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Crafting my periodic favorites into an introspection of my mind, resulting in a typically dramatic set of music. Living around 123 bpm.Working backward (as always), I'm living back in my hometown of Denver. Before that, I was based in Seoul, South Korea. Before that I was based in Bangkok, Thailand. Before that Tokyo. Before that Amsterdam. Before that Miami.I globetrot and find music that resonates with my heart and whatever gives me goosebumps the first time I hear it.

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Dear Refeoh, Episode 67- Medellín

Recorded February 17, 2019. Live from the Lego Room, Denver USA. Just after my trip to the Freedom Festival in MedellinPhoto Credit: Greg HoeferPandora (@oliviergiacomotto [FRA] Remix)- @IlijaDjokovic [SRB]Underskin (Original Mix)- @SimonSizermusic [CAN]Stranger (Original Mix)- @SimonSizermusic [CAN]Waiting Drop- @Fideles [ITA] & @FabioNeural [ITA]Respire- @Several-Definitions (SUI) & @LaMeduza [SUI]Ton Chemin (Original Mix)- @THeWHiteSHadowFR [FRA]Rej (Original Mix)- Ãme [DEU] @ame Prime (Original Mix)- @SimonSizermusic [CAN]The Acid (Original Mix)- @Frankyeffe [ITA], @Enrico-Sangiuliano [ITA]Totem (@NineteenSines [BRA] Remix)- @GabrielMoraesMusic [BRA]Emerge (Original Mix)- @Alex_Stein [BRA], @Kalildj [BRA]The Bast (Original Mix)- @CosmicBoys [FRA]Minotaur (Original Mix)- @CosmicBoys [FRA]Sequential Error (Original Mix)- @MarcRomboy [DEU]Momentum (@AndreWinter [DEU] Remix)- @Oliver-Huntemann [DEU]

1hr 17mins

17 Feb 2019

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