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The most professional-unprofessional podcast out of South Austin, Tx. Sit down with us as we divulge into a variety of topics, most of the time with a tolerable intake of alcohol but also with a local guest that is making a great artistic impact in our city. Think JBP meets Drink Champs.

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 5 Feat. Baby Guwop?!

Welcome back y'all!!! No we're not dead yet but we're back for episode 5 with our 4th guest in a row! Who better to have as our 4th guest than Austin's wild card out of Dove Springs, BABY GUWOP!! If you're familiar with this gentleman, then you'll know this episode is a good one!! Listen as we along with Guwop go over topics such as, his history with music and skateboarding culture (10:25), the violence growing out in the city night life (23:58), his favorite spots to go out in Austin (28:35), and have a special appearance from Shark Jacobs (46:00). Baby Guwop Intro Song: Baby Guwop - Swipe Ending Song:Baby Guwop - UNRELEASED Twitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@BABYGUWOP512@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALDon't forget about the boat party, keep listening sharing and subscribing!!YEEEEERRRRRRMMMMM!!!

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3 Aug 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 4 Feat. Sertified?!

For the 4th installment of IDK, that's perfect?! The guys (without mark) bring out their first guest, Sertified! WARNING, first 10 minutes of the episode there was issues with the audio so apologies in advanced! On this episode the guys along with Sertified recover from SXSW while going over the Austin Rap scene (3:40), Sertified's influence in Austin (10:22), and also celebrate St. Patrick's day! (15:07)Sertified Intro song: Fresco - SertifiedEnding Song:Straight Out - Sertified Ft. Ari Da Kid@IDKTHATSPERFECT@SERTIFIED@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALEnjoy!

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19 Mar 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 10?!

Welcome to the end of season one! We're just as surprised as you are that we made it this far but we did it!!! Today's episode we celebrate the beginning and infant weeks of this drunk show but throughout the guys also touch and the usual random topics about everything. They go into all of the new music that came out (5:50), give their input on the unlawful bill regarding abortion (25:09), Troy introduces GOT to the guy (31:45) and also go over Rick and Morty (44:15). So grab a drink, some balloons and help us celebrate the ending of season one of IDK, That's Perfect?! Ending Song:Hennesy and Horchata - Phranchyze Feat Keith Corona @IDKTHATSPERFECT - Twitter@IDKTHATSPERFECT1 - Instagram@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALThank you for sticking with us, please subscribe and enjoy!!!

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22 May 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 13 Feat, Isis Payne?!

As we get close to the end of the season, listen up to our 13th episode before we take some time off for scorpio szn! This episode we have the very versatile local music scene lover, Isis Payne! Tune in as we introduce Isis Payne (8:28), bring back the water topic (10:24), talk new music (24:20), question Kanye's greatness [mario] (26:47), fan girl over drake (36:05) and talk about much more!! Remember, take care of yourself, your close ones, strangers and DRINK WATER!!INTRO SONG:Isis production - Isis PayneOUTRO SONG:Dungeon Feat. The Teeta - TEDDYTHELEGACYTwitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECT@ISISPAYNE_Instagram:@ISISPAYNE_@IDKTHATSPERFECT@LUNATICKX13@_SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALEnjoy this episode while we enjoy our short break! We're close to the end of season 2 but we still have more to come! Stay tuned, SHARE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!!

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4 Nov 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 8?! Feat. TEDDYTHELEGACY

Welcome back for episode 8 of IDK, That's Perfect?! On today's episode we bring out our second guest, Austin's very own, TEDDYTHELEGACY. Listen as the guys a long with Teddy, celebrate Cinco de Mayo while going over Teddy's music (3:50), go over our interests in podcasts, shows and movies (8:23), touch on deeper sides of drinking (21:54) and many more topics! It may not be Cinco de Mayo anymore but celebrate with us!!TEDDY intro song :Never Foldin' - TEDDYTHELEGACY@IDKTHATSPERFECT@TEDDYTHELEGACY@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALSubscribe and Enjoy! 

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8 May 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 12 Feat. Trevor?!

Welcome back to new weird episode of IDK, That's Perfect?! This episode features Trevor, one of the owners of one of our favorite bars, Barton Springs Saloon. Listen as we stumble through this week's topics such as, non-alcoholic beer (7:44), annoying songs that play on the jukebox at the bar (21:02), what it took to own one of the most popular bars in south Austin (31:32), and rooting for teams that kind of suck :/ (39:55). Trust, you'll want to listen in its entirety! Please also remember, stay safe and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! INTRO SONG:THE IMPERIAL MARCH - STAR WARS OUTRO SONG:OLDTOWN ROAD & HOTLINE BLING mix Twitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@_SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALThank you for listening to another one of our episodes, I know this may upset some of y'all but we are far from finished!!! Stay tuned, until then, SHARE SUBSCRIBE COMMENT RT!


25 Oct 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 3 Feat. Vintage Jay?!

Oh yeah Season 2 is still going, so welcome back to episode 3 Featuring our latest guest, Vintage Jay! On this episode the guys introduce North Austin's very own, Jay and who he is (2:41), he tells us about the North Austin lifestyle (25:40), we go over new music (41:50), and at the end we make a very special announcement so listen to the end (53:00). Vintage Jay Intro Song:Vintage Jay - Don't Care About ItEnding Song:Vintage Jay - 1000 Feat. TheBio, Shawn O'MalleyTwitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@VintageJayyy@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALThank Y'all for sticking with us, subscribe, share and enjoy!!!

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18 Jul 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 9?!

As we get close to our season finale (EP10), we present to you, IDK, That's Perfect Episode 9?! It seems that the guys may have over drank during pre production and this episode showcases the proof! The range of random topics in this episode will make one ponder if they are geniuses or just drunk!Ending Song:Water -Ugly God@IDKTHATSPERFECT@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALSubscribe and Enjoy!!

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15 May 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 7?!

Welcome back from Easter break for the 7th installment of IDK, That's Perfect?! For this episode, the guys go over a variety of touchy subjects that only they dare approach in an drunken manner! They go over the pros and cons between Rainey St. V.  6th (5:30), the focus on each of their speech disorders for some odd reason (15:30), what's going on in music (25:02) and finish off the episode the only way these guys know how to, putting in their unneeded inputs about religion (54:47). So grab enough alcohol for this episode because you'll need it to understand these guys!! Ending song : bad guy - Billie Eilish @IDKTHATSPERFECT@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALEnjoy, tell a friend and subscribe!!! 

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1 May 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 6?!

The guys are still alive and strong moving forward with episode 6 of IDK, that's perfect?! For this episode, the guys try something new and record outdoors so you'll hear mother nature interrupt here and there. Although it was a slow week, the gang manages to keep it content filled while drinking with talks of topics ranging from their personal week and what went on (4:44), talk new music (18:30), get into some basketball talk for the playoffs (29:00) and end it off with some odd specific dating tips (51:05). So grab your drink of choice and enjoy this perfect episode! Ending Song:Daily Interlude - Jake Lloyd@IDKTHATSPERFECT@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALEnjoy and subscribe!

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18 Apr 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 5?!

Welcome back for the 5th episode of IDK, that's perfect?! To make up for the prolonged break, the guys made this content filled episode long just for you! Since a lot has happened since the last episode the guys drunkenly go over various topics such as the unfortunate of the late great Nipsey Hussle (3:15), go over all the recent updates in music such as Old Town Road (17:20), break down their perspectives on Bumble VS. Tinder (1:09:45) and finish off with stories of how the guys met (1:23:45)! This is a hell of a comeback so grab your whiskey and enjoy this perfect episode! Ending Song: Rap N***** - Nipsey Hussle@IDKTHATSPERFECT@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALEnjoy and subscribe!

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9 Apr 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Season 2 Episode 1?!

 So welcome the guys back for SEASON 2 of IDK, That's Perfect?! It's been almost a month since the guys last recorded their drunken shenanigans but they're back! For the season premiere the guys go over what they did on their time off (5:05), still go over new music (23:15), discuss their plans for this upcoming season (47:40), and go into the topic of how loud is too loud?? (48:35) So grab yourself a drink and welcome us back for the summer season that is now upon us!!! Ending Song : Earfquake - Tyler The Creator Twitter@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMAL Thank y'all for sticking with all of us, it'll all be worth it soon we promise!!Please subscribe, share and enjoy!!!

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19 Jun 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 9 Feat. Keith Corona?!

Welcome back for a new fall episode featuring our latest guest, the South Austin native, Keith Corona! Listen as the guys go into several topics regarding, his come up in rapping both in english and spanish (8:18), his new career in Mexico and how the culture is (12:00), talk about ACL (27:54), friends in the business (34:40), and much more!! INTRO SONG:The Recipe - Keith Corona Feat. Krypol Haze OUTRO SONG:*Coming soon* Twtitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@LIVEFROM787FOURFIVE@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALThank you for listening and watching! Stay tuned for next episodes for special announcements and more surprises!! Please share and subscribe!

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3 Oct 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 6?!

Welcome back to the most prolific show from South Austin! Listen to this weeks episode as the guys recover from the boat party spill it all (00:53). Summer is just about over so they get into some football, and obviously all the music out now (10:59) also touching on mixtape stream wars (12:36). They also lightly touch on the sensitive subjects of the recent horrendous mass shootings (27:19) but lighten up the mood covering the spicy chicken wars (32:21) and they end the show with Mark’s indecisive love affair with drake...or bad bunny?? (38:02). Ending Song :MIA - Bad Bunny Feat. Drake Twitter @IDKTHATSPERFECT  Instagram @IDKTHATSPERFECT1  @LUNAXTICK  @SOLEMARKS  @FLAKONIMAL   Thank you guys for every thing!!! Stick with us!!!   Please subscribe, share and enjoy!!!

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22 Aug 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 8 Feat. Fresh Knight (The Breaks)?!

Welcome back to another installment featuring our latest guest, Fresh Knight, a radio personnel in Austin Texas! This week the guys and Fresh go into a disarray of topics such as what it's like for Fresh to be a late night radio host DJ (5:33), new music or singles that came out (22:54), they talk about weather they rather be blind or deaf for some reason (48:36), talk about some dating stories and types (50:57), and go into Fresh's relationship with Capital Metro (54:46).OUTRO SONG:Intro - DaBabyTwitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@FRESHXKNIGHT@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALThanks for listening, subscribe share and follow!! 

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26 Sep 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 7 Feat. Rey Castillo (The Grow Management)?!

Welcome back from another one of our random breaks! So for this episode we try something new and have our first non musical act as a guest. We introduce Rey Castillo aka half of The Grow Management, an artist manager. Listen as we go into who all he manages, and how he got into the business of managing artist. We also introduce our first sponsor for the podcast (Standard Proof, Red Eye Rye Whiskey)! We do dabble a bit into other topics but we focus on our guest considering we were very interested in learning about another side of the behind the scenes world in music. Thanks for sticking with us even though we forget to record some weekends!Ending Song: Rosa Parks - Outkast not Earthgang even though they sound very alike in an influenced way so go listen to both groups. Twitter:@REY_CASTILLOJR@THEGROWMANAGE@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALDon't forget to always end your day on a positive note!

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19 Sep 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 11 Feat. Mason Flynt?!

Welcome back to another episode of IDK, THAT'S PERFECT (WITH MARK)! Listen as we talk with our latest guest, Mason Flynt as we talk about who he is and how he started off (5:58), talk about the DJ scene in Austin (16:51), we talk about studio/producer gear (24:36), about the Austin VS. San Antonio scene in comparison (32:12), and a lot more hot takes throughout the episode, so tune in!!! INTRO SONG: Lockdown - Mason Flynt, Yung Bambi, Kamiyada+OUTRO SONG:NOW & FOREVER - DRAKE Twitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@MASONFLYNT@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALWe're almost to the very end of the season y'all just a few more episodes!! In the mean time please keep supporting by sharing, subscribing and recommending! 

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18 Oct 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 10 Feat. King (MAGIK)?!

Happy October y'al!! We are back with a brand new scene for today's episode, we are recording out of Magik, a Luxury Sports good store in the Domain. Our host, King tells us all about his store and how he got started (3:10), the little music that came out this week (13:56), we talk about some horror/sci-fi shows/movies (25:42), and how the Magik store does having its home being the Domain (32:52).INTRO SONG:FUN - Vince Staples OUTRO SONG:HIGHEST IN THE ROOM - Travis ScottTwitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@THEKINGMAGIK@MAGIKSUPPLY@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALThank y'all for listening! Listen to the end for more of our announcements, stay tuned for more to come!please share and subscribe!

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10 Oct 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 4 Feat. Shiela?!

Welcome back to the longest running podcast out of Mario's house!! Tune in as the guys introduce their latest guest, Shiela!! Shiela along with the guys go over Shiela's history and her music (12:33), talk about using bidets (27:55), dating (30:06), politics in music (40:18), and we go on and on with several topics but trust us you'll want to listen to the whole episode bc you will not be disappointed! Shiela Intro Song:Shiela - HardEnding Song:Shiela - Desayuno Twitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@SHIELAMUSIC@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALDon't forget about the boat party, keep listening sharing and subscribing!!Thank You!!

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24 Jul 2019

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IDK, That's Perfect Episode 2 Feat. Jake Lloyd?!

Welcome back to episode 2 of IDK, That's Perfect?! Season 2!! For this special episode we give y'all the special treat of having our first guest this season, Jake Lloyd!! So for this episode the guys (minus Mark) they stumble throughout (specially Mario) the show talking about random nonsense and good topics! The guys go over Jake's new upcoming music l album (4:58), how everybody met (21:10), talk about Lil Nas X's new album (40:21), and have their first official performance on the show (50:00)! So try to keep up with Mario on this episode and get yourself a drink to enjoy it and this episode!Jake Lloyd Intro Song: Jake Lloyd - NovellaEnding Song:Jake Lloyd - Daily InterludeTwitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECTInstagram:@JAKELLOYDII@IDKTHATSPERFECT1@LUNAXTICK@SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALThank y'all for tuning in with us, please subscribe, follow, share and enjoy!!

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26 Jun 2019

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