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Si & Ron - Biscuit Jam

Click to Play Ron Watson & Si, the Flying Muppet, jam at the Albion College Horse Festival. Hat tip to Abby Cline.

8 Jun 2010

Rank #1

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Japanese Dog Catch Instruction

Click to Play Learn to do a Japanese Dog Catch.Instruction by Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe.

22 Apr 2010

Rank #2

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Muppet Scoot

Click to Play Si performs her soon to be Patented Muppet Scoot during a disc dog training session with Treats instead of Frisbees.

23 Dec 2009

Rank #3

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Tugging 101 with Indy

Click to Play Ron & Performance Foster Indy do some foundational Bitework.

1 Dec 2009

Rank #4

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Kitty Jam

Click to Play Kiva and Apryl are joined by their feline friend, LaVerne, for a Frisbee Jam Session. Music courtesy of The Spares

26 Nov 2009

Rank #5

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Brisk Morning Jam - Kiva and Juicy Juice

Click to Play Kiva and Juicy do a little workout.Apryl and Kiva work on dialing in Big Vaults and Ron and Juicy work on a little reverse leg vault.

19 Oct 2009

Rank #6

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Flag and Flash Cuing With Indy

Click to Play 1 year old performance prospect, Indy (now known as Reggae), gets a lesson on Flag and Flash Cuing from Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe.

7 Oct 2009

Rank #7

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Urban Jamming: Cleveland

Click to Play Rokalele, Kiva, Prima & Ska and Big Flow do a little jam on the waterfront in Downtown Cleveland.

19 Sep 2008

Rank #8

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Kiva & Friends - Pawsitive Vybe Pasture Jam

Click to Play Kiva, Mira, Petey, Soopy and Leilani do a little disc dog training jam in the pasture at the Pawsitive Vybe HQ. Just another beautiful Western Michigan day... Hope you enjoy... Peace,Ron 

2 Sep 2008

Rank #9

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Ron & Leilani: 2007 Incredible Dog Challenge Finals

Click to Play Ron & Leilani at the 2007 Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals.

8 Feb 2008

Rank #10