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The Freedom Network: 5D Toolkit

Here you will find tools, channellings & creations, from the audience and guests of The Freedom Network Live, an online heart centred broadcast, sharing real-time conversation, for raising the consciousness of this planet. Find Seanin Mouland on Facebook and The Freedom Network Live on youtube, to catch the shows. This podcast serves as a fifth dimensional, community-formed creation, for extending the experience of the live shows, and assisting in ascension and the raising of consciousness.

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Divine Child Meditation from ‘Wheelie Momma’ Blogger, Author & Clairvoyant Sarah Griffiths

A pure, loving and deeply emotionally healing meditation from the wonderful Wheelie Momma blogger, clairvoyant and author, Sarah Griffiths. ♥️


6 Dec 2019

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Healing Yak Bell with Jonathan Schleyer

Jonathan Schleyer is a meditation guide & conscious, caring, awake member of The Freedom Network community. Follow him via ‘Cosmic Buddies’ on Facebook for daily meditations and reflections.


6 Dec 2019

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Cradling The Sacred Child- Dr Joseph Delaney

This is something I use in The IAM Approach to Health and Wellbeing and if people want to find out more they can visit www.drjoedelaney.com... Dr Joe Delaney PhD CSci FIBMSConsultant Principal Lecturer in Integrative Medicine


29 Nov 2019

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Love & Gratitude Transmission with The Lyran Council- Nalinee Diosara

From Nalinee Diosara, of ‘Remembering Love & Light Language’: a space that brings us into love and gratitude with light language transmission from the Lyran Council.https://soulconnectionsnalinee.com/


29 Nov 2019

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Higher Truths from Katie Briscoe - when you need reminded!

A poignant, powerful transmission from the founder of LighterSide Chats, spiritual counsellor & channel, Katie Briscoe.


28 Nov 2019

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Love Expansion Transmission From Ana Isabel Espírito Santo

A love expansion transmission from the pure heart of love, Ana Isabel. Find her interview on The Freedom Network Live youtube channel.


27 Nov 2019

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Cindy Kim- ‘Honesty’ Light Language Transmission

A beautiful light language transmission from Cindy Kim


27 Nov 2019

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Sifu Boggie‘s Quan Yin Mantra: The Three Pure Ones

Here’s a mantra from Sifu Boggie, Daoist DragonDog Shaman and founder of our brother site, The Way of Conscious Mindfulness Network.


26 Nov 2019

Rank #8

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The Magdalena Song by Seanin Mouland & Alan McIntyre

A light language transmission which came through Seanin Mouland on Mary Magdalene’s feast day, in 2018. A musician called Alan McIntyre put it to music, as a surprise. Light language is a healing tool and raises the frequency of the listener. I hope you enjoy it.


25 Nov 2019

Rank #9

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What is The Freedom Network, and what can I get from this toolkit?

An introduction to the fifth dimensional, heart led offering waiting for you in this podcast....


25 Nov 2019

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