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Exploring the importance of creativity, play and imagination across society. Hosted by Steven Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long, Ph.D. Produced by the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, in partnership with the National Creativity Network. ... 'The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.' – Carl Jung

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Marghanita Hughes on Educating the Heart through Nature Art

We'll explore how to nurture children's creative intelligence, ways to incorporate nature into learning experiences and more with Marghanita Hughes. Marghanita is a nature art teacher, an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator, a naturalist, and founder of the “Let’s Go Outside” Revolution.“I grew up in a home where art, nature and books were the stuff of everyday life. My parents, both art teachers, allowed me the freedom to roam wild and my young mind was free to wander, explore and discover in the beautiful country-side of Scotland. That sense of awe and wonder has never left me. It’s what drives me to explore more, not just in art and nature but in life itself. The more I discover and learn the more I wish to share. I believe if we inspire a love for nature in a child, it will lead to a desire to protect it. My overwhelming goal is to nurture the Body, Mind and Spirit in each child in my classes I teach and indirectly through the teachers in my workshops.” -- Marghanita Hughes


9 Jun 2015

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PSFK's Piers Fawkes on Future Innovation and Tech Trends

Our guest is Piers Fawkes,  founder and editor-in-chief of PSFK, a daily source of new ideas for creative professionals. We'll explore future trends shaping innovation and technology across sectors. Find out more about Piers and PSFK.


18 May 2011

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Exploring Creativity in Play with Co-Hosts Steven Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long

"Creativity in Play" co-hosts Steven Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long talk about the themes of creativity and play and the role they play in the themes that will be explored on future shows.


11 Oct 2010

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NYT Columnist David Pogue on Innovation and the Value of Simplicity in Design

New York Times Tech Columnist David Pogue reviews trends in consumer technology and the online world. We'll explore innovation, the challenges in bringing innovation to market, and the value of simplicity in design. Discover more about David:http://www.davidpogue.com/. David is part of the opening keynote on "Disruptive Creativity: How Bright Ideas Can Change Everything" at the Advancing Creative Thinking: Imagination to Innovation Conference in Ridgefield, Connecticut, on April 27.   We'll also talk about his panel with Sir Ken Robinson and Daniel Pink, which will be November 16 at the Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma City.


27 Oct 2010

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Sheila Bender on Finding the Creative in Writing

We'll talk with poet, essayist and author Sheila Bender about tapping into our creativity to write from personal experience. Sheila is an accomplished author of many books about writing, including Creative Writing Demystified. She teaches university courses and workshops about writing for several organizations and conferences, as well as online courses.


5 Jun 2015

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Mary Catherine Bateson on Creativity, Learning and Active Wisdom

Join cultural anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson to explore her new book, "Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom." We'll also talk about creativity and learning, which are frequent themes throughout her work. She's also the author of "Composing a Life," "Our Own Metaphor," and "Peripheral Visions," as well as a memoir, "With a Daughter's Eye: A Memoir of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson."


21 Oct 2010

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Fran Sorin on Digging Deep to Unearth Your Creative Roots Through Gardening

We'll talk with author Fran Sorin about the connections between gardening and creativity, and how gardening can be a creative tool for enhancing joy and well-being. Fran is the author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening.


21 Apr 2015

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Cheryl Merrill on Finding Creativity Among the Elephants and Nature

We'll talk with writer Cheryl Merrill about her applied creativity work documenting elephants in Africa, as well as her forthcoming book, Larger than Life, Living in the Shadows of Elephants. Find out what elephants have to teach us about creativity, learning, writing ... and being human. Cheryl writes about her experience with elephants: "Together. Inhabiting the earth. Lives enlarged."


3 Mar 2015

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Mara Kaplan on Creating Places for Play for People of All Abilities

We'll explore what it means to plan, design and implement accessible and inclusive playspaces for children with and without disabilities, as well as how different types of organizations -- from manufacturers and retail stores to parks districts and community groups -- can ensure that all children have the best play opportunities possible. Our guest is nationally recognized play and playspaces expert Mara Kaplan, founder of Let Kids Play!RESOURCES:Accessible Playgrounds Playworld Systems: Playground 101


17 Feb 2015

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Krylyn Peters on Creativity to Overcome Fear, Handle Stress & Manage Transitions

We'll explore with Krylyn Peters how to overcome fear and use creativity for wellness and good mental health. Plus, we'll find out more about the online "Creativity & Wellness Summit 2014" that Krylyn has curated. Krylyn is a licensed professional counselor (psychotherapist), certified life coach, and singer/songwriter. Find out more about Krylyn and the summit.


30 May 2014

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Landscape Architect Adam White on Community Engagement, Play and Design

We'll explore how quality play space design can emerge through collaboration with one's community, as well as the importance of public space for children's health and well-being with award-winning landscape architect Adam White. Plus, we'll find out more about Adam's latest project, Dinton Pasture Nature Play Park in Wokingham, England. Adam is director of Davies White Landscape Architects in London, and co-author of Nature Play: Managing & Maintaining Playful Landscapes.


15 May 2014

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Michael Conforti and Loralee Scott-Conforti on the Creative Unconscious

We'll explore with Michael Conforti and Loralee Scott-Conforti how to understand and tap into the creative unconscious, how creativity can be better understood from an interdisciplinary perspective, and the role that archetypes play in creativity. Michael Conforti is a Jungian analyst and the founder and director of The Assisi Institute, and Loralee Scott-Conforti is the executive director of The Assisi Institute, as well as a producer, writer, lecturer and choreographer. The Assisi Institute is an educational center dedicated to the study and application of Archetypal Pattern Analysis.


27 Mar 2014

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Artist Kimberly Camp on Defining the Muse in Creativity, Education and Beyond

We'll explore creativity, learning, art, democracy and more with artist and gallery owner Kimberly Camp. As an artist, Kimberly's paintings and dolls have been shown throughout the US in over 100 solo and group exhibitions. As an arts administrator, she held leadership roles at the Smithsonian Institution and the Charles Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, as well as headed the Barnes Foundation (where John Dewey served as the first president and director of education). She is the author of the forth-coming book, Defending the Dead: The Totally True Story about the Barnes Foundation Transformation, about her time at the Barnes Foundation and its many recent changes. Kimberly currently runs Galerie Marie in n Collingswood, New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia.


26 Nov 2013

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Harvard's Tony Wagner on Creating Innovators at School

We'll explore what it takes to create innovators, starting in school, with Tony Wagner, the author of Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change The World. We'll look at why innovation is today’s most essential real-world skill and what young people need from parents, teachers, and employers to become the innovators of America’s future. Plus, what does all of this mean for innovation and creativity in the workplace? Tony is the first Innovation Education Fellow at the Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, and has written several books, including  The Global Achievement Gap.


16 Jul 2013

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Randy Dixon on Improv and Creativity

We'll explore how the mindset that makes improvisation work can also help us unlock more of our creativity in general. Our guest is Randy Dixon, artistic director of Unexpected Productions and the author of  Improvisation, Being Present: Spontaneous Storytelling and the Art of Improvisation. Plus, we'll find out what good stories, play and dreams have to do with all of this.


8 May 2013

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Playworks Founder Jill Vialet on Meaningful Play

We'll explore how meaningful play and physical activity can help improve the health and well-being of children with Jill Vialet, the CEO and founder of Playworks.


26 Apr 2013

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Lisa Sonora Beam on Being a Creative Entrepreneur

We'll explore how to integrate your creativity and purpose -- and make a living -- with artist, therapist, and business strategist Lisa Sonora Beam. Lisa is the author of The Creative Entrepreneur: The DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real.


6 Sep 2012

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Vince Gowmon on Moving from Work to Play

We'll explore the role of play in helping us express who we are at an authentic level in whatever we do and how to feel truly fulfilled in our careers, and lives as a whole ... with Vince Gowmon, founder of Remembering to Play Events.


19 Jun 2012

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Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel on Creativity, Brain and Learning

We'll explore the role of the unconscious mind on learning, memory, creativity and learning with neuroscientist Eric Kandel, the author of the new book, The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind and Brain. Kandel mixes science, medicine and art to help us better understand the the human mind and behavior. His work -- including the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000 -- explores how the nerve cells in our brains give rise to perception, memory, emotion, empathy and creativity.


8 May 2012

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Erin Kenny on Creativity, Nature and Early Childhood

We'll explore the intersection of creativity, play and nature with Erin Kenny, director of the Cedarsong Nature School. Find out how the school's mission to provide opportunities for direct experience with nature helps increase awareness of and connection to the natural world in order to foster compassion and empathy for the earth and all of its inhabitants.


1 May 2012

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