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Welcome to Mind the WAP, hosted by Laura & Rosa. 2 friends experiencing all of the fun and fails of single life in London. We chat about everything from dating, sex, tinder (and hinge) nightmares and living life in the best city in the world. Get ready for the juicy, funny and downright embarrassing stories of OUR hot girl summer 💖💅🏼Follow us! IG / TikTok: @mindthewappodcastTwitter: @mindthewappod Email us: hello@mindthewap.comAll our links: https://linktr.ee/mindthewap *disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated with TFL / transport for London or (unfortunately) Cardi B

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Episode #12: NEVER HAVE I EVER Feat. Hunter S. Thompson

After carefully examining true sesh legend Hunter S. Thompson's DAILY (!) routine, we play a game of Never Have I Ever. Get ready for some riveting stories and very juicy gossip. This episode was recorded in December 2021, before we became wholesome and temporarily sober. Back when we were fun! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


26 Jan 2022

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Episode #11: 2021 - That's a W(R)AP

We’re back, bitches! Welcoming you into a fuckboy-free and wholesome 2022, we talk about our many highs and lows of 2021 over some alcohol-free drinks (yes, you heard that right). After initially discussing the classic Santa’s Super Sleigh Christmas DM Slide and what to do if you are given Lynx Africa as a Christmas gift, we reflect on the adventurous year we had. What made Laura slide into Aitch’s DMs? Why did Rosa see more naked men on two occasions than her entire life in December? What is the craziest thing that happened to each of us on 2021? Who spent Christmas with a sneaky link? What were some of our most embarrassing moments of 2021? Has the notorious missing dildo been found? Brace yourselves for some stories juicier than our Rubicons and Ribenas.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


19 Jan 2022

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Episode #10: Drunk Texting & Booty Calls

After a heavy weekend that resulted in a 3-day bender for some, the girls sit down with a marmite ale (yes, you read that right) to chat about the real pandemic of Single London - drunk texting and booty calls. It’s a love-hate relationship, but we’re all guilty of it. From a drunken “You Up?” to slurred voice notes, to accidentally sending nudes to your cousin and coworkers. This week’s episode discusses THAT new hinge update, juicy lunch break booty calls, K Hole’s Tinder “emergency” and Laur’s misfortune of having two unsuspecting housemates on her roster. Oh, and apparently there’s venomous sharks in the Thames. Happy Wednesday! Follow us on Instagram! All our links--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


17 Nov 2021

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Episode #9: The Seasons Change Part II: General Mayhem

Get ready for part two of the epic catch up from the girls’ 6-week hiatus. In this episode, Laur and Rosa discuss all the celeb goss from the last couple of weeks, including Kravis’s engagement, Kim K and Pete Davidson, MGK and Megan Fox, and epic Halloween costumes. The girls also share their stories from a new singles event, where Laur bumped into a VERY familiar face, a drug dealer’s creative marketing campaign and unknowingly hitting on your 19 year old neighbour. Finally we hear all about what went down in Ibiza (including some passionate handholding) and the weekend trip to Manchester, where Laur finally got laid whilst using a fake identity.  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM SUBMIT A QUESTION / TOPIC REQUEST EVERYTHING ELSE --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message

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10 Nov 2021

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Episode #8: The Seasons Change: Painful Nips, Poppers & Paparazzi

After a brief holiday season hiatus, we are back. And boy, are we back. With Rosa clearing her roster for her imaginary boyfriend and Laura continuing the hunt for Love Island's Chuggs, this episode is a dedicated catch-up covering a 4-week period as we shift from hot girl summer into sexy girl autumn. Be prepared for an unbelievable amount of strange and sexy stories featuring: Acid at the opera, Harry Kane, nipple pain. Mouse-inspired booty calls, corner shop foxes, Xanax. Horny spiders, sex bruises, sausage parties.  What DIDN’T happen since our last episode? Submit a question Follow us on Instagram--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


3 Nov 2021

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Episode #7: Who The F*** Do You Think You Are?

It’s been an extremely eventful week for our single duo. This week, Laura and Rosa have been through all of the drama, a crazy house party, sex toy theft, and a truly outrageous message from Flyboy - amongst many other things. Listen in as the girls debrief from a tumultuous week, and discuss this weeks topic: AWFUL dating profiles, featuring nudes, Z-list celebs, and bios that SCREAM small dick energy. Get ready to have your mind blown as the girls read out some entirely real yet extremely shocking dating profiles. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


15 Sep 2021

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Episode #6: Do You Come Here Often?

This week’s theme: shooting your shot.  Got your eyes on a particular someone, but not sure how to make a move? Get ready to be gassed up to the heavens in this week’s episode, where the Laura & Rosa talk about ladies making the first move when it comes to dating. From casually sliding into those DMs, to sending drinks and borrowing lighters, they discuss some solid first moves, as well as insight into what men REALLY think about it. The girls also share their own stories of making the first moves - including  the time that Laura dated a drug dealer. Get ready for the story of Flyboy 🪰.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


8 Sep 2021

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Episode #5: Excuse me, your garlic chopping is turning me on

Mile high club membership? Threesome with Drake? Get ready for the most lit WAP Wednesday so far. Have you ever felt a certain way watching a man chop vegetables? Or maybe when he has to parallel park? Several glasses of Pimms down and admittedly quite intoxicated, the girls chat about the OPPOSITE of the 'ick' - weird and wonderful things that women find attractive in men. Plus they attempt to answer the age old question… Gym bod vs. Dad bod? 💪🏼 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


1 Sep 2021

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Episode #4: Speed Dating, Serial Killers & Acid Trips

Without appearing savage, Laura & Rosa attempt to report on a considerably unsuccessful speed dating affair - albeit, with some interesting stories. Listen into the duo (just about) put up with sour & citrusy beer whilst discussing books on a first date, random interrupting conversations with opera singing, digs at London Fashion Week and, once again, Jack Grealish.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


25 Aug 2021

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Episode #3: The Final Nail in the ICK Coffin

We all know the feeling. You start dating someone, things are going great.  Suddenly, you’re completely put off. Why? The Infamous "Ick" kicks in.  Drinking their way through hangover level 9000, the Mind the WAP duo highlights some of their own, as well as the Internet’s biggest Icks: running after the bus, sideway hats, poor dance moves, certain London football club supporters, overuse of emojis & many, many more. Lastly, two important questions are answered: Would Laura let ‘Flyboy’ spit in her mouth and … What the hell is ‘Bones’?! 🦴--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mind-the-wap/message


18 Aug 2021

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