovingly known to everyone as 'The Preacher') and her string of tour vehicles that seemed to all suffer a similar fate. - No Need to Tour - Going Solo - Gensis of a Road Dog - International Blues Challenge - First Tour - Toyota LiteAce - The World's Most Thoughtful Car Thieves - Mr. Shonky & The Red Banger - The Preacher - Touring Solo vs Bands - The White Whale


29 Oct 2019

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010 - Jeff Lang

ARIA award winner and legendary Aussie guitarist/singer/songwriter, Jeff Lang, talks about the dirty old couch in the back of his Mazda E2000 that started it all, touring via the literal road less travelled and the danger of having management who don't really understand the reality of living on the road booking your tours. The lightning round also reveals a novel way for musicians everywhere to keep themselves awake at the wheel. - The Couch - Practical Necessity of Sleeping in the Van - China and the Great Train Experiment - Touring in the US - Tour Bus Culture - Zig Zag Dartboard Touring - Different Band Combinations - The Value of a Sense of Humour - Touring to Subsidise Touring - Touring Stamina


15 Oct 2019

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009 - Daniel Champagne

Daniel shares his experiences starting out in the touring world by catching busses and trains to gigs and transitioning from that to hiring cars in order to fit in more dates. He discusses the culture of support acts in music, the differences between American and Australian audiences and venues and how his one and only car, a Chevrolet Aveo, was allegedly stolen in Detroit (by him). - Getting Serious About Gigs - Catching Busses and Trains - Intense Touring Schedules - Touring with a Support Act - The Business of Having a Support Act - Touring in the US vs Australia - American Confidence - Playing New Venues - Dan's Only Car Gets "Stolen"


1 Oct 2019

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008 - Kane Dennelly (19-Twenty)

19-Twenty lead singer and guitarist, Kane Dennelly, shares some tips on keeping band members (and children) from fighting on long trips, how to tour in Europe, how to tour with a double bass plus a quick pitch for the marketing department at Hyundai. - Fatty & Skinny Band - '86 Carolla aka The Red Rocket - Guitar string windscreen wipers - Crossing the Nullarbor - Hit it with a hammer - Marketing advice for Hyundai - Driving in Europe - Spotify Roulette - Three is the Magic Number - Livin' For The Weekend - Ideal Tour Vehicle


17 Sep 2019

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007 - Geoff Achison

Jonno caught up with Aussie blues legend Geoff Achison at the Blues on Broadbeach festival and chatted about the dream of being a travelling musician, touring with Dutch Tilders, how to (and more importantly how NOT to) annoy everyone on the tour bus. Geoff, who always dreamed of flying around the world for a living, also talks about how he came to grips with not really being okay with the whole "flying" thing with a little inspiration from Terry Pratchett. - The Fiat 500 - The Dream of Becoming a Travelling Musician - Independent Musicians and Bigger Vehicles - Touring with Dutch Tilders - The People You Tour With - Dealing with the Fear of Flying - The Back and Forth of Touring


4 Sep 2019

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006 - Ramblin' Ash

Ash tells Jonno about accidentally becoming a professional musician, taking her friend on the road, the underground bush balladeer campground touring circuit then she takes the Lightning Round in a weird Wolf Creek meets X-files direction. - Living in the Futura - Up Shit Creek with Apple Maps - Boy band bangers - Dwight Yoakam and math - Gangsta tour busses - The campground festival circuit - Punks and Grey Nomads - Bush balladeers


20 Aug 2019

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005 - Trenton Woodley (Hands Like Houses)

Hands Like Houses singer Trenton Woodley discusses the transition from rag-tag group of DIY Canberran highschool musicians learning how to record and perform together to touring internationally, learning the value of supporting the people who support you and life on the Warped Tour. - Highschool kids learning by doing - First international tour - Thor the shuttle bus - Finding community on tour - The anatomy of a Warped Tour - Summer camp for rock stars - The future of touring festivals - Dream tour bus


6 Aug 2019