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When President Ulysses S. Grant formed the Department of Justice in 1870, he made special provision for a bar of review regarding the new pass-time sweeping across the land: role-playing games. This bar was meant to establish a standard of quality to ensure that “neckbeards, dorks, geeks, quiet bookish girls, and Guys Who Are Way Into Anime, If You Know What I Mean” were not adversely affected by poorly drafted rule sets and incomprehensible lore dumps. In a nation still attempting to heal from the wounds of the Civil War, it was sadly necessary. Today, the RPG Review Board continues that proud tradition. Gamers can rely on the Board’s judgments, knowing that any game recommended by that august body has passed rigorous standards of fun-evaluation and only the most exacting tests for rules balance and accuracy.

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Episode 22: Star Wars 30th Anniversary Edition

Long, long ago in a decade far, far away, there was a different Star Wars and an RPG set in that very different galaxy. A galaxy where you could feel the Force. Stop sniggering! This is a family show.

1hr 6mins

15 Jul 2022

Rank #1

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Episode 21: In Chambers – Player Perspective

Sir, the players are revolting! They’re always revolting, but this time they’re taking over the microphones! Perpetual players Trey and Heidi talk about what it’s like to review RPGs from a player’s perspective.


1 Jul 2022

Rank #2

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Episode 20: Castles and Crusades

Revenge of the ampersand! Our judges take on a fantasy RPG with roots in many editions of the great grand-daddy of games that put words together with this funny little thingy in between. Are the judges amused? Entertained? Shaken, not stirred? Give a listen.

1hr 5mins

15 Jun 2022

Rank #3

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Episode 19: In Chambers – Gen Con 2022

Judges Adam and Nathan talk about Gen Con 2022. They review what they are attending, and what they are looking forward to at this year’s convention. More Megagames. More board games. More RPGs. More rules for grappling.


1 Jun 2022

Rank #4

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Episode 18: Atomic Highway

Let’s talk mutants in a blasted nuclear wasteland! No, let’s talk Mad Max biker gangs in a blasted nuclear wasteland! Well, we can agree on the wasteland. And that free PDFs can be pretty great.


15 May 2022

Rank #5

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Episode 17: In Chambers – RPG Beginnings 2

We return to memory lane, this time with Trey and Nathan. They discuss how they got started in the hobby and reminisce about the environment, culture, timelines, and games they experienced early in their gaming career.


1 May 2022

Rank #6

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Episode 16: The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition

Open the Cryo-Tubes! Behold a game frozen in time! Join the judges as they examine a game from the early history of the hobby returned to life in the modern world.


15 Apr 2022

Rank #7

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Episode 15: In Chambers – Fantasy in RPGs

Our most self-important judges talk about why modern and science fiction settings for RPGs play a distant second fiddle to the fantasy genre. Come for the five-dollar words, stay for the obscure references.


1 Apr 2022

Rank #8

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Episode 14: Modern AGE

Vehicular manslaughter. It happened and this game made it happen. Need we say anything more?


15 Mar 2022

Rank #9

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Episode 13: In Chambers – Solo RPGs

Sometimes, you can find yourself with more RPG groups and games than you know what to do with. Other times, you may find your dance card empty. How can you engage with the tabletop RPG hobby when it’s just you and a room full of shiny dice? Two of our judges address that very subject in this episode.


1 Mar 2022

Rank #10