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The 24/48 Podcast is all about helping firefighters and first responders find success inside and outside of the line of duty.The job is only a part of who you are, and you should be the best you can be at it. But, neglecting your finances, your family, your physical fitness, or any of the other essential areas of your life keeps you from being the best you can be at home, on the job, or in your side hustle.So, if you want to learn from others in our community how we can improve mentally, physically, and financially and have honest conversations that move the fire service forward—this show is for you.

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Makin' Ends Meet: Overview of the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

Today on the show we are discussing the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan. This is a high-level overview of the plan itself. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at matthew@forwardfocusfp.com.Next week, we will continue on in this series and start to get a bit more tactical.Enjoy!Links:IRC 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans401(k) vs 457(b)Gwinnett County 457(b) Adoption AgreementGwinnett County 457(b) Plan DocumentGwinnett County 457(b) Loan Administration PolicyWhat You Need to Know About Retirement Plans: 457(b)


14 Jan 2020

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Makin' Ends Meet: To Roth or Not With Your 457(b)

Choosing between a Traditional 457 or a Roth 457 can be confusing. This episode will explore the benefits of both options and how they will affect your tax situation now and at retirement. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Matthew@forwardfocusfp.com.Enjoy!Links:IRS info on 457(b)IRS info on designated Roth contributionsWhat You Need to Know About Your 457 Plan


30 Jan 2020

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Talkin' Shop with Firefighter Tristan Dresselt

In this episode, I sit down and have a great conversation with Firefighter Tristan Dresselt.We discuss how weird Florida is, what it is like moving away from family for a job, how important physical fitness is to overall health, the challenges associated with overcoming aimlessness, and staying open to learning opportunities as you progress as the station "rookie". We discuss a lot more, but you'll have to listen to find out. Enjoy!

1hr 37mins

4 Feb 2020

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Talkin' Shop w/ Jeff Dill and Chad Bird

Founder, Jeff Dill, retired Captain of the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District in Inverness, IL, started Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA) to directly educate firefighters/ Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel and their families about behavioral health issues such as depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and addictions, as well as firefighter suicides.FBHA’s goal is to provide behavioral health workshops to fire departments and EMS organizations across the globe, focusing on behavioral health awareness with a strong drive towards suicide prevention and promoting resources available to firefighters/EMS and their families.Captain Chad Bird also joins us to discuss what he's got going on within our fire department as the newly promoted Health and Safety Captain and what he is doing to help firefighters with our Critical Incident Stress Management team.Notes:Firefighter Behavioral Health AllianceDonate Here 


23 Dec 2019

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Random Show: 30 Things I've Learned In 30 Years

Show Update: I took a couple of weeks off to focus on revamping some things about my financial planning business. I've got some great episodes lined up through March, though, and I am excited to record them. I am planning on starting a new Makin' Ends Meet series going over some of the most influential personal finance books I have read and I hope to start that next week. Today's show is a random show. I sat down at my computer on my birthday and a bit later 30 Things I've Learned In 30 Years was the product. This episode expands upon the bullet points in the article. I hope you enjoy and if you have any feedback or want to discuss the topic further please contact me at matthew@forwardfocusfp.com. Cheers!


5 Mar 2020

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Talkin' Shop w/ Lieutenant Justin Meyer

Lieutenant Justin Meyer is an officer on one of the busiest engines in Gwinnett County. When he's not staying up all night on Engine 11, he spends his time forging some beautiful blades. If you want to take a peek at them, check out his Instagram page @jmforged. And don't hesitate to slide up in his DMs if you're interested in buying one. We had a great conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed having it and I hope you enjoy listening to it. Cheers!

1hr 48mins

10 Mar 2020

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Makin' Ends Meet: Building a Strong Foundation for Financial Success

Oh, no...another person telling me to budget. If you asked me how to get physically fit, I'd say work out and eat healthy food. Is that not what you wanted to hear? Well, it is what it takes. And it is the same for becoming financially fit. Budgeting, like eating right and exercising, is a habit that you have to establish, develop, and sustain over time to build and then maintain wealth. Show Notes:Carl Richards, CFP®Why Budgeting Will Lead to More AwarenessThomas J. StanleyThe Millionaire Next DoorMusic: Headstrong by All The Locals


17 Dec 2019

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The Darkness is Real: My Story and Man's Search for Meaning

This was a tough episode for me to record. And it is a tough episode for me to listen to now. But, I thought, if I don't have the strength to tell my story, why should anyone else? If you are having thoughts of killing yourself; don't. The pain won't go away. It will be multiplied and passed out to your friends and family. Find a reason, however small it may be, to keep going. Carl Jung had an idea that modern man doesn't see God because he doesn't look low enough. However dark it may be, there is a light somewhere down deep or far off on the horizon.Just keep going! You'll be glad you did. Links:Next RungFirefighter Behavioral Health AllianceNational Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255Practical Thoughts on Suicide by Tim FerrissMan's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

1hr 2mins

14 Jan 2020

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Side Job Success w/ Retired Captain Keith Schumacher of All Pro Dad Chapters

Today on the show we have retired Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Captain Keith Schumacher. Keith is the Chapter Development Specialist at All Pro Dad Chapters. All Pro Dad Chapters is focused on helping you love and lead your family well. Enjoy!Text APDC to 44144 to get connected to Keith and the All Pro Dad Chapters. Links:All Pro Dad ChaptersAll Pro DadFamily FirstKeith's Email: Keith.Schumacher@familyfirst.net

1hr 11mins

31 Dec 2019

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Developing Emergency Resilience. Alexandra Jabr. Death and Grief Educator.

On today's episode, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alexandra Jabr (IG: @emergencyresilience Twitter: @EmergResilience). Alexandra is a death and grief educator. If you are like me, you are probably thinking what the heck is that. Well, that's why I had her on. And we had a fun, wide-ranging conversation. Alexandra operates a training and education company called Emergency Resilience. She has a master's degree in death and grief and she is now working on her Ph.D. in depth psychology. She has taken her experience as a paramedic merged it with research and she now lectures on topics such as death, grief, mental and behavioral health, PTSD, and how to become resilient to the challenges and adversities we face in this line of work.  

1hr 56mins

21 Apr 2020

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Talkin' Shop w/ Driver Engineer Alex Joyner

Today on the show I am talkin' shop with my first returning guest, Driver Engineer Alex Joyner. Every third day you can find Mr. Joyner behind the wheel of Engine 1 doing his best to improve himself and his crew. He's a great dude and I always enjoy chatting with him. Enjoy!

2hr 2mins

18 Feb 2020

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Makin' Ends Meet: Overview of the 401(a) Money Purchase Pension Plan

This will be the first episode of a series where I will be explaining the workplace retirement plans that we utilize within my fire department. Today, we are starting with the Money Purchase Pension Plan. If you have any questions regarding the content today or something you would like addressed in a future episode, drop me a line at matthew@forwardfocusfp.comLinks:Section 401(a) Money Purchase Pension Plan Adoption AgreementSection 401(a) Money Purchase Pension Plan DocumentVesting ScheduleRequired Minimum DistributionsExceptions to Tax on Early Distributions


7 Jan 2020

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Bearers of the Oath. Patriots of Our Craft. Shane Bentley.

Today on the show we have Shane Bentley. Shane is currently the Assistant Chief for Cornelia Fire Department. Over the years, Shane has developed a code of honor, which eventually spurred the creation of the group Bearers of the Oath. Living up to that code of honor requires you to honor the oath you signed up for upon entering the fire service and to take personal responsibility for becoming a better fireman, crewmember, and human being. So, if your a fireman who wants to be encouraged and challenged by other folks focused on firemanship, go check out the Bearer's of the Oath Facebook page, join the group, and keep getting after it. Links:Bearers of the Oath

1hr 47mins

28 Apr 2020

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Side Job Success w/ Firefighter Aaron Zamzow, Owner of Fire Rescue Fitness

Today on the show we have Aaron Zamzow. He is a firefighter/EMT in Madison, Wisconsin. He is also a certified and degreed Personal Fitness Trainer and author. He has been in the personal fitness industry for over 25 years. He has trained elite professional athletes and had the opportunity to study under some of the top trainers in the world. Now he is focused on helping firefighters, EMTs, and Medics get and stay in the top physical condition so that they can meet the demands of the job. He has created a wide range of programs to cater to all levels of fire rescue athletes.Currently, Fire Rescue Fitness is running the Get Fire Rescue Fit 2020 Challenge. Start any of their Fire Rescue Fitness Workout Programs between January 1st and March 1st to join. You get instant access to your workout and eating guides, a workout shirt, and other swag. Use discount code "GETFRF2020" to save a little coin.Links: Fire Rescue Fitness Get FRF 2020 ChallengeFRF on Facebook

1hr 19mins

7 Jan 2020

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Real Talk On Firefighter Unions. Captain Dave Coker. President of PFFG-IAFF Local 947.

This episode features a conversation with Captain Dave Coker. Captain Coker is a veteran member of the Greensboro Fire Department in Greensboro, NC. Every third day he serves the citizens as Captain of an engine company, and he also serves his fellow firefighters as president of The Professional Firefighters of Greensboro IAFF Local 947. Within the IAFF, he also serves as a Strategic Campaigns Organizing Specialist, and he recently spent some time with folks from my fire department educating us on the benefits of joining the IAFF. I was basically uneducated on this topic coming into this conversation, and I must say I learned a lot from Dave about some of the pros and cons of unionizing. I hope you get some helpful insights out of it too.Links:International Association of FirefightersProfessional Firefighters of Greensboro—IAFF Local 947Georgia Firefighters First Amendment Fact Sheet

1hr 18mins

1 Apr 2020

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Makin' Ends Meet: Thoughts, Theories, and Ideas About How to Pick Investments

This week's episode answers a listener submitted question. He or she asked: Do you have any tips on how to pick a mutual fund? Well, here is your answer...


23 Dec 2019

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The Millionaire Next Door. Wealth Is What You Accumulate. Not What You Spend.

What's up podcast listeners? Today on the show I am reading from and discussing the book, The Millionaire Next Door.The Millionaire Next Door was written by Dr. Thomas Stanley and Dr. William Danko. They spent their careers studying and analyzing the habits of the affluent. And what they found surprised them. The millionaires they met mostly drank two kinds of beer—free and Budweiser (at least that's what Mr. Bud drank). The point is, they weren't TV millionaires. They were everyday hard-working Americans who spent less than they made, saved as much as they could, and built wealth in the process. And the good news is, anybody can do it—even firefighters :). Enjoy!


10 Apr 2020

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Makin' Ends Meet: The Total Money Makeover

What's up podcast listeners? Today on the show I am reading from and discussing a book that changed the game for me. And that book is The Total Money Makeover by, the one and only, Dave Ramsey. If you want to get on a plan to take control of your money, pay down debt, and start building wealth for your future, Dave does a fantastic job of laying out the roadmap for you.For any listeners out there that have followed the Total Money Makeover plan and worked their way to debt freedom, please reach out to me. I'd love to have you on the show to highlight your story and show others that when you start telling your dollars where to go instead of wondering where they went, you can make massive progress. Cheers! 

1hr 33mins

29 Mar 2020

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Talkin' Shop w/ Blake Stinnett, founder of Next Rung

Next Rung was founded by Blake Stinnett. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of firefighters and all first responders. The goal quickly changed from being an apparel company to truly being able to serve first responders in their battle against mental health issues. Blake has a background in ministry, working with families and students. However, growing up with a father who was a firefighter, he knew that this profession and brotherhood was something special. After 8 years in full-time ministry, Blake changed gears and started his career as a firefighter in 2015. He currently serves as a firefighter/paramedic with Sandy Springs Fire, which is in Fulton County, Georgia. Blake lives in Covington, Ga with his beautiful wife (Natalie) and two precious children (Layleigh and Jack). Blake’s ultimate hope is to serve and make a difference. He set out with a goal to change the life of one person but hopes to change and help save the lives of hundreds of firefighters and first responders across the United States. He believes that Next Rung can do this and that they will make waves in the Fire and First Responder community.Links:NextRung.orgNext Rung on FacebookNext Rung on TwitterNext Rung on Instagram

1hr 11mins

21 Jan 2020

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Recovering Out Loud. Allan Dignard. Founder of Third Alarm Coaching.

My guest today is Allan Dignard. Allan is a firefighter in Canada but he also runs Third Alarm Coaching which is focused on improving first responders' health, wellness, and life. Allan took his struggles, which he describes in-depth in the show, and turned them into his strength. And now he is doing the same with firefighters and first responders all over North America by helping them change their negative habits, beliefs, and identity so that they can, like a phoenix, be reborn from the ashes a better version of themselves. Enjoy!

1hr 24mins

7 Apr 2020

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