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Fear stops us from achieving our true greatness. Are you a professional woman who is feeling stuck, unmotivated or burned out? Are you worried about your wellness? Are you letting fear stop you from crushing your goals? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then this is the podcast for you. Dr. Charmaine Gregory, night shift Emergency physician, burnout thriver, and wellness champion, along with everyday heroes just like you will explore how to face fear in our lives and emerge victoriously.

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Cherry Chen, M.D. |Internal Medicine Hospitalist |The Real Estate Physician

In this episode, Dr. Chen shares some pearls related to overcoming the fear associated with getting involved with real estate.  Dr. Cherry Chen practices full-time as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist and is also the founder of The Real Estate Physician, a physician-forward resource on a mission to empower physician investors towards greater financial independence through commercial real estate investments for passive income.  The Real Estate Physician


15 Dec 2019

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Dr. Nneka Ichoku| Mom of 5|Physician |Entrepreneur |Acupuncturist

Nneka Ichoku, DO, MPH is a board-certified osteopathic family medicine physician with certification in medical acupuncture. She has a uniquely relate-able story of overcoming obstacles to carve out her special blend of edutainment and empowerment. She is also the owner and operator of Victorious Touch Acupuncture LLC offering osteopathic manipulative treatment and medical acupuncture focused on working on chronic stress and fatigue. She is a mother of 5, wife, physician and friend.   Dr. Nneka Ichoku social media links: FB https://www.facebook.com/Nneka-Ichoku-DO-MPH-630076547477778/ https://www.facebook.com/Victorious-Touch-Medical-Acupuncture-258213278278600/   LI: Nneka Ichoku DO, MPH, Victorious Touch Medical Acupuncture


6 Oct 2019

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TruthRxs with Dr. Errin Weisman

The amazing Dr. Errin Weisman (Life Coach| Physician| Podcaster) is back on the show. She talks about progress in her work in the area of physician burnout, current fears, and offers solutions to this ubiquitous problem - burnout.  Reach out Dr. Weisman: Social media @truthrxs Truthrxs.com Podcast - Doctor Me First


17 Nov 2019

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De'Nicea HIlton, DOM, FABORM - Doctor of Oriental Medicine| Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist

Discovering that Period Bypassing™ has infiltrated our everyday lives, including her own, De’Nicea Hilton, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (specializing in Oriental Reproductive Medicine) and Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist, is on a mission to shed light about this epidemic. In order to reduce the impact of Period Bypassing™, it begins with Holistic Menstrual Health education where De’Nicea teaches a multi-faceted perspective of the menstrual cycle that shatters the belief of what has been accepted as “normal” for what is healthy. She inspires women seeking holistic methods to support their quest not only for relief from menstrual cycle conditions or to get a positive pregnancy test, but for a more aligned and expressed Whole Being. From this new perspective, women begin to create a life FOR themselves instead of allowing things to happen TO them, taking a more active role in their healthcare and well-being.   Social media links: www.deniceahilton.com www.periodbypassing.com www.facebook.com/deniceahilton www.linkedin.com/in/deniceahilton www.instagram.com/deniceahilton www.pinterest.com/deniceahilton www.twitter.com/deniceahilton https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT9aFZOOLZWwaW0s-rmmszA   Here's the link for the courses: hrhacademy.thinkific.com/courses


11 Aug 2019

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Leah Steele - Mentor| Trainer| Writer| Speaker| Resilience| Burnout| Imposter Syndrome

Leah (lee-uh) is a mentor and trainer, speaker and writer focused on burnout, imposter syndrome and what it takes to really thrive at work. She has worked with professionals in the UK, Europe, and the USA to help them reverse burnout, improve imposter syndrome and truly thrive at work once more. After nearly two decades spent studying, qualifying and practicing in private legal practice, Leah took a career break to launch Searching for Serenity. Through her work Leah shares a combination of lived experience, tried and tested techniques and her highlights of the constantly developing psychological research in this field, to help professionals from all around the world create careers and lives they love. She is currently writing her first book, Burnout: The User's Guide, due to release on 1st August 2019 bit.ly/BurnoutTheBook Leah shares numerous pearls and insight into the ubiquitous nature of burnout.  Leah can be reached on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leahysteele/


21 Jul 2019

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Dr. Nilong Vyas - CEO Sleepless in NOLA

Dr. Nilong Vyas is a board-certified pediatrician and mother of two beautiful boys. ‘Sleepless in NOLA’, is a sleep consultancy practice where she teaches parents (both nationally and internationally) how to sleep through the night in a gentle and safe manner was founded by her 5 years ago. She passionately believes that well-rested children develop better socially, emotionally as well as educationally with fewer behavior problems. Dr. Vyas was recently named the Women in White Coats Hero of the Year for 2019!  Follow her on social media to see what she is up to. Potential clients can schedule a free consult at www.sleeplessinnola.com/consult.


3 Nov 2019

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Best of 2019: Dr. Becker|International Scholar|Infectious Disease Specialist and Dr. G

Looking at the most downloaded episodes from 2019, several topped the list. This is the first in a series of episodes highlighting the ones you listened to the most. Episode #14 featured Dr. Dawn Becker and was a delight to hear how her education landed her in three countries and three continents. She has the BEST stories! Episode #24 is a bit of my story and how I faced failure and fear at age 16 when I went to college.  In 2020, I have a new fear that I am facing. You may be able to help me with this one. On January 15, 2020, I am doing a webinar on the importance of podcasting for professional women in getting their voices heard and engaging their tribes.  Then, the week of January 20, 2020, I am launching my very first course - Podcasting for Professional Women 101. Talk about fear! I am being completely transparent when I say that I am both nervous and scared but I am doing it anyway!


5 Jan 2020

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NayaCare: Concierge newborn specialty care by Dr. Sonal Patel MD

Dr. Sonal Patel is a Board-Certified Pediatrician and a Neonatologist. She founded NayaCare: Newborn Speciality Clinic at Your Doorstep in 2017. This one-month evidence-based clinic is viewed as an extension of hospital care. Comprehensive care comprised of a Pediatrician, Lactation, and Counselor is delivered to your doorstep. By bringing care home, stressors are alleviated during this fragile time of maternal healing and family bonding. She is currently pursuing her Certification of Lactation. She is also an active member of Good Business Colorado, a Strong Economy Working Group, with a focus on bringing paid family leave to Colorado. She is married to her college sweetheart and is the proud mom of 4 boys.  In the Denver area or know a new mom that can use the service of NayaCare, contact Dr. Patel. sonalpatel@nayacare.org | nayacare.org


20 Oct 2019

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Fear Truths and Vulnerability

Do you play the when/then game?  When ____ happens then I will be ready. Let’s talk about some truths about fear and how vulnerability leads to courage. In this episode, we explore two of the fear truths addressed in Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.  Truth #1: The Fear Will Never Go Away As Long As I Continue to Grow Truth #2:  The Only Way to Get Rid of the Fear of Doing Something is to Go Out and Do It In order to successfully face fear and emerge victoriously, we have to be vulnerable. Brene Brown does an excellent job debunking myths about vulnerability in her book Dare to Lead. 


8 Sep 2019

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Bethany Braman RN - Mom of 5| ER Nurse| Athlete|Humanitarian

Bethany Braman is a mother of 5 amazing cherubs, ER nurse, athlete, and humanitarian who speaks boldly about her fears on this week's episode. She shares how she overcame fear early in her career as an ER nurse and how she is currently dealing with fear now.  Currently, Bethany is facing fear by training for the Detroit Marathon and concurrently raising money for a worthy cause (human trafficking awareness). Please support her crowdwise and this cause. http://bit.ly/BethanyCrowdwise  She also shares about her new passion for photography and the mentors she has encountered along the way.  Ashley Ann at SnapShop Online (Subscription based photo school, great blog, active on Instagram, Bethany's first photography instructor)   https://www.ashleyannphotography.com/snapshoponline/    Nancy at Ordinary Miracles Photography (Incredible personalized feedback--Bethany has taken all her classes)   http://www.ordinarymiraclesphotography.com/    Heather Robinson #aweekofmama starts Monday, July 15   http://www.illuminateclasses.com/heather-robinson/   More information on human trafficking - fact sheet:    Polaris Fact Sheet


14 Jul 2019

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Dr. G's Progress on Facing Her Fear of Public Speaking| August 2019

This podcast was started for selfish reasons. Mainly, I have a fear of public speaking. I mean, a real visceral fear. Please listen to Episode 001 where I tell the story of why Fearless Freedom with Dr. G was launched.  In this episode, recorded in raw form in the minivan outside of the dojo where our three cherubs are practicing karate, I give an update on my progress in this journey of facing my fear.  Pearls l learned so far: 1. Acknowledge the fear 2. Create an action plan  3. Carry out the plan  When we do these simple steps we have to be ready for the immense growth that comes with punching our fears in the face and emerging victoriously.  Looking forward to hearing about your victories so that we can celebrate together.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for listening to the podcast and getting us over the 3000 download threshold!! 


18 Aug 2019

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Best of 2019 |New Year New Fear |Dr. D The Frugal Physician| Dr. Cherry Chen The Real Estate Physician

Let's talk about my new fear for 2020. You will have to listen to find out what it is.  Recapping greatness with excerpts from episode #10 with Dr. D The Frugal Physician who shares about how to turn debt around and win and episode #52 with Dr. Cherry Chen The Real Estate Physician who shares about fear related to getting involved in non-traditional real estate investments.  Coming Attractions: Keep an eye out for the release of my Professional Women's Podcasting Course 1.0 and start your podcast, don't let fear thwart your growth and your path into your true greatness!


12 Jan 2020

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Lara Francisco PA-C - Medelita Founder

Lara Francisco PA-C is a female clinician-turned-entrepreneur who worked as an EM PA for over a decade before she made history by creating the first-ever lab coat for women. She used this experience to found Medelita, a medical uniform company with the mission to create exceptional medical apparel that meets the specific needs of her colleagues in medicine. In the years since then, Lara has grown Medelita to become the industry leader in tailored lab coats and scrubs built for performance, functionality, and style.   Tune in to hear how Lara faced her fears and conquered them in business and in life. medelita.com


4 Aug 2019

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Dr. G's Fall Progress Report on Facing Fear

It's that time again, already? Yes, it is. When I started this podcast journey in December 2018, I had no idea how much growth would happen almost a year later. Growth in your journey, my journey, and the Fearless Freedom Tribe. In this episode, we chat about ways I have been facing my fear since our last chat. My, how far we have come. I want to hear from you. Drop a comment so I can hear about your journey and the fear you are facing. 


10 Nov 2019

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Dr. G's End of Year Musings

There is so much to be thankful and grateful for in 2019. Can you believe that this podcast got started one whole year ago based on a desire to face my fear of public speaking?  In a year, we have had some amazing guests - doctors, lawyers, social workers, nurses, virtual assistants, podcasters, and coaches. In a year, you have had a front-row seat to watch my journey as I work on being better than I was before, punching fear in the face and emerging victoriously.  I am so grateful for your support. Thank you for listening, sharing, subscribing. As a result of your caring, the podcast has surpassed the 6000 unique download milestone. Thank you! Thank you for leaving comments and questions. Most of all, thank you for being you and for showing up.  We are a fearless tribe and we have done incredibly brave things in 2019.  Coming up in January, I am excited to share excerpts from 2019's most popular episodes. In addition, I am facing fear again and launching my Podcasting 101 for Professional Women course! Join in, create your podcast, and get your voice out there! Your tribe is waiting for you!


29 Dec 2019

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Cherilyn Tuz - Business Manager| Virtual Assistant

Cherilyn Tuz provides business management and administrative assistant services virtually.  In fact, she works on my team to help bring my podcast to you every week.   She's a wife and mom of 2 teens and practically a mind-reader when she works with you in your business.   Cherilyn, aka Cher, shares her journey in career changes and the fears she faced in shifting from one of her passions (health) into another of her passions (business).  She originally started in business management in her father's business in automotive parts, then moved on to manage a medical clinic.  After 17 years in the medical clinic, her career there ended and she had to find her purpose again. She found it in holistic health coaching.  Or so she thought.   Then ended up providing business management and administrative assistance virtually. Cher dropped several truth bombs in this episode.   She may be "behind the scenes" on this team, but she plays an important role. In addition to her talents of being organized, writing copy, and doing just everything, she's also able to hop on a podcast at a moment's notice and kill it.  


25 Aug 2019

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