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Creative couple Veronica & Kevin host a bi-weekly topic based podcast having forthright discussions on a bevy of matters impacting the millennial community.

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EP. 3 - State of Emergency

On this week’s episode, we start off giving a brief introduction to next week’s episode on women empowerment for Women’s History Month. We then shift our focus on the Coronavirus and how it impacts the world. How freelancers and businesses are effected, most major sports suspending their seasons, work from home policies, Canada being able to isolate the virus & much more.As per mentioned in this week’s episode, be sure to check Joe Rogan’s Experience with expert Michael Osterholm on the Coronavirus: https://youtu.be/cZFhjMQrVtsFollow Us:www.instagram.com/abtpodcastwww.instagram.com/brooklynpetitewww.instagram.com/bykevinsanonwww.instagram.com/mr.thesier


16 Mar 2020

Rank #1

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EP. 2 - Life & Times of a Creative

On this week’s episode we were joined by friend & digital creator Erin (@theesperamzamaria). We start off paying tribute to the recent tragedy of the families lost a few weeks ago by having 24 seconds of silence. We then jump into some current events with Trump being acquitted of his charges, Nancy Pelosi standing her ground, Jennifer Lopez using the Super Bowl platform to spread awareness & dedicate the rest of the episode discussing the ins & outs of the creative/full-time freelance lifestyle.Follow Us:www.instagram.com/abtpodcastwww.instagram.com/brooklynpetitewww.instagram.com/bykevinsanon

1hr 54mins

17 Feb 2020

Rank #2

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EP. 1 - An Introduction (Pilot)

Welcome to A Beautiful Thought Podcast! Creative Couple Veronica & Kevin introduce themselves in their very first episode discussing the ups & downs of being full time creatives and entrepreneurs while answering some questions about themselves, their respective industries & much more.Follow Us:www.instagram.com/abtpodcastwww.instagram.com/brooklynpetitewww.instagram.com/bykevinsanon


3 Feb 2020

Rank #3