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Magnetic Hosts Ryan Anthony & Amir Yassai bring you a queer-angled podcast that is bound to get your juices flowin...mind, body, and hole. Breaking the barriers of the social norm is our amuse bouche. Our main goal is bringing you a new perspective on taboo issues that will get your THOTs a thinkin. Race, Body Positivity, Sex, and Politics are always topics we can take in; We never tawk around an issue, we dive right in with fabulous guests such as Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez, and Kat Bailess. Tune in to the Tawk!

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Let's BE Allies (Feat. Johnny Sibilly)

Allyship is a life-long process of trust, accountability, and inclusion. Being an ally allows us the opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves and not take things personal. It's speaking up against inappropriate behavior, calling friends out on their shit, listening, supporting, and self-reflecting. Content Creator and Actor, Johnny Sibilly takes the time to kiki with us on the Tawk as we discuss what it means to be an ally. Johnny imparts several little tidbits of wisdom on allyship that are filled with nuance...Tune in to the TAWK!!!

1hr 32mins

31 Jul 2019

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Transgender Realness (Feat. Arisce Wanzer)

Many of us are oblivious when it comes to the transgender community. There's a lot that we don't know, and a lot of questions. The saying, "people fear what they don't understand," seems to reign true...until now Transgender Super Model Arisce Wanzer joins us on the TAWK to spill all the TEA about the transgender community, and so much more...it's an episode you don't want to miss. Tune in to the TAWK!

1hr 6mins

24 Jul 2019

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Sex,Sex, Sex, Sex Across the Board (Feat. Kat Bailess, Ashanti Mozelle, and Jake Helgren)

Sex, one of the most carnal acts in human nature, full of pleasure, complexity, intimacy, fluidity, and pain. Yet, how much do we really know about sex? What does sex mean to you? How does it make you feel? Are you able to express what you really want...or are you like most, and just do and say what you think you ought to do and say, compromising your own desires to fulfill that of others? Actress, Kat Bailess, Creative Artist, Ashanti Mozelle, and Director, Jake Helgren, create a panel of diversity, and share some of their stories, experiences, ideas, and opinions on sex..in all of it's forms...Tune in to the TAWK!!!

1hr 12mins

16 Aug 2019

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Age Becomes Us (Feat.Raoul Mongilardi)

The old saying, "age is nothing but a number," reigns true. I don't know why so many people make such a big fuss when it comes to age. It's not that serious...REALLY! Let's not forget the other old saying, "with age comes wisdom." We all could learn a thing or two from our elders...and vice versa.  Writer, Producer, Director, Raoul Mongilardi joins the TAWK to share his take on ageism and regale us with stories of life, liberty, and his pursuit of happiness. Tune in to the TAWK!!!

1hr 4mins

17 Jul 2019

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White Privilege: So basic...BITCH (Feat. Brian Rodda)

Racism is definitely a hard subject to talk about without taking things personal, especially the term White Privilege. It seems to be rolling off the tongues of everyone these days, yet a conversation about it is avoided like the plague. White Privilege is a term that is misused and misunderstood and only keeps racism alive.   Join Ryan Anthony and Brian Rodda as they educate you on what White Privilege is, who's to blame for it, and how to dismantle it. Topics like this must be discussed. People need to be educated. Let's stop playing the victim and blame game and untie! We all have privilege. Tune in to the TAWK!

1hr 2mins

6 Jul 2019

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Mindset Magic (Feat. AJ Gibson)

The mind is a wondrous and powerful thing, and it's not to be trusted. The world and everything in it is the same for all of us, but the meanings we give it are different. Nothing is anything until we make it something and then it becomes what we make it. Bottom Line...there is no reality...there's only your reality. Perception is EVERYTHING, Dahling! Perspective Expert, TV Host, and Author, AJ Gibson, has been to the darkside, hit rock bottom, and bounced back in his book, Flipping the Script. Are you feeling lost? Depressed? Lacking motivation? Suicidal? Not ready to bottom out...? Then, join us a s we probe into the inner workings of the mind and discuss the ways you can tame and train your thoughts, take back your power, and create the life you've always wanted. Tune in to the TAWK!

1hr 14mins

26 Jun 2019

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Community is Queermunity (Feat. Jahan Sharif)

Community. Fellowship. The Next Drag Superstar. What do all of these have in common...space. As queer people, we sometimes lose our family because of our life choices...SHAME!!! On the flip side of that, we get to choose our own family and find community in the most unlikely allies. Join Ryan and Amir as they forge on and discuss the ways community can be fostered with Organizer and activist Jahan Sharif. OOOH girl, I heard, she said, "emotional privilege." A new idea we TAWK a lot about in this episode. Many people are unware they are coming from a place of emotional privilege and they need to be educated. Conversations like this are essential for connecting people under the umbrella of common interests and community. LGBTQIA represents a community for EVERYONE who feels isolated and alone. Let's take a page from The Beatles and Come Together right now. Tune into the TAWK.


19 Jun 2019

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Sex Work is Good Werk (Feat. Lothario Beaux)

I just wanna feel good...can you make me feel goooood? I wanna feel goooood. -Halle Berry, Monster's Ball Sex shaming. Slut shaming. Kink shaming.  Don't come here for that, we are all about sex positivity...embracing the "hippie movement," where love and sexual experimentation is the thing...respecting each others sexual preferences and figuring out what works best for us.  Talking to the king of OnlyFans, Lothario Beaux, walks us through the less than glamourous side of sex work. He opens up about the dark side of the fame he has enjoyed and the expectations that are placed on sex workers in the gay community.  Tune into the Tawk.

1hr 4mins

12 Jun 2019

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This is a Woman's/Gay Man's World (feat. Kat Bailess and Jake Helgren)

It's a tale as old as time...the battle of men vs. women. They say that, "men are from Mars and women are from Venus." Who are, "they" the infamous "them"? Didn't we all come from the same place...our mother's vagina? Perhaps, "they" need to get their facts straight, no? Actress Kat Bailess and Director, Writer, Producer, Jake Helgren join us on this week's episode of the Tawk. We get elbows deep into the myths about men vs. women, who has it easier, the shift that is happening in Hollywood and in America, and we address the double standards put upon both. Tune in to the TAWK! 


3 Jul 2019

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Diamonds are a Gay’s Best Friend (Feat. Jai Rodriguez)

"What a sad era when it's easier to smash an atom than a prejudice."                                                                             -Albert Einstein Color. One word. One BIG concept. Lean in to it. Stories about race are polarizing and engaging. Hate crimes and gun violence are a byproduct of extreme racism in a community. We as purveyors of deep thought decide to tackle latent racism, homophobia, and hate in Trump's America. #notmypresident #agentorange   In a world of, "no fats, no femmes, no blacks, no Asians," we jump into a lively discussion about sexual racism with Jai. Tune into the Tawk.


5 Jun 2019

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