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A podcast all about growing Dahlias! Hosted by siblings, Caitlyn and Peter Mason

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Quince Flowers Season 2 Episode 2 with Graeme Davis

Returning guest Graeme joins us for this episode. We dig deeper into his practices including some of his methods for avoiding rot during high rainfall and managing plants for exhibition. A big thanks to Graeme for coming back and teaching us more!

1hr 22mins

31 Oct 2022

Rank #1

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Quince Flowers Season 2 Episode 1 - With Kristine Albrecht

With the beginnings of the Southern Hemisphere dahlia season, Caitlyn and Peter talk to Dahlia breeding guru Kristine Albrecht from Santa Cruz Dahlias. We discuss her beginnings in dahlias, her no till methods and her breeding goals for the future.Big thanks to Kristine for making the time to chat to us during her Autumn.

1hr 11mins

16 Oct 2022

Rank #2

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Quince Flowers Podcast ep11 - With Jenny Parish

Bonus episode! with Jenny Parish from Country Dahlias. Was an honour  to talk to Jenny about her years growing, and supplying Australia with dahlia tubers as well as hearing more about her display garden she opens to the public every Autumn. We thank Jenny for taking the time out of her day to talk to us. 


6 Apr 2022

Rank #3

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Quince Flowers Podcast ep10 - With Alf Hardingham

The tenth episode of the Quince Flowers Podcast. In this Episode Caitlyn and Peter reflect on what they have learnt from the podcast and what changes they are planning for next season.Our guest is Alf Hardingham from Glenmarc Dahlias. We discuss his early life as a cattle farmer, his start with plants and how he grows over four thousand dahlias a season. Alf has won Australia's Dahl medal, the Dahlia Society of Australia's highest honor, and it's easy to see why after hearing everything he has contributed to dahlias and the community. Was an honour to chat with him.PS: their could possibly be a bonus episode in the works, so make sure you subscribe to the podcast to find out when it releases. Thanks for listening!

1hr 21mins

15 Jan 2022

Rank #4

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Quince Flowers Podcast ep9 - With Pam Armstrong

A chat with Toowoomba Flower Exhibitor, Pam Armstrong.We discuss her start in the world of dahlias, how her patch has changed over the seasons and how she grows her blooms to exhibition standards.Lots of little bits of information in this one and Caitlyn and I both learnt a lot. Enjoy, and thanks to Pam for joining us. 


2 Jan 2022

Rank #5

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Quince Flowers Podcast ep8 - With Graeme Davis

A great discussion with champion grower and Dahlia Society of NSW and ACT president, Graeme Davis.We talk about his patches, climate, how he grows giants, tuber storage and maintaining the best stock for the best plants.Have a notepad ready because this is an info packed episode.

1hr 7mins

18 Dec 2021

Rank #6

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Quince Flowers Podcast ep7 - With Wayne McCosker

In this episode we talk to Wayne McCosker, who along with his wife, Jill, are the reigning Queensland Dahlia Society State Champions.We discuss his management practices for exhibition winning blooms, his trials and tribulations, as well as mentor-ship within the dahlia community.Big thanks to Wayne for sharing his knowledge with us! 


4 Dec 2021

Rank #7

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Quince Flowers Podcast ep6 - With Dr Keith Hammett

In this episode we talk to the world-renowned plant breeder, Doctor Keith Hammett. We delve into his beginnings as a teenage dahlia exhibitor in England, his work in plant pathology, his trips to Mexico to see dahlias growing in habitat and break down the world of dahlia genetics.If you are thinking of breeding plants, this is the episode for you!Thanks to Dr. Hammett for sharing his knowledge and experience with us. 

1hr 13mins

19 Nov 2021

Rank #8

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Quince Flower Podcast - ep5 - With Deb Collett

Deb Collett joins us for this episode. Deb goes into detail about her left-field approach to growing, and the challenges she faces not living near her patch. We also discuss Tree Dahlias and the hybrids that have been developed with them. Thanks to Deb for joining us. 


5 Nov 2021

Rank #9

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Quince Flower Podcast - ep4 - With Gerald Oldfield

In this podcast we talk to Gerald Oldfield from Highland Dahlias https://www.highlanddahlias.com.au/We talk his beginnings, how he brought fertility to his land, his methodolgy for the show circuit and cut flowers, plus we crack open that dahlia virus can of worms.If you have any questions for Gerald, feel free to call him on 0412 400 177, He'll me more than happy to have a chat. Thanking Gerald for joining us for this one.

1hr 2mins

22 Oct 2021

Rank #10