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I & II Thessalonians

No other book of the Bible gives a clearer sequence and detail of the events surrounding the glorious return of Jesus Christ than the two letters Paul writes to a young church at Thessalonica (Greece) who fear that their departed loved ones will be left behind when that great day comes.

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Preparing for the End

In this lesson, Paul outlines the actual order of events that will take place when Jesus returns.


2 Nov 2014

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8 Ways To Be Ready

In the final section of his letter to the Thessalonians Paul outlines eight ways to prepare for the sure return of Jesus Christ.


9 Nov 2014

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Intro to II Thessalonians

In his second letter to this church, Paul continues to encourage and praise them for their faithfulness and provides even more teaching about the second coming of Christ.


21 Nov 2014

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True Ministers

In this lesson, Paul defends against attacks by the false teachers in the Thessalonian church by listing the credentials that identify true ministers of God's word in every age.


19 Oct 2014

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True Churches

After having laid out the necessary credentials for recognizing true ministers of the gospel, Paul does the same for true churches.


26 Oct 2014

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