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The Music, Mind, and Movement Podcast features interviews with musicians, educators, health and wellness professionals, and many more who take a holistic view of the musician’s life. Together we explore some of the unique physical, mental, social, and emotional challenges that musicians face and how we can meet these challenges in ways that help us grow both as musicians and as healthy, creative, resilient humans.Karen Bulmer is a tuba player, music professor, meditation facilitator, and movement educator with over 25 years of experience as a performer and teaching artist. Drawing on this background plus a decade of practice and training in meditation, movement, and trauma recovery, she is passionate about helping musicians access a felt sense of their innate capacity for expression, mastery, and resilience. Karen currently serves as Associate Professor of Low Brass at Memorial University of Newfoundland in beautiful St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

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Ep 3: Music and Meditative Experience with Frank Diaz

Frank Diaz is an Associate Professor of Music Education at Indiana University and the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Pedagogy program (MBWP). In this conversation we explore what mindfulness is and isn't, the role of ethics in a musical life, peak performance as an ecological contruct, and lots more. To find out more about Frank's work with performers and educators, visit https://mb-wp.org/.Show notes, including links mentioned in this episode, live over at https://musicmindandmovement.com/podcast-1/For more about Karen, visit https://www.musicmindandmovement.com or connect on Facebook or Instagram @musicmindandmovement.

1hr 7mins

25 Sep 2018

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