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The View from Venus is a new podcast created and produced by Mary Churchill and Meg Palladino, the founders of the University of Venus blog at Inside Higher Ed. Like The View, The View from Venus is a talk show hosted by women with invited guest experts related to the topic of the day. We offer tips on surviving and thriving in the academy as well as successfully navigating work life integration. Our goal is to bring you 20 minutes of fun and laughter along with some solid takeaways.

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#6 - Podcasting and Public Engagement with Hannah McGregor

Topics Discussed in this Episode:If you could have a year’s supply of anything, what would it be?The pros and cons of podcasting as a form of public engagement for womenGendered politics of the voice and expectations about what a listenable voice should sound like.Podcasting as one of the safest spaces for women doing public work because if people hate you, they just won’t listen.The practice of hate-reading and hate-skimming blog posts and using them as a platform for women-hating.The policing of women’s voices and the different expectations around vocal style in the medium of podcasts.Early 20th century middlebrow magazines as a formative public space for women writers and thinkers.The role of middlebrow magazines as spaces for making and maintaining race, class, and gender.The making of Witch, Please, Hannah’s podcast about the Harry Potter world.The importance of using podcasts as a space for using our academic training and knowledge to resonate with wider listeners.Hannah’s newest podcast, Secret Feminist Agenda, is like a really good bar conversation at the end of the day of the conference.The experimental peer review process of Secret Feminist Agenda and the importance of rethinking our approach to peer review.The skill set of making a podcast and the skill set of teaching a class are remarkably similar.Pitch yourself as a guest on a podcast that you listen to and tell us how it goes.Resources Discussed in this Episode:Hannah McGregorMarcelle KosmanWitch, Please podcastSecret Feminist Agenda podcastWilfrid Laurier University Press peer-reviewed podcastingThis American Life episode If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPSAnother Round podcast with Tracy Clayton and Heben NigatuSo You Want to Start a Podcast by Kristen MeinzerAlice Munro, Canadian authorSSHRC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council)Music Credits: Magic by Six UmbrellasSound Engineer: Ernesto Valencia


5 Dec 2019

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#7 - Setting Boundaries and Avoiding Academic Burnout with Leslie Wang

Topics Discussed in this Episode:if you left your current professional life behind and ran away to follow your dreams, what would you be doingHow and why Leslie combined a traditional academic position with a life coaching business on the side. Why getting tenure is often a time of an identity crisis and when you question your purpose more deeply. How being a coach helps Leslie have a direct impact on women in higher ed.How coaching skills improve teaching, research, and mentorship of students. Why academic women experience burnout and how to prevent burnout through value-based boundary setting.Why taking naps is important self-care.The importance of active listening for academics and why we need more of it.How to Identify internal blocks like guilt and hyper responsibility to others. The problem of overwork and busyness as core to academic culture.The importance of celebrating successes and creating a culture that celebrates success and values people. Top tips for avoiding academic burnout: take naps, say no, take lunch hour walks, express gratitude, stop competing over who is working hardest, and invest in yourself first.Resources Discussed in this Episode:Leslie WangLeslie’s coaching businessThe Slow Hustle MastermindBob RossMusic Credits: Magic by Six UmbrellasSound Engineer: Ernesto Valencia


12 Dec 2019

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#5 - Dealing with Imposter Syndrome with Mikaela Kiner

EPISODE NOTESTopics Discussed in this Episode:.If you could have one superpower, what would it be?Ways to deal with imposter syndrome.Recognizing and labeling imposter syndrome. The link between perfectionism and imposter syndrome.How can you get your butterflies flying in formation?Helping people embrace their unique strengths as opposed to do this, don't do that.The experiences of mid-career women who have been silenced, excluded, or talked over in the room. The importance of mentoring and coaching to create a safe space to talk with someone who is not judging you. The isolation of the faculty role and the importance of connecting with others outside of academia. At the end of the day, we’re all human. Resources Discussed in this Episode:ReverbMichelle Obama and imposter syndrome and I’m good enoughBrene Brown and I am enoughBattle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace podcastFemale Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the WorkplaceMusic Credits: Magic by Six Umbrellas


21 Nov 2019

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#4 - Doing All The Things with Roopika Risam

Topics Discussed in this Episode:Using deadlines, invited talks, and conference presentations to advance a larger project (book, digital project).Focusing on the work you want to do, not the work other people want you to do. Using Asana and TickTick to manage projects and to-do lists. Building your network through friends, colleagues, and social media.Disseminating research on social media, through open access, and institutional repositories.Taking advantage of times of the day that are best for writing vs. responding to email. Faculty-librarian collaboration. Computational textual analysis of The Baby Sitters Club books.Leaving moments open for opportunities that make you think differently and connect you to new people.  Resources Discussed in this Episode:Roopika RisamTorn Apart/SeparadosNew Digital WorldsVisualizing the Global Du BoisAsanaTickTickMusic Credits: Magic by Six Umbrellas


14 Nov 2019

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#3 - Raising Your Profile with Jeanne Zaino

Topics Discussed in this Episode:Promoting and celebrating other women in academia through networks of women.Self-promotion can feel like bragging and can make you uncomfortable.Promoting the work of faculty is important to the university and society.Ways that institutions can structure and increase the promotion of faculty work.The solitary life of the academic and the advantages of being part of a larger community.Women Also Know and University of Venus as models of women promoting other women.Recognizing and celebrating more mainstream publications such as op-eds and podcasts.Providing op-ed writing workshops and training faculty and public relations offices on methods for publicizing faculty work.Developing a fast-response team to help faculty and staff respond effectively to media requests.The need for a critical mass of female leaders on campus to change the culture to get women more comfortable with self-promotion.Getting over the idea that your work speaks for itself and that someone will find it.Finding a way to talk about and share your work in a way that you can be proud of.Resources Discussed in this Episode:Jeanne Zaino, Iona CollegeUniversity of Venus blog post on raising your profile on campusWomen Also Know StuffThe ConversationMusic Credits: Magic by Six Umbrellas


7 Nov 2019

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#2 - Feminist Witchcraft and Mental Clarity with Erica Feldmann

Topics Discussed in this Episode:Learn more about how your home or office space can be an effective tool for mental clarity.Reclaiming the title of witch as a way to re-center and stay grounded.Creating a business instead of doing a PhD.Using your blog and Instagram community as a launchpad for a brick and mortar store.Radical feminism and anti-capitalism as a form of community building post-2016 election.The advantage of getting political with your business.Embracing your office as a second home and making it feel as good as you can.Cultivating focus by identifying what is taking away from your ability to concentrate.Using scent in your office as a way to take a break, clear your mind, and refocus.The importance of setting boundaries.Tips for introverts on developing community.Tips for academics on creating mental clarity including getting back into your body through dance, yoga, meditation and 20-minute power naps and getting outside and taking a walk.Hanging out with people who make you feel energized and intentionally including "pink" meetings that in your day.Resources Discussed in this Episode:Erica FeldmannHausWitchHausMagickGender and Cultural Studies program, Simmons UniversityWitchcraze by Anne Llewellyn BarstowSilvia FedericiHausWitch blogSuzanne LeonardIG platformFocus PocusRescue RemedyBoundaries in a BottleDori MidnightMusic Credits: Magic by Six Umbrellas


31 Oct 2019

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#8 - International Partnerships and Collaboration with Itir Toksöz

Topics Discussed in this Episode:Itir’s journey to international work.Tips for international partnerships.Challenges and barriers to international partnerships.The importance of building relationships in building partnerships. Resources Discussed in this Episode:Itir Toksoz at University of VenusMusic Credits: Magic by Six UmbrellasSound Engineer: Ernesto Valencia


19 Dec 2019

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2.1 - Strategic Service Work and Accreditation with Lisa Ijiri

Topics Discussed in this Episode:If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?The importance of pink meetings in your day, with people who are either a nurturing or catalyzing influence.Avoiding green meetings with people who are inhibiting or toxic.The importance of building time for networking off campus into your calendar.Determining what makes for a good committee assignment.Choosing service work that helps you build your network outside of your home department.How and why to get started with accreditation work on your campus.Accreditation as peer review, telling your story to others at peer institutions.Accreditation provides opportunities for faculty to interact with folks on campus that they don't normally interact with.How to become part of a visiting accreditation team.Annual accreditation meetings as ideal regional networking opportunities.Resources Discussed in this Episode:Lisa Ijiri at Lesley UniversityThe Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile and Steven KramerMassachusett's ACE Women's NetworkNECHEStandard Four: The Academic ProgramsNECHE Annual MeetingMusic Credits: Magic by Six UmbrellasSound Engineer: Ernesto Valencia


30 Jan 2020

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2.10 Faculty Well-being and Productivity with Rebecca Pope-Ruark

Topics Discussed in this Episode:Tips and advice for preventing burnout.Ways to support faculty well-being. Rebecca's forthcoming book,  Professor Burnout: Identifying, Addressing, and Destigmatizing Faculty Burnout in Higher Education. The relationship between burnout and productivity.Lessons for creating boundaries and doing good boundary maintenance.The relationship between coaching and well-being and how this fits into Rebecca's career trajectory. Resources Discussed in this Episode:Rebecca Pope-RuarkGeorgia Tech Center for Teaching and LearningAgile Faculty: Practical Strategies for Managing Research, Service, and TeachingSlow Hustle Mastermind with Katie LinderMusic Credits: Magic by Six UmbrellasSound Engineer: Ernesto Valencia


16 Apr 2020

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2.8 Brave Conversations with Judy Neufeld

Topics Discussed in this Episode:What are you hoarding while you stay at home during COVID-19?Ways to help women reach their full potential.Barriers to women's success.Staying active and connecting with others while practicing physical distancing. How to have brave and difficult conversations. Resources Discussed in this Episode:Judy NeufeldSpark SisterhoodEmerge AmericaMusic Credits: Magic by Six UmbrellasSound Engineer: Ernesto Valencia


2 Apr 2020

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