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Governments across the world have to make controversial decisions everyday. Whether it be raising taxes, cutting budgets or going to war, there will always be opposition. The tracks on this album look at how governments make decisions, form policies and sometimes manipulate information to help their cause. The four video tracks focus on the GM debate. Audio tracks investigate how spin was used during the lead up to the war on Iraq, and explore protest and environmental action by the public in relation to issues of toxic and nuclear waste. In the final three of the audio tracks, course team member Andy Dobson explains why these topics were chosen for this course, and unpicks some of the issues that emerge. The material forms part of the course DD203 Politics.

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GM Crops

Course team meber Andy Dobson unpicks some of the issues emerging from the GM videos.


28 Mar 2009

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Environmental Justice

The unifying force of environmental concerns which brings together all sections of society.


28 Mar 2009

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13 Apr 2010

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GM: The UK debate

An introduction to the UK government's handling of the GM debate and a look at the economic review carried out as part of the consultation process.


28 Mar 2009

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