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Digging Deep: True Stories of Big Change

The only sure thing in life is change. It happens to us and all around us every day – but truly big change is rare, less in our control, and has effects far beyond the moment. Some impact the rest of our lives. Each episode of this podcast digs into an individual’s story of change to reveal a little bit about how and why we make big changes in our lives and what can be learned from these experiences. Join me for tales of grit and sacrifice, success and triumph, humor and disappointment, life and death and resilience – all told by the people who experienced BIG change first-hand.

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Forgiveness: Turning Pain into Something Beautiful

Today’s guest is Christian Sika who after a long path of childhood trauma and abuse, and later recovering from addiction, has emerged as a flourishing artist. Listen as Christian describes turning pain into something beautiful through is work as an artist and finding a path toward forgiveness and self-discovery through his servant’s heart.


3 Jul 2022

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Crossing the Bridge from Hurting to Healing

The guest in this episode prefers to remain anonymous – even though she has established a very successful holistic wellness center and helped hosts of people on their journeys from hurting to healing. That’s because she has crossed that bridge herself and the potential for stigma still casts a shadow over her story of courage and resilience. Listening to her story, I learned how mental illness can become an identity and how by reframing life’s “facts,” one’s true self can emerge. I hope you learn from this story as much as I did.


28 Mar 2022

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Resilience and the 19th Born Child

Today’s guest is Paul Lamar Hunter, the 19th of 21 naturally born children, truly raised by a village of siblings, community, and even the residents of a homeless shelter founded by his mother. Mr. Hunter, in his own words, focused on his purpose and not his circumstances to be the first in his family to graduate from college and become an author, PR professional, and motivational speaker. I hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation as much as I did. You can find Paul Lamar Hunter’s book, No Love, No Charity, the Success of the 19th Child on Amazon (paperback or kindle) and learn more about his vision at Paullamarhunter.com


27 Feb 2022

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Walk with the Paralysis Assassin

Meet Dustin Meza, hunter, free diver, and paraplegic who can walk.  What?  Yes.  Dustin will describe his journey from spinal cord injury to mobility by deploying his inner practice of healing as the Paralysis Assassin.   After listening, to learn more, follow Dustin on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/paralysis_assassin/


4 Jan 2022

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1-2-3 Run!

This episode features Kathy Shaw, survivor of a brutal attack at a time when victim-blaming was common and women had little recourse against perpetrators of violence.  Coming forward years later has helped her heal but has also created a Gordian knot of jurisdictional control that leaves this crime unsolved.  Listen to how Kathy was forever changed by this event and hopes to motivate further investigation into her case. Trigger warnings: Kidnapping, Assault, Rape, Child Assault.


6 Nov 2021

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Courage through Contact Sports: Today's Roller Derby

When we think of Roller Derby, professional management and empowerment for girls, women, and gender-expansive individuals probably don’t immediately come to mind. And neither would an organization of 400+ skaters and hundreds of volunteers that build courage and access through contact sports. Meet Kim Stegeman, A.K.A. Rocket Mean, Executive Director of the Rose City Rollers in Portland OR. Hear her story of change from corporate life to creating, competing, and ultimately directing one of the most strategy-driven sports organizations around. I think you’ll be amazed by this story.


5 Oct 2021

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Beyond the Pole: Sex Work and the Empowered Woman

When we think of “Adult Entertainer” a thousand cliches come to mind -- stereotypes we’ve seen on film – strippers or porn stars, usually young and down-on-their-luck, sometimes on drugs and always entering this profession because they had no other options. What if a dancer, an entertainer, flipped this script and chose a form of self-expression that satisfied her needs? What if this profession not only fueled her bank account but her passion as well? This episode features an anonymous contributor who shifts our perspective by sharing her approach, motivations, and joy for this profession, allowing us to dig a little deeper into life beyond the pole.


12 Sep 2021

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When a Place Calls to You, Do You Answer?

Have you ever felt drawn to a place? Have you ever followed the tug of your heart even if your head is saying “that’s SO woo woo?” Today’s conversation on Digging Deep features Alice Blackwell, co-owner of New Orleans’ legendary Hi Ho Lounge. This Big Change from office work, through a series of coincidences and what can only be called “woo woo,” led to running a music venue in New Orleans, a place she calls the “city of her heart.”


9 Aug 2021

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

What does a typical person do with a newly minted MBA.  Join the Peace Corps?  Drop into the aftermath of the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic? Nope. But that's exactly what this episode's guest decided to do. Fran Aun is a communications and public relations professional. In 1993, she joined Peace Corps as part of the pioneer group of business volunteers to the newly formed Czech Republic. Hear her story of Big Change, in the midst of Big Global Change, and see for yourself the power of getting out of your comfort zone.


9 Aug 2021

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What Doesn't Kill You Really Can Make You Stronger

Today’s interview subject would like to remain anonymous but, in fact, we’re calling her “Wonder Woman.” What’s it like to not only survive childhood cancer but thrive in life?  Let’s find out together. And, by the end of this episode, I think you’ll agree this is the perfect name for her.


9 Aug 2021

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