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God Is For You with Sheila Walsh

Your destiny isn’t determined by your history. No matter what you’ve gone through or where you’ve been, God is inviting you to take the next step. Author, Bible teacher and LifeToday co-host Sheila Walsh shares personal and practical advice in combination with Bible truth from God's Word. Learn more about Sheila and get FREE resources at SheilaWalsh.com.

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S1E4: What Am I Doing Wrong?

It can be frustrating if you feel that God has gifted you in a certain way or a special calling and it seems like the doors keep slamming. Sheila reminds us of the story of Joseph, and that God is more interested in who we are becoming than what we are doing. Learn more about Sheila and her FREE resources at http://SheilaWalsh.com


14 Nov 2019

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S1E2: Where Is God?

Where is God in the moments when you come to the end of yourself? What about the days when we feel like we aren’t enough? Does God actually expect us to have it altogether? Join Sheila for the second episode in her series, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. Sheila explains where God is in the midst of our circumstances and what our identity is no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and go to sheilawalsh.com to download free resources.


1 Nov 2019

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S1E3: When Life Feels Out of Control

What do you do when you've been praying for God to move in a situation and it just feels like life is out of control? Listen to this week's focus on It's Okay Not to Be Okay as Sheila reminds us all that God is still for us. Learn more about Sheila and her FREE resources at http://SheilaWalsh.com


7 Nov 2019

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S2E2: Praying Women Bible Study – Week 1

Join author and teacher, Sheila Walsh, for her latest Bible study on prayer. In this series, Sheila teaches how to pray in the midst of any circumstance and answers the hard questions so many believers find themselves asking about prayer. The Praying Women Bible Study includes eight teachings and bonus content you can download and watch anywhere. The study can be done individually or with your small group from church! Register to start now at SheilaWalsh.com/pray


8 Apr 2020

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S2E1: When My Heart Is Overwhelmed

A special message from Sheila about anxiety during times of fear and uncertainty. Learn more about Sheila and her FREE resources at http://SheilaWalsh.com


8 Apr 2020

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