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We are all recovering from something in life. We are all in the process of recovering from the disconnection from our true self. The goal of Recovery Squared is to change what it means to recover and move from labels of addiction, alcoholism, depression, disease, divorce, illness and other manifestations. We focus on the core internal work that is required for us to recover together regardless of the symptom. Recovery Squared is a platform of inspiration and possibility to recover fully and live a life of purpose. Recovery Squared is about moving beyond living clean and sober and taking a step beyond 12-step, AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and NA, Narcotics Anonymous into living your infinite potential. Some of the tools we cover on this show are biohacking, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, alternative recovery, recovery yoga, nutrition, neuroscience and a holistic lifestyle to transcend into a thriving life of purpose.

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The One Skill to Transcend All Drama in Your Life #19

Jacqueline believes in the importance of realizing that you’re creating what is happening right now. The words “I am” are more powerful than anything in the future. In this episode, she shares fascinating insights on The Drama Triangle, and how you too can get out of a victim mentality to square your own recovery.


5 Sep 2016

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How to Tap Your Way Into Recovering From Anything #14

Erin Hickok shares how she works with people who are processing negative thought patterns, phobias, traumas and anxiety. Through her work, which includes modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), she literally transforms lives and helps others square their own recovery.


15 Aug 2016

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How to Crush Your Limiting Beliefs into Truth and Love #15

In this show, I share how the Recovery Squared belief guide is a pathway into transformation. The guide focuses on our belief systems and how these beliefs are the foundation to what we create in our lives. Recovery is a step in the spectrum of transformation, and I want to help bring a conceptual understanding of how this process works. I share my experience in the creation of my addictions and judgments of myself as a small child. I also share my knowledge of the recovery process so that we can more fully stand in who we are created to be and live in possibility.


19 Aug 2016

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How to Respond and Recover in a Crisis #18

Faydra is an excellent example of someone who is squaring her recovery from extreme life events. When she was going through her personal crisis with her husband was sent to prison in a high-profile case, she realized she didn’t have anybody to turn to for help and support. So Faydra reinvented her business to specialize in crisis support. She’s proud to be an ambassador for people who’ve been through a high-end crisis and helped them find the tools and resources that will help them get past anything.


29 Aug 2016

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What to Do When You Cannot Do What the World Wants You to Do #17

Have you ever felt like what everyone else is doing or wants you to do doesn't work for you? Have you ever felt confused about doing something that is true to yourself, but resistance from others held you back? I share some current situations where this problem is present, but I also show how I can overcome this. Most of my life I was not strong enough to overcome these types of challenges and would lead to problems like addictions, depression, a toxic marriage and, trouble in school. We might find success in some areas of life while other parts are a hell. I share my path to restoring balance and crushing it in all areas of life.


26 Aug 2016

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How to Break Free From a Fractured Existence #9

Steve Wofford shares both his personal experience and how he has helped his coaching clients in resolving some of the fractured truth we live. Many of us live with fractured views of ourselves and hold judgments of our higher self. These judgments manifest in addictions, depression, disease and disorders. Living under fractured truth keeps us from living our Infinite Potential and the ability to create the life we truly desire. Recovery Squared is about recovering our true essence, but often we are faced with fractured views of ourselves. This show will help provide some insights to recover fully and live in our truth.


29 Jul 2016

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How Itatiaias Raw Naked Truth Turned a Model Into a Role Model #12

Itatiaia shares her story and her process in real-time. You will get to experience her healing in this show and provides an example of the stages of healing we go through. Itatiaia removes any stigma she was once holding by sharing the different levels of guilt she was carrying most of her life. Itatiaia reveals where many problems began early in life when dealing with sexual abuse by a family member. As she suffered from not feeling heard and loved, she resorted to the exterior beauty she holds in her international modeling career. When her modeling career waned, she fell into the world of getting naked for money to support herself. Trying to deal with the shame of her past she learned to cope with alcohol and became an alcoholic. Itatiaia’s amazing story of transformation begins when she found new life as she used plant-based raw food to help heal her alcohol addictions. She now shares her experience to help others transform their lives. What is so inspiring about his story is that she continues to grow deeper by removing the many layers of shame we can hold. Real leaders share their struggles through their vulnerability to help others. I hope she inspires you to make your next transformation.


8 Aug 2016

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How to Escape the Life of a Party Promoter to Conscious Connector with Jay Brown #10

Jay Brown is a light that shines brightly. Jay shares his story from the celebrity-filled parties he promoted, to falling into depression with suicide as an option after his divorce and sister's death. He took his people skills from helping people change the way they felt in a superficial way into helping people transform in a deep way through deep connections with themselves and others. Jay is helping make the world a better place and shares how you can experience transformation through connection with others.


1 Aug 2016

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The Last Thing to Do After a Police Pursuit #16

Vidal is a fine example of what squaring recovery means. Vidal shares a crazy story of driving drunk and getting into a high-speed police pursuit which ended in a bad traffic accident. This was his rock bottom and transformed his life from that moment. He shares how he transformed and Vidal is now helping people through is writing, podcast and one-on-one coaching.


22 Aug 2016

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How to Recover the Knowing of All Things for Your Life #11

In this episode, I will share the different levels I had experienced when either thinking I 'knew' or I didn't 'know.' During a time in my life when I thought I knew it all, I was all very disconnected from my truth in who I was that ended in a nightmare. I then went on a journey of not needing to know anything, but to remain in the present. Today I get to venture into knowing a general direction, but having faith in only my next step towards that end. In this show, I provide some insights using practical tools in living mindfully in the moment. I share my experience in dealing with pain, of the past and fear of the future and how it can alter our present realities. I hope you will walk away with some tools to help you know your next step in life and stand in your truth.


5 Aug 2016

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