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Archaeology? That’s like dinosaurs and stuff isn’t it? Nope. Learn about what archaeology is really all about and how people work within it.

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Career in Ruins: Walking and talking, your way

In this Festival of British Archaeology special Career in Ruins gets a significant upgrade as Lawrence is joined by Neil Redfern (CEO, Council for British Archaeology) with a special guest appearance by Matt Williams (Time Team legend and RSPB reserves archaeologist) in Derek’s absence. The podcast was recorded on-location at RSPB Arne where the team explore the importance of archaeology against the backdrop of this year’s festival theme “exploring local places”. Lawrence, Neil and Matt discuss the many ways to celebrate and enjoy natural and cultural heritage and the opportunities for archaeologists to share local and hidden heritage with the wider public.   Hosted by Lawrence Shaw Artwork by Ed Hudspeth Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (Bucketofsound.com)


27 Jul 2021

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Dig4arch Special

In this Dig4arch special Derek and Lawrence talk to people behind the new campaign that aims to send a clear message that archaeology matters, Dr Chloë Duckworth (Newcastle University) and David Connolly (BAJR). They discuss the current risks to archaeology and explore some of the ways to overcome them the panel are joined by representatives from key organisations within the discipline to explore a range of issues, Kate Geary (CIFA), Neil Redfern (CBA) and Kenneth  Aitchison (FAME). The panel also discuss what you can do to help protect archaeology’s future and how future archaeologist might shape the discipline.  Find out more here dig4arch.co.uk  Hosted by Lawrence Shaw and Derek Pitman Artwork by Ed Hudspeth Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (Bucketofsound.com)


11 Jun 2021

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S3 Ep 6: A career in the skies

This episode we are joined by Dr Toby Driver, Senior Investigator (Aerial Survey) at the Royal Commission Wales. Toby discusses his career in archaeology, how he got into aerial research and how the process works. We also discuss a number of things that have caught our attention, including the passing of Victor Ambrus (Time Team), the lost stone circle of Stonehenge and the Great British Dig.


23 Feb 2021

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S3 E5: A career in commercial archaeology

This episode we are joined by Gareth Chaffey, Senior Project Manager at Wessex Archaeology.  Gareth discusses his career in archaeology, his experimental partnership with Butser Ancient Farm and  how he taught Derek everything he knows. Derek, Lawrence and Gareth also discuss new jobs, commercial archaeology and share some secrets about he CiR twitter feed. NOTE: this episode was recorded in late 2020 Hosted by Lawrence Shaw and Derek Pitman Artwork by Ed Hudspeth Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (Bucketofsound.com)


16 Feb 2021

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S3 Ep4: A career across the divide

This week we are joined by Dr Sadie Watson, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at MOLA.  Sadie discusses her archaeolgoical background, her fellowship in ‘Measuring, maximising and transforming public benefit from UK Government infrastructure investment in archaeology' and her work on the amazing Bloomberg excavation . Derek, Lawrence and Sadie also discuss podcasts, the future of archaeology in the UK and metal detecting reality TV. Hosted by Lawrence Shaw and Derek Pitman Artwork by Ed Hudspeth Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (Bucketofsound.com)


23 Dec 2020

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S3 Ep3: A career in the wild woods

This week we are joined by Matt Ritchie, Archaeologist for Forestry and Land Scotland. Matt discusses his diverse career, love of innovative outreach and his particular passion for Ferries. Derek, Lawrence and Matt also discuss the value of local heritage and how its managed as well as delving into the contentious issue of the Stonehenge tunnel project. Hosted by Lawrence Shaw and Derek Pitman Artwork by Ed Hudspeth Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (Bucketofsound.com)


22 Nov 2020

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S3 Ep2: A career in environmental interactions

This week we are joined by Kristina Douglass, Joyce and Doug Sherwin Early Career Processor in the Rock Ethics Institute and Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African Studies, Penn State Collage. Kristina brings her fascinating prospective to how she became the leading professional that she is today, as well as discussion around the positive outcomes from Covid and research, multiculturalism, and the role of archaeology in re-evaluating historic racial narratives. Derek, Lawrence and Kristina also discuss her work in Madagascar, extinct flora and fauna and the pit falls of archaeological interpretation when looking at the computer game Fall Guys. Hosted by Lawrence Shaw and Derek Pitman Artwork by Ed Hudspeth Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (Bucketofsound.com)

1hr 3mins

10 Oct 2020

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S3 Ep1: Star Trek special

In this extended special, Career In Ruins forms an alliance with ArchaeoDuck to delve into the use of archaeology and anthropology in the Star Trek franchise. The podcast is an extended version of “Star Trek Archaeology, which can be found at the link below. Who are the best and worst archaeologists in the various series? What do Star Trek and archaeology have to do with colonialism? Will Professor Galen ever remember to wear gloves when handling ancient objects? And why do we all have such a crush on Benjamin Sisko? We tackle these questions and more, with plenty of juicy clips and a few unintentional quips. Sit back (preferably with a cup of Earl Grey tea, hot), and enjoy. Did you enjoy hearing from Archaeoduck? You can hear much more from her incredible YouTube channel. Archaeoduck YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/archaeoduck Archaeology and Star Trek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKpqJvwwwMw&t=781s  Hosted by Lawrence Shaw, Derek Pitman and Chloë Duckworth  Artwork by Ed Hudspeth Sound production and theme tune by Guy Dowsett (Bucketofsound.com)

1hr 8mins

30 Sep 2020

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Archaeology and the Climate Change Conundrum

This week the team are joined by a fantastic panel to discuss climate change and the historic environment. This special episode, produced on behalf of CITiZAN (Coastal Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network), has been made specifically for the Council for British Archaeology’s, Festival of Archaeology Digital Week. Derek and Lawrence are joined by CITiZAN Project Manager, Caroline​ Barrie‑Smith, Director of the Council for British Archaeology, Neil Redfern, Head of Environmental Strategy at Historic England, Dr Hannah Fluck and specialist in Pleistocene landscapes at the University of Southampton, Dr Rachel Bynoe. The panel reflect on how climate change is affecting archaeology and the historic environment both in a positive and negative way and assess where the profession stands in the climate change crisis debate. The team finish off with a quick trip in the time machine which throws up some interesting questions.


19 Jul 2020

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S2 Ep10: A virtual career

This week’s pod sees a three-way conversation between presenters Derek Pitman, Lawrence Shaw and their guest Stu Eve. The three of them reflect on aspects of the news that week, space travel and archaeology and have a game of DomuTrumps (not a typo). We also get great insight into Stu’s career which ranges from setting up a commercial archaeology consultancy with his business partner to developing research around virtual reality and phenomenology.

1hr 3mins

23 Jun 2020