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Beyond The Mind Podcast With Iain Highfield

Your host, Iain Highfield has spent the last decade on a mission, a mission to create positive change in his life and the life of others. This mission started out of necessity, when Iain found himself living above a pizza shop rent free after being fired from his pharmaceutical job. No car, no money, no direction, Iain took the remaining $2000 he had on a credit card and invested in personal development. It was here his dream to become a performance coach was not only born, but actioned. On his journey to becoming a published author, speaker and performance coach to some of the world’s best sports men and women Iain learnt a valuable lesson, ‘will power does not work’! If you truly want to make positive change you must go beyond the mind and change your environment. There is so much helpful, inspiring and motivational information out there, but the problem is, it often remains just information.Well not on this podcast,every time we talk positive change, we will action positive change.

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Get comfortable being uncomfortable – NBC TV host Martin Hall

Martin Hall joined NBC in 2011 and is the host of the Golf Channel’s extremely popular show, School of Golf. Martin has been a golf professional since 1975 and previously competed on the European Tour. In 2016 Iain listened to a key note speech delivered by Martin and was inspired. This episode gives you the chance to listen to Martin, a life long learner, growth minded and inspiring individual share his philosophy on success through getting comfortable being uncomfortable. When Iain heard Martin speak in 2016 he turned to his friend and said, ‘it looks like success is no accident’. Iain then began to action a lot of the reading, mental and practical advice that Martin said has helped him live his best life. 4 years later Iain appeared on Television with Martin to discuss one of the books Iain has authored. This podcast gives you the chance to do the same, move towards your goals and dreams. Please do not just listen to the words, hear them and take action. Martin lives his life with one goal, being better everyday, this podcast might just be the spark you need to do the same. Happiness is loading…….


17 Apr 2020

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Positive Energy, it is not what you say, it is how you say it – Gavin Flow

Gavin Flow is often asked, ‘are you like this all the time?’ When people pose this question to Gavin they are referring to his positive energy, enthusiasm and passion for life. Gavin is a motivational speaker, teacher, coach, consultant and entrepreneur that aims to make other peoples lives better through his key note speaking and education. Just how did Gavin become so enthusiastic for life and creating positive change, tune in to find out. Happiness is loading………


21 Apr 2020

Rank #2

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Sam Crowley Interview

Iain is joined the the host of the ‘Every Day Is Saturday Podcast’, Mr Sam Crowley. On his journey to having over 18 million podcast downloads Sam faced adversity in the form of, bankruptcy, returning to a job he quit (Twice!) and spending 211 days straight in hospital while launching his now world famous podcast and consultancy business. Happiness is loading…….. Don’t forget to go to iainhighfield.com to book your free 30 minute power call.


28 Mar 2020

Rank #3

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Home schooling during Covid 19 – The magic of Montessori

During this episode Iain’s guest, Casey Hardigan, Montessori director and educator gives practical advice to parents that can help them create effective learning environments at home. During the Covid 19 crisis many parents are finding themselves in the strange situation of having to home their children. The evidence based information provided during this podcast can help parents relax and enjoy the opportunity of creating effective learning environments for their children at home. In true beyond the mind fashion, Miss Casey not only shares expert information, she gives parents ways they can practically apply it to help their child flourish. Happiness is loading…….


10 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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How & Why I Lost 80 Pounds in 6 Months – Tim Conaway

Tim is a working man, a husband and father, who in the last 6 months has lost over 80 lbs Tim is not super human and he faces the same life struggles that many of us face. But this did not stop him from changing his environment, changing his mindset and ultimately changing his life. Not even a previously shattered and now low functioning left shoulder would stop Tim on his mission to become more physically fit. Tune into this episode and hear how, having skin in the game, self reflection, a supportive team and a compelling motivation all fueled Tim to set an infinite goal and move from frustration to fulfillment. Be inspired to model Tim and take action. Happiness is loading………


22 Apr 2020

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How to stop unwanted habits.

In this episode Iain explains how a simple change to your physical and personal environment can help YOU reduce phone usage and spend time making human connections with your family. With many of us having to spend more time indoors, it is easy to just mindlessly scroll through your phone. But if you are someone who wants to break this habit, tune in to this episode to find out not just what you have to do, but HOW. Happiness is loading…… Don’t forget to go to iainhighfield.com to book your free 30 minute power call.


3 Apr 2020

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The 1 key to weight loss and feeling good in your body

The goal of the Beyond the Mind Podcast is to create positive change. We aim to build a community that helps people take action and change their environment. These environmental shifts will ultimately change your mindset and eventually change your life. In this episode Iain makes attempts to build a community of ‘average guys’ that are going to enjoy the process of a 30 day fitness challenge. Iain challenges not only his friends to join, he challenges you and on the podcast he makes his case as to why this is the only way to make strides towards your fitness and body confidence goals Happiness is loading………….


14 Apr 2020

Rank #7

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Confidence is a Myth – Strive for this instead

In this episode Iain discusses why confidence is not the holy grail for success. Instead of desiring confidence Iain explains another psychological skill that can help you become a better version of yourself. Iain then explains how you can apply this mental skill into your daily tasks and environment. Happiness is loading…………


15 Apr 2020

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How To Deal With Adversity

Ifyou want to be successful what is the most important skill you need? Iainexplains the single most important factor that has helped him move fromfrustration to fulfillment in the last decade. This mental skill is also theone that shows up over and over again in the high performing athletes andbusiness men and women he supports. Tunein and not only find out what this skill is but learn how to apply it into yourpersonal environment, so it changes your mindset and your life. Happinessis loading……. Don’tforget to go to iainhighfield.com to book your free 30 minute power call.


24 Mar 2020

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The Power of a Positive Reframe & how to action it.

Don’t just think about being more positive, action it! In this episode Iain talks about how some events in his life journey, that he perceived as negative, led to some of the best opportunities that shaped his career. In life we just never know if something is a good thing or a bad thing, therefore if we can develop the mental skill of positive re-framing we can accelerate our path to our goals and dreams. Happiness is loading…… Don’t forget to go to iainhighfield.com to book your free 30 minute power call.


6 Apr 2020

Rank #10

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Success Hack – You must action this if you desire success

During this episode Iain talks about how important asking for help is if you want to be successful. Iain explains how the encouragement and support from his friends and other people that he has asked for help, set him up for success. Success being happier and more fulfilled chasing his dream as apposed too building someone else’s. If you want to be successful and feel the fulfillment and happiness that comes from actioning a plan, this podcast is the one for you! It will give you practical advice that will not only enable you to find people who will help your journey to your goals, it might just help you do the same for others. Don’t forget you can ask Iain for help, book your free 30 minute power call – iainhighfield.com/call Happiness is loading……


10 Apr 2020

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Redefine YOUR Impossible – Tim and Jacko

Jacko, an ex professional rugby player and Tim an ex collegiate level rugby player were both forced to retire from the game they love due to serious injury. They now help people move better, get stronger and have fun with body weight training through their incredibly successful and effective business, ‘The School of Calisthenics’. It is here that Jacko and Tim have found a new purpose away from the rugby field. Injured, zero gymnastic experience, zero financial backing and zero digital marking experience, the boys had an idea that they could help people ‘redefine their impossible’ through teaching calisthenics online. To most it would have seemed impossible, but Tim and Jacko took action and it is now their reality. 7 years on their social media following has exploded and the boys are now a global brand that help thousands of people improve their quality of life. But it was not easy, what Impossibles did Tim and Jacko have to redefine on their journey? Tune in to this episode to be inspired by two absolutely awesome guys who exude all the qualities required to be successful. Please don’t just listen to the words, hear them and take action!!! Happiness is loading…….


24 Apr 2020

Rank #12

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Turning childhood dreams into reality – Inspiration from Yael Averbush USA soccer player

Yael Averbush was capped 26 time for the USA Womens Soccer Team. As a young girl she fell in love with the game of soccer and began to dream of representing her country. Yael went on to live her dream and is now helping others follow her footsteps through her mentoring and soccer coaching app, ‘Technefutbol’. What does it take to play for your country? What support systems do you need? How do you maintain your drive during hard times? What role does the environment play? All these questions are answered as Yael speaks about her journey from a young girl who loved to practice developing skills to winning international honors. This is a truly inspiring story that can help you build and action daily processes that will move you closer to your goals and dreams. Don’t just listen to Yael’s words of wisdom, take action! Happiness is loading………..


14 May 2020

Rank #13

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Motivation & inspiration for the entrepreneur – Kass Andrews, Kabe Design

In 2008 Kass Andrews was made redundant during the recession and saw only opportunity. Opportunity to ignite her entrepreneurial sprit and fuel her passion to be creative. Without a penny of redundancy money, zero investment and zero backing Kass launched Kabe Design. 12 years on she has created a brand and a business to be proud of. The edgy and elegant work of Kabe Design can now be seen all over the UK. Her ability to deal with adversity, her drive to succeed, networking prowess and visionary instinct all transcend during this inspiring podcast. Grab a coffee, a pen and a note book and get ready to take some actionable advice from an awesome female entrepreneur. Happiness is loading………..

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8 May 2020

Rank #14

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Morning Routine Motivation – Nathalie Filler

Morning routines are a vital part of living a successful life. There’s something magical about repeating the same positive habits every single day. However most people (including your podcast host) wake up in “reaction mode” by checking their email or logging into Facebook. A great morning routine is a series of actions that will have a positive impact on the rest of the day. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges to building a morning routine is knowing what habits to pick, that’s where todays guest comes in. Nathalie Filler is a coach and social media influencer with ‘atomic daily habits’. At the core of these habits is her morning routine. Tune into this podcast so you can begin to action some of Nathalie’s suggestions into your world. Happiness is loading………..


8 May 2020

Rank #15