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This podcast is a free-for-all. Anything goes...meaning there are no restrictions. Amanda and I discuss anything and everything to make this podcast fun and entertaining. Usually, it’s with a drink in our hands.... Feel free to let us know if you have any interests or topics you would like us to discuss. Please be aware that this podcast is explicit. If you are a sensitive human being or dislike some of the topics we cover, PLEASE do not listen to this. We are working on creating a positive learning environment for everyone on various topics. Keep the negativity out of this. Thank you so much!

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Infertility awareness with Shannon

This episode we talk about infertility and the struggles of going through it mentally & physically. We discuss the wives tales of how to conceive and the applications Shannon uses on her phone for TTC and health. We hope you enjoy. Shannon Day's Instagram & Twitter handle: @shannons_dayApps for women's health: Glow and OviaApps for TTC: Premom, Femometer and Fertility Friend

1hr 6mins

24 Aug 2020

Rank #1

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Demo: I have joined the singles club

Felicia is unfortunately not with us anymore and it breaks my heart. But, I'm keeping it the same and adding a pinch of raunchy to it. New Episode this week, stay tuned.


17 Aug 2020

Rank #2

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EP 15: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder vs. ADHD, Depression, Social Media’s Influence on Mental Health

On this episode, we discuss how anxiety has been ruling our lives lately. We also get into bipolar disorder vs. ADHD and depression. Social Media has a huge influence on mental health these days. We discuss how it can ruin lives. And to end on a lighter note....we finish with discussing our very first college liquor go-to.

1hr 28mins

11 Aug 2020

Rank #3

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EP 14: Open Mindedness, Politics, Insecurities, Social Media, Childhood Traumas and Barstool

We discuss how the media can ruin society and the importance of being open minded. We also dive into politics, personal insecurities and their effects, social media destroying relationships, how your childhood affects your personal relationships and the Barstool Controversies out there. Don’t worry Dave, we love you always.

1hr 9mins

25 Jul 2020

Rank #4

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EP 13: COVID, Psych Patients, VACCINES, Scary Movies, Sports, First Dates, Disney Shows

We get emotional discussing COVID this week. Lots of details and interesting news...do we still believe all of this..? Also, VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!! As flu season is approaching, we can’t stress it enough for this year. Everyone should be getting vaccinated! We discuss the difficulties working with psych patients, scary movies, sports fan base, very first dates and classic Disney channel shows. Throwing it way back to Lizzie McGuire.

1hr 21mins

22 Jul 2020

Rank #5

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Please stay away if you are sensitive!

Please understand that these episodes/Podcast is explicit. This is a lifestyle podcast so we discuss everything and anything. If you do not like some of the topics listed, PLEASE do not listen. We are trying to create a positive atmosphere to help us grow as human beings and help others learn something too. This has been a lot of fun for us and we are trying to keep it that way. Special thanks to those who have supported us and listen weekly. You all are amazing and we cannot thank you enough.


14 Jul 2020

Rank #6

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EP 12: Drunk Decisions, Coping w/Late 20’s, Dating Life, MicroDosing and More w/Randi

Meet another best friend of ours: Randi Hudson. We get into embarrassing drunk moments, Irish Goodbyes, Fiori’s vs. Beto’s, coping with the late 20’s, commitment/casual dating, threesomes and microdosing. This is a very informative episode, but we recommend listening to this with an open mind. This helped us realize a lot about the decisions in life we make. We are hoping you take something from this episode as well!

1hr 33mins

13 Jul 2020

Rank #7

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EP 11: (Part 2) Sensitive Society, Beer/IPA, Jitney Drivers, Bartending, Porn, Strip Clubs with Joe

This is part 2 of our interview with Joe. We get into the heated topic of how sensitive our society is. We discuss beer vs. IPAs, Jitney drivers, Bartending harassment, Porn and strip clubs. Hilarious episode...just make sure the kids aren’t around for it...


3 Jul 2020

Rank #8

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EP 10: (Part 1) The Furry Convention, Crazy Girls, Guys at Bars, Porn and The Office with Joe

Meet one of our best friends Joe Jacovino. This is episode 1 of 2. We get into a ton of different topics this week. This episode is absolutely hilarious and will keep you entertained to say the least...

1hr 4mins

2 Jul 2020

Rank #9

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Ep 9: (Part 2) My Nose Surgery, Bartending/Bar Life, Single Life, Irish vs. Italian Temper and More

Part 2 with Amanda.... *this episode is explicit* Get to know us a little more on a personal level as we take a shot together! We get into my rhino/septoplasty surgery, the bar atmosphere, single vs. dating and Irish vs. Italian temper. This episode is similar to our day-to-day phone calls. Topics spiral into other completely different topics, so be prepared for an episode that jumps all over the place....but that’s just who we are when we are together!

1hr 14mins

29 Jun 2020

Rank #10