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QueensCast is the ultimate fan guide to the Orlando Pride of the National Women's Soccer League. Every week we hunt down all the Pride news, rumors, and analysis.

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QueensCast: Episode 70 - Morgan Madness Engulfs the US, While A Giant Kangaroo Army Attacks Brazil

Internationals! Both home and abroad our Pride Queens came to dominate! Join QueensCast, as we fix our sights on the playoffs, we span the globe and talk new blood showing off their abilities and Superstars waiting for the big game. As season is rapidly descending on us, get ready, because we hope to be there till end! #LETSSCORE


22 Sep 2017

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QueensCast: Episode #114 - Marta Queen of the Game

Orlando Pride are prepping for their last game of the season and Marta is making headlines, for good reason. NWSL attendance numbers are under review and we’ve got UCF Women’s Soccer updates for you. This is an episode that won’t be a bore, as we break it down and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


7 Sep 2018

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QueensCast: Episode #116 - Coming Out on the Other Side

The NWSL season is coming to a close with Championship Finals in sight. Orlando Pride is making changes and Tom didn’t win that fight. We talk about USWNT CONCACAF Championship roster selections and NWSL Best XI. Take a seat because we’re dishing up more - - - #LETSSCORE


21 Sep 2018

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QueensCast: Episode 72 - We gotta’ FEVER! PLAYOFF FEVER! The final ladies are invited to the ball and they're ready to kick it!

So we bring you all the goods on the Orlando Pride vs. Portland. We cap our thoughts where we’re going and how we got here. MORE! MORE! MORE! WE have MORE! We’ve got Tom Sermanni for more more! We’ve got the GOAT taking the POTM for more! More votes! More rankings! More murals! More soccer for the whole city as a whole! More, more, more so #LETSSCORE!


6 Oct 2017

Rank #4

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QueensCast: Episode #121 - Now Accepting Applications

More positions now open with Orlando Pride! Take a listen as Jay and Luis run down what we’re missing as the 2019 continues to inch closer. NWSL extends to 33 weeks next year and we talk about how international play will effect the season. It may be the offseason but are bringing you more, so take it all in and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


30 Nov 2018

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QueensCast: Episode 71 - PLAYOFFS – When All The Ladies In Our House Say HEY!

Here we go all the way to North Carolina to battle the Courage for a place at the big table back in our own house! The 2017 NWSL Championship playoffs are upon us! With the Pride’s last season game coming on Saturday, September 30 7:30pm against the North Carolina Courage in WakeMed Soccer Park, we ask ourselves: What will we learn from this last game? With BACK-to-BACK in North Carolina what will we learn? Will we rest up or run full-tilt? Tune into today’s episode as Jay and Justice dive deep into the when and how you get to the playoffs? The teams are set, even with one game to go, so sit back, buckle in, and #LETSSCORE


29 Sep 2017

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QueensCast: Episode 68 - Bracing For IRMA & Protecting Our Kingdom with Lady Morgan & More

Very scary days are on the minds of every soccer player and Florida resident alike. Most of us are hunkered down awaiting the severity of Hurricane IRMA. Join the QueensCast today as we embrace our fears of the future, both on and off the pitch. We march on, and together we’ll all work to help one another through this serious time.


8 Sep 2017

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QueensCast: Episode 66 - Cause we are most ill when we're rhymin' and stealin’ game-after-game!

Only five matches to go and our Pride's on a roll! Three consecutive wins, but can we make it four? City Beautiful fans are screaming for more. MORE! MORE! We're on the road to Kansas City. Alex's scoring is looking pretty!  Five straight games she's got it on frame, no one can deny Morgan's got killer aim. Now sit back, relax, and take a listen, as the ladies of QueensCast fill what’s been missing. Now turn it up, and close the door, while Jay and Jen yell #LETSSCORE


25 Aug 2017

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QueensCast: Episode 60 -It's the Year of the PK and Everybody is seeing RED!

It’s time for the “Ref’s Favorite Things”. You get a red card! You get a red card! Everybody gets a RED CARD! Michelle Stile of Women’s Soccer Weekly joins Jay this week to discuss all the happenings around the league. The ladies speculate how the Orlando Pride will take down FC Kansas City because we all know there’s no place (to win) like home.

1hr 4mins

14 Jul 2017

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QueensCast: Episode 59 - ALERT: LOST IN ORLANDO — ISO: A Winning Spirit — As Laura Takes Her Last Waive Into Shore

We’ve all been there, even with our GPS barking orders — you’re lost. It’s OK, because if QueensCast has learned anything it’s that adversity brings out the best in all of us! Now is the time that we rally together and support the women of the Orlando Pride. We’re halfway through the season and it’s time to take a snapshot of what we’ve learned. Let’s look forward to great things as Marta, Alex and Steph lace up for a bulldozer push to the playoffs!

1hr 26mins

7 Jul 2017

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QueensCast: Episode 57 - Breaking Hearts & Taking Names! Morgan Homecoming While Burken-Hits-the-Road in Search of Norway!

Remember that big family reunion where it [seemed] like everyone showed up? WELL! Here we are on Episode 57 embracing one of the games finest — Alex Morgan. That said, like all reunions they are sometimes bittersweet in that not everyone could be there; some move on, some we let go.   We gear up for the UCF’s soccer engines to turn-over and fire up! We chit, we chat, we sing, we dance – well maybe not. Oh, but we do talk about the coveted new swag we’re about to have on hand. That’s right BROTHERS & SISTERS! THE 2017 FANDANAS ARE UP IN THE MAGRUDER HOUSE!

1hr 39mins

23 Jun 2017

Rank #11

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QueensCast: Episode 63 - Break Out the Calculators! We’ve Got a ToN of Numbers and Not Enough Fingers

Jay and Jen are reunited in the studio! They give their honest opinions on how the teams are sizing up during the Tournament of Nations and breaking down what seven games in twenty-two days could mean for seven of the Orlando Pride starters.  That’s a lot of math! Competition is heating up as we welcome the Chicago Red Stars back to town, the first game of three within eight days on a home field advantage push. Anybody got an abacus? Let’s score!


4 Aug 2017

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QueensCast: Episode 61 - GIVE ME AN OH! ARE! EL! A! EN! DEE! OH! What’s that spell? ORLANDO! FIGHT-FIGHT-FIGHT! City, Stars & Nations Talk!

Let's get fired up – Get rough, get tough, get mean!   Let's get fired up – and roll right over that team!   We’re in the thick of things now! We’ll talk about KCFC, the upcoming and Chicago Red Stars game and more. Luis from Backline Soccer will be on the show, as he and Jay talk the Tournament of Nations, and what Coach Sermanni has in store going forward.   Hey, You QueensCast fans, Stand up and clap your hands!   Let’s Score!   Hey, You QueensCast fans, Now let's see you wave your hand!   Let’s Score!

1hr 15mins

21 Jul 2017

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QueensCast: Episode #117 - Brace for Impact

NWSL closing up shop, but Orlando Pride players aren’t going to stop. Heading to National Team spots and W-League slots. USWNT, at CONCACAF Women’s Championship, taking shots. Tune in to learn more - - - now #LETSSCORE


5 Oct 2018

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QueensCast Episode #120 - Knight of Recognition

This week we wrap up the UCF Knight’s season with an interview featuring Head Coach Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak, then talk about international achievements, the NWSL Players Association, and SO MUCH MORE! You know you’ve reached the end when you hear us yell - - - #LETSSCORE


16 Nov 2018

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QueensCast: Episode #119 - Globetrotting

We’re going on a trip! First stop, Australia where the Westfield W-League season has begun and Orlando Pride players are making a splash. Then onto Portugal and Scotland with the US Women’s National team for some European friendlies. Tune in to hear all the stops along our journey as we put our trays in the upright position and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


2 Nov 2018

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QueensCast: Episode #110 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Jay and Luis are talking about the Orlando Pride “Playoff Push” and how that draw to Sky Blue took away some of the point kush. Portland Thorns are now on their way and their going to bring some really good play. UCF Women’s Soccer is back on the field and those ladies are looking mighty skilled. Taken a listen to find out more. We’re here for you, so #LETSSCORE!

1hr 25mins

10 Aug 2018

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QueensCast: Episode #109 - Blue Skies Ahead

International break is all through. USWNT won Tournament of Nations and NC Courage won the ICC too. NWSL is ready to get back in action. Orlando Pride have Sky Blue at home and they need to get traction. The playoff push is a close race. But our ladies can pull through if they stay on a good pace. If you want to know more, then we want to hear you say #LETSSCORE!

1hr 8mins

3 Aug 2018

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QueensCast: Episode #113 - From Finesse to Foul

As the door closes on Orlando Pride’s chance for a post season, Jay and Luis discuss both sides of the coin to figure out what went wrong. The last home match of the season, with a loss to Chicago Red Stars, that seems to sum up the team’s performance or lack there of. However, the post match comments from players are eye opening and shed possibly another perspective on the frustrations from the pitch. Want to know more? Tune in as we yell - - - #LETSSCORE   For all your #WomensSoccer, #WSOC #SoccerParents #YouthSoccer information:Subscribe, rate, and review - we hope you love us as much as we love you! Follow QueensCast on… Twitter: https://twitter.com/QueensCast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenscast/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NWSL/ YouTube: QueensCast ChannelFor more information about the Orlando Pride, NWSL, Collegiate Women’s and Coed Youth Soccer including the latest news, game highlights, and more, visit http://www.QueensCast.com Alex Morgan Chioma Ubogagu Sydney Leroux Ashlyn Harris Shelina Zadorsky Rachel Hill Ali Krieger Alanna Kennedy Toni Pressley Marta Vieira da Silva Emily van Egmond Monica Hickmann Alves Haley Kopmeyer Dani Weatherholt Christine Nairn Danica Evans Poliana Barbosa Medeiros Camila Martins Pereira Tom Sermanni Carson Pickett Kristen Edmonds

1hr 18mins

31 Aug 2018

Rank #19

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QueensCast: Episode #115 - Grinding to a Halt

Orlando Pride end their 2018 NWSL campaign with a heartbreaking loss to Sky Blue FC. Playoffs are upon us, but so is Hurricane Florence. Jay and Luis discuss how the league handled the impending storm. Central Florida Women’s Collegiate Soccer is in full swing and the Queen’s Calvary is back with a new counterpart, the Queen’s Navy. Take a listen to learn more while we sit back and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


14 Sep 2018

Rank #20