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High Tide is a community for content professionals who want to help each other succeed. Whether you work in advertising, film production, journalism, or social media — we've all had a learning experience that someone else can benefit from. In this podcast, we exchange tips on how to make a living, work smarter, keep the creative process flowing, and more!

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BONUS: A Guided Meditation with Nicole Vahlkamp

Nicole helps Rich and Therese find their center by leading them through a guided meditation. Listen in to join the experience.


5 Aug 2018

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Say Hello to Generation Z

In this episode, 17 year old Gretchen Pfluger takes us to school on all things Gen Z. We ask her about everything from her feelings on corporate responsibility to which social media platforms are cool, what Shapchat Streaks are, Muckbanging videos, what makes an influencer successful, her take on the Fyre Festival, what having a Finstagram account means, the importance of privacy, brand authenticity and the importance of personal accountability to younger people.Episode Photo by Julián Gentilezza on UnsplashForbes, "Get Ready for Generation Z" https://bit.ly/2JYrzGRTheme music generously provided by Birocratic (http://birocratic.lnk.to/allYL)


22 Jul 2019

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Questions From the Crowd Part 2: The Realities of Running Your Business

In this episode, we dive into the questions our community submitted on the realities of running a business. This includes: What has been the biggest difference between what you thought freelancing would be and what it actually is?How has going freelance changed how you make choices in life outside work?Lessons you learned the hard way?What's the dumbest thing you've ever done in front of a client?Any major successes and failures that you look back on?New York or Los Angeles?When to fire a client?How do you hold yourself accountable for personal (not client) projects?Project management tools? How to present work you've done before taking the plunge into freelance?Episode artwork by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash


11 Feb 2019

Rank #3

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Network Smarter, Not Harder

Emily Merrell is the founder and CEO of Six Degrees Society, a female focused group that promotes networking in its most sincere form. Emily's mission is to help her members forge authentic and lasting connections -- rather than simply host events for people to "mingle," she curates matches based on each individual's personal and professional interests. In this episode, Emily joins us to discuss how networking is the most rewarding when people exchange real support and not just contact info. With her tips, even a major introvert can navigate an event and find a new career buddy. We also take on the pros and cons of co-working spaces, the blurred lines between networking and flirting, the relevance of business cards, and much more! For more information about Six Degress Society, visit https://sixdegreessociety.com/To learn more about Emily and her newly launched entrepreneur coaching services, go to https://www.emilymerrell.com/Theme music: "Extra Fresh" by Birocratic http://birocratic.lnk.to/allYL


16 Nov 2018

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Common Cents: Cash Flow Basics

Managing your finances might seem intimidating, but taking the first step may actually be the hardest part. In this episode, we are joined by Steve Stanganelli, CFP who explains that the key to setting (and meeting!) your financial goals is to look at the big picture and think long term. Steve offered nuggets of wisdom on a wealth of topics including budgeting, saving, retirement accounts, and investing.While we're barely scratching the surface, take a listen and you're sure to see that even the smallest of changes can pay off in huge dividends. For more information about Steve, check out https://www.clearviewwealthadvisors.com.Theme music: "Extra Fresh" by Birocratic (http://birocratic.lnk.to/allYL)


24 Oct 2018

Rank #5